Podcast questions

I want to try out a new system. It’s a lot less time-consuming to answer questions and clarify points of disagreement in a podcast format than in writing. So, a few days before we record each one I’d like to solicit them here. You can ask basic questions like “what is the difference between TM and MT”, esoteric questions like Kensuimo is constantly sending me, or just demand that I justify myself on some point of contention (e.g. my position on the Normie Question).

If you’re already used to sending this stuff via Skype, Discord, text, e-mail etc. that’s fine, but you may want to remind me to add it to the agenda. E-mails, in particular, tend to get neglected. (This may come as a shock but I’m not terribly organized.)

Also this is now proven a priori science from the Bible:


H/T Boneflour.

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6 Responses to Podcast questions

  1. kapy53 says:

    A better clarification on what all MT, TM and the rest would be helpful. Even a means of maybe indentifying oneself would be helpful too.

  2. bicebicebice says:

    I only got “here” from this stellar poast, i’m a simple man now, very simple, treestump stimple one could even say… so that means all questions are posted here?

    “October 3, 2018 at 2:49 pm
    A better clarification on what all MT, TM and the rest would be helpful. Even a means of maybe indentifying oneself would be helpful too.”

    what is eden? a social amplifier by way of phrenology or physiognomy if you are a normie. we say this with absolute certainty.

  3. aiaslives says:

    Why would someone shoot a man before throwing him out of a plane?

    Have you packed your rice?

    What is the minimum number of TT (or T-back, non-overriding front) females required to elicit thal female social dynamics?

  4. aiaslives says:

    Greentexts – Low latent inhibition, high AH, solipsism (“>be me”)?

  5. aiaslives says:

    I don’t really remember why I posted that, but I’ll explain it anyway

    a successful meme-worthy greentext requires all three and yet is never really very popular because most outside the special autist circle don’t “get it”. So the reign of autists on the internet can be quantified by random, non-circlejerk inducing inventive memes that last, and wherever you find these you find the greatest number of autists and invariably a true culture that repels outsiders unless they conform. The autists don’t leave because it is too much fun.

    The following is a new (a couple of months old) god-tier meme on /tv/:

    >watching Black Panther at the movies
    >intense fighting scene between protag and antag
    >slouch down my seat and yell, “YO, THIS NIGGA BOUTTA DABBED ON”
    >everyone laughs
    >black guy sucks his teeth and says, “You aight, white boy”
    >Hear “He cute” from one of the girls

    and this:

    Or poor Jonah Hill, forever trying to rebuke the french anchor after she trampled on his manhood, live:

    Or this guy, who is something of a [insert something here] himself, thanks Raimi, 1488!

    Or poor Brendan Fraser, JUST

    No text required:

    and the eternal meme, the one that rules all:

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