Movies representing Edenic archetypes

Now that I’m getting all culturated, it’s time to decide which movies give the best insight into the way each Edenic type thinks.

Melonhead: Metropolis
Neaderthal: Idiocracy
Sapiens: Scarface
Cro Magnon: Full Metal Jacket

The latter is a particularly excellent expression of the type’s origin myth, Eternal High School.

Snake: On the Waterfront
Owl: Apocalypse Now
Amud: The Seventh Seal
Cave bear: 2001(?)
TT: A Beautiful Mind
MT: The Matrix
TM: O Brother Where Art Thou
Bigeye melon: Groundhog’s Day

I haven’t seen many movies so this list may take a while to build up.

Some non-Edenic correspondences:

Americans: The Pursuit of Happiness
Conservatives: The Last Samurai
Libertarians: Tombstone
SJWs: Harry Potter (any)
Alt-Right: The Two Towers
Boomers: The Wizard of Oz
Xers: Escape from New York
Millenials: The Social Network
Gen Z: Deadpool
Men: 300
Women: Pride and Prejudice
Christians: I’m torn between Passion of the Christ and A Charlie Brown Christmas which, in retrospect, is a bit ironic

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13 Responses to Movies representing Edenic archetypes

  1. says:

    Replace “Metropolis” with “Interview with the Vampire”

    Metropolis is merely a very well-conceived impressionist representation of the Ahrimanic after-effects that occur as a result of the melonhead (Lucifer) psychological suite–whose actual reality-interface is much more accurately represented by something like ‘Interview with the Vampire’, ‘Lost Boys’ or ‘Let the Right One In’.

  2. says:

    Lestat creates the Metropolis–presumably directly after the period in his life where “he becomes a hermit and spends every night holed up at home, reading” (

    I am glad you are progressing beyond the pony cartoons.

  3. everlastingphelps says:

    Xers: Fight Club

  4. Patrick says:

    It’s interesting that Sapiens love Scarface because I would describe Tony Montana himself as a character as an MT on a sort of purity spiralling mission rejecting everything to do with Communist drudgery flat outright. And he also shows that he has moral limits at the end in that he refuses to kill women and children. Saps love this sort of thing from their field officers, a real bad ass motherfucker showing the Christian values and shooting the wayward demagogues in the head. Which sort of goes against your Sapiens ‘kill kill kill rape rape rape’ psychological profile. They easily tend towards evil, but they equally enjoy watching their asshole boss get atomised by the laserbeam eyes of a decent Technocrat doing God’s work.

    MTs end up having a weirdly similar psychology in day to day life, and a subsequent weird love hate relationship. I guess that Mts just always have a clear long term direction but Saps are just more aimlessly wallowing around.

  5. says:

    Melonhead reality-interface:

    Effects created by Melonhead reality-interface:

  6. Patrick says:

    Further to my previous comment, Saps would also probably love Layer Cake for the same reason they love Scarface. Both MT/Owl protagonists tho.

  7. Colby says:

    Boomers: Dazed & Confused
    Gen X: Clerks
    Millennials: Dude, Where’s My Car?
    Gen Z: The Hangover

  8. says:

    >Further to my previous comment, Saps would also probably love Layer Cake for the same reason they love Scarface. Both MT/Owl protagonists tho.

    What Scarface is for saps, Layer Cake is for Progressive Cro-Magnon in that its plot requires more IQ points to follow and features a suave Londoner as protagonist who wears the right suits and keeps the nicest apartment and has the right moves but never really asks ‘why?’

  9. aiaslives says:

    Any number of these could be wrong.

    TM: *(500) Days of Summer*
    TX Female/MT Male: *Restless (Gus Van Sant)*
    Budding T-back SJW: *The Perks of Being a Wallflower*
    TT (or TM) male kid: *Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close*
    TT vs (M/T)M: *Batman V Superman: DoJ (EE)*
    Exasperated MM Jew: *Curb your Enthusiasm*

    • aiaslives says:

      > TM: *(500) Days of Summer*
      Kinda correct.
      >TX Female/MT Male: *Restless (Gus Van Sant)*
      TM male, maybe even M-ish back because of the death fetishism
      >Budding T-back SJW: *The Perks of Being a Wallflower*
      nah, genpop white soyboy
      >TT (or TM) male kid: *Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close*
      pretty much
      >TT vs (M/T)M: *Batman V Superman: DoJ (EE)*
      TT vs MT (Batman is MT)
      >Exasperated MM Jew: *Curb your Enthusiasm*
      More true than I realized

  10. kapy53 says:

    Did you ever make a post that lays out each Edenic type in a simple easy to follow manner? I still confuse MT, TM and TT.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Koanic’s original stuff on that has stood the test of time. Unfortunately, he deleted his blog in one of his perfectionism spirals and it’s difficult to navigate the archived pages.

      Tell you what, remind me and I’ll hit this question in the next podcast.

  11. kapy53 says:

    Thanks Aeoli will do. I’ve been trying to place myself and I feel like some sort of rediculous hybrid.

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