Further adventures in wamen

An empathetic take from Moly—The questioner’s plight is a bit black pilling:

Question: “I’m 22 and from England, I’m engaged, and my partner and I are very happy. My life plans consist of starting a family reasonably soon and leaving my work behind in favor of being a stay at home mum. The problem is, in choosing this life, I’ve pushed away almost all family members and friends. I haven’t been completely rejected, but I have horrified and disgusted everyone I know with my decision to reject a university offer in favor supporting my partner rather than competing with him. I have been called reckless and stupid, or the other way and they’ve called me a lazy leech. The sheer abundance and hostility I have been met with has made me question myself and my decisions because it is highly unlikely that I alone am correct and literally everybody else is wrong. Do you have any advice for the average person trying to start and keep a stable family in a world that’s so hellbent on destroying it? Surely isolation cannot be the answer?”

If you’re into Freudian psychology at all it gets really interesting at about 20 minutes when the girl’s relationships with her mother and father come up. Remember, the Pyrrhic cycle is fundamentally Freudian. Unfortunately, Moly’s attachment problems from childhood have poisoned his outlook on irrational family relationships—sure, you gotta get out from under a bad situation, but you can’t just treat kin the same as kith because they aren’t.

You may want to download this one with Clipgrap to show your normie females because YouTube could drop his channel at any moment.

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  1. thordaddy says:

    Her first surmountable issue is to thoroughly reject the family-destroying notion of having a “partner.”

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