Big disappointment

I got this Torvalds guy completely wrong. There was no 4D underwater chess going on here.

There are the three key phrases that explain his previously inexplicable actions:

  • I absolutely do not want to be seen as being in the same camp as the low-life scum on the internet that think it’s OK to be a white nationalist Nazi, and have some truly nasty misogynistic, homophobic or transphobic behaviour.
  • I don’t want to be associated with a lot of the people who complain about excessive political correctness.
  • I’m not part of the disgusting underbelly of the internet….

Never trust a nerd to stand his ground. No matter what principles he espouses, no matter how tough he talks, at the end of the day all he really wants is to be accepted by the popular people. “Asbestos underpants” should never be confused with actually possessing iron balls and integrity.

Torvalds has destroyed his tech legacy, and he did it for less than nothing. What a contemptible, cowardly action. I have little doubt he’ll eventually come to regret this, but by then it will be too late.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Torvalds failed to protect his tech legacy. The man failed his daughter too.

-Vox Day
Trust not in personality

Good riddance to Linux then, and better sooner than later. It’s a damn shame but there’s no replacement for trust, and you have to show fidelity to be worthy of trust.

This is also a good reminder that, as Vox’s title indicates, there is more to politics than general personality factor. Or as I like to call it, Jewishness Quotient (JQ).

Jewish intellectual ability does not fully account for Jewish accomplishment (e.g., Unz, 2012). Both theoretical evolutionary explanations (Cochran et al., 2006; MacDonald, 1994) for Jewishintellectual ability and Jewish social success suggest that Jews are highly socially effective. This social effectiveness may be a contributing factor to Jewish accomplishment and because the GFP is thought to reflect social effectiveness (Dunkel & Van der Linden, 2014); it was hypothesized that Jews would have a higher GFP than other groups. An extensive analysis of this hypothesis was performed by using three separate datasets and the hypothesis was supported in the analyses of each of these samples.

These findings are buttressed by three supplementary findings. First, when controlling for intelligence the group differences remained. Second, the personality differences showed a Jensen Effect. This means that the difference between Jews and non-Jews is strongest on the personality scales that are most reflective of the GFP. If, as theorized, the GFP reflects social effectiveness this means that the more closely a trait maps onto social effectiveness, the larger the difference between Jews and other groups. Third, the within group analysis, using fluency in Hebrew or Yiddish as a measure of strength of religious affiliation, exhibited a positive association with the GFP.

Another, surprising, trend in the data may also warrant further investigation. While the trend seen in the atheist/agnostic/no religion groups not only offers tangential support to the primary hypothesis (i.e., GFP differences are not simply an artifact of differences in intelligence), it is also interesting in and of itself. The atheist/agnostic/no religion groups exhibited high levels of intelligence, but low GFP scores. Thus, it appears that while atheists and agnostics are intelligent, they are less socially effective. Is this social ineffectiveness born out of being intellectually incongruent with others? What form does the social ineffectiveness take; abrasiveness, passivity? The GFP and GFP-intelligence relationship in atheists and agnostics could be a fruitful topic for future research.

A comparative study of the general factor of personality in Jewish and non-Jewish populations
Curtis S. Dunkel a,⇑, Charlie L. Reeve b, Michael A. Woodley of Menie c, Dimitri van der Linden

As Torvalds has shown us, social ineffectiveness can be both passive and abrasive in the same moment. It appears increasingly likely that low religiosity is merely a coping mechanism for people with more intelligence than people sense, and the attendant atheism and agnosticism are probably just post-facto rationalizations for not wanting to participate in crowd rituals. The clever silly has said in his heart “There is no God.”

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13 Responses to Big disappointment

  1. Arakawa says:

    Enh, this started as a hobby project that ran away from the guy. With everyone and their dog wanting to push code into it, no wonder he was angry about it, and no wonder that never translated into a large scale strategy. Since Linus implemented POSIX monokernel Linux rather than Plan 10 for x86, not a huge planner. Just someone who likes good code and knows it when he sees it. Back in the day (famous Andy Tanenbaum debate) he thought you’d throw the kernel away and write a new one for each new software architecture.

    Cautionary tale for the next Linus Torvalds, I guess.

    Albeit I am not sure GenZ will be able to produce a Torvalds any more than the Boomers could produce a Michelangelo. Something something about growing up with iPads instead of programmable devices — that is such a deep, subtle and credible criticism of the iPad-as-cultural-phenomenon that Apple even tried to defang it with their Swift Playgrounds thing. Unfortunately, in popular consciousness that criticism has now taken a backseat to the YouTube recommendation engine that tries to download Screwtape’s wastebasket into your child’s brain.

    Maybe that’s too cynical. For the people who can program, eventually the startup / driverless car money stream directing people into pointless endeavours will dry up and become way too nepotistic and some guy in his basement will resume coding an OS just for the lulz. Assuming civilization holds up. Maybe you can still write Linux in your post apocalyptic survival basement but it becomes more of a pure aesthetic satisfaction thing.

    Would be fun to have an Edenic phrenologist unleash themselves on key figures in free software or open source. I am hopeless at this, can’t even tell if I’m a Thal when I look in the mirror.

  2. kensuimo says:

    @Arakawa Draw up a list and we’ll get to it. I expect lots of frontal. Also if you want to get typed securely, get a profile on Altrugenics and we can proceed via PM.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    VAULT-OS BITCHES! I have even forgotten the name Cleve had to change it into, thanks to the power of Cleve. Buy Grimoire, dump cuck-os linux.

    Another win for Texas Arcance. Is this tied into why they shut him down? Imagine the entire cabal going after him and Cleve appears in American court to testify about sapes and melons. They took this from us.

  4. Just Call Me Fishmail says:

    The chess game?

    It’s bigger than one person, and it’s been going on a lot longer than you may at first realise.

    Understand that Linux-as-a-hobby-project became a motivator for a different kind of commercial software development, one in which companies would co-operate on a common platform that wasn’t owned or controlled by any one of them. In this way Linux-as-a-hobby-project became Linux-as-a-tech-incubator, and there was a need for a thing called the Linux Foundation after that point.

    The problems started with a code contribution model rather than a vetted participation model, and these problems were most notably present in the case of a certain former Intel coder who infamously hacked together some not-quite-so-new infrastructure which remained somewhat broken for several years. If memory serves me correctly, this particular piece of infrastructure went into Linux kernel 2.6.31 and wasn’t fully unscrewed until the Linux kernel 4.4.x fork, with some fix backports into 3.10.x.

    That is one hell of a long time to be fixing code poltergeists from one developer, but that developer isn’t alone: Linus himself had a few whoppers including the infamous “dirty copy-on-write” fix, aka “The Dirty Cow” patch.

    So the problem with Linux so far is that it’s essentially a commercial cooperation project that relied on a single person to keep everything together …

    … and over the past few weeks, that person has shown every indication that he shouldn’t be doing that job anymore.

    He may be a competent coder, but the project is now too big and too important to be left in the hands of any one person or any one group.

    That’s why the best thing that could happen would be a hard fork of Linux that takes the Linux kernel and Linux memory management (aka “mm”) out of the hands of the Linux Foundation to be worked on by a money contribution-only company that does the work on behalf of the various vendors.

    It’s fairly obvious that the most productive developers have been able to work with Linus’s management style, so why shouldn’t they continue to work together along with some developers they’ve thoroughly vetted?

    One thing that a hard fork could fix is the Linux device driver structure incrementalism that’s made device driver development for Linux into somewhat of a pain in the neck: if I see one more #if LINUX_VERSION_CODE < KERNEL_VERSION(2,6,19) styled directive in yet another driver source code file, it's one more too many.

    I'm pretty sure that's Linus's fault, and I'm not thanking him for it.

  5. Mycroft Jones says:

    OpenBSD is the best alternative to Linux right now, but I see the big corporate SJW’s have made moves in the background to attempt (unsuccessfully so far) to repeat with OpenBSD what they’ve done to Linux. They have made much progress in grinding OpenBSD into the dust over the years, but it keeps surviving and getting better and better. But certain key ultra-libertarian members of OpenBSD are no longer with the project; that may be a sign of things to come.

  6. aiaslives says:

    all you cianiggers should use templeos otherwise you’re heretics

  7. aiaslives says:

    OpenBSD > everything. Runs muh netz and animu, has a compiler for everything major, what else would I need? Vidya is ded, Firefox is run by cucks, linus is now a cuck and everything is cucked by the CIA. Store everything offline, cut your ethernet and use another device for muh internet and expose to the botnet only when absolutely required. If you don’t back off now you’re asking for it.

  8. Mycroft Jones says:

    I’ll say it here first. The attempt to get a bunch of developers to revoke the rights to their Linux contributions is a non-starter. It isn’t going to get anywhere.

    But here is something that could have broad implications for the good, and I think disenchanted kernel developers would be much more open to it. Dual license your code. It is already under GPLv2. Just make a public declaration that it is from now on also under the BSD license (ISC version is best, but MIT license is good too). Then all the driver development and other code that contributed to Linux can be used by the OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, Plan9, BeOS, and other operating systems that Linux has kept waiting in the wings. No need to let good work (or good engineering reputation) go to waste.

    If an engineer revokes his Open Source code, who will trust him in the future? But making your code even more broadly available… that is a class act. Benevolence is the winning move here. We are bigger than them. SJWs are the greedy, grasping, miserly ones. Not us.

    I hereby declare that my Linux kernel code which is currently licensed as GPLv2, is now also under the ISC (BSD) license, for those who wish to use it under that license.

  9. Mycroft Jones says:

    Kensuimo: can you analyse Theo de Raadt, Bob Beck (of OpenBSD), Ted T’so and Greg Kroah Hartman? And John Maddog Hall if you can find photos. Also Hans Reiser and Eric Raymond, Alan Kay, Ken Thomas, Dennis Ritchie, Tom Duff, and perhaps most important, Doug McIlroy. If you look at who they are and what they did, you’ll know how they fit into the Linus picture.

  10. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Seen this or related?

    Gave it a scan, but would need to compare effect sizes. Is bodily purity comparable to upper body strength?

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