Soliciting policy ideas for boosting marriage and fertility among white Zoomers

This is an open brainstorm. I’ll spend most of my words here setting up the problem.

The Good

The reason I believe there’s hope for a viable white nation in America 100 years from now is gamers. People play games to feel alive, so if there’s a strong demand for games that are FUN (rather than games that are played for signalling) that means the white libido is merely smoldering and not extinguished. That said, the question of our times is whether the survival instinct which has survived beneath the smothering blanket is enough to catch one of its corners on fire and set off a chain reaction.

The Bad

Gen X expects the Zoomers to rebel against the sexual abuse they’re receiving in the public schools these days, ending in tradcon Christian marriages with litters of white children and mom and pop welding businesses. Unfortunately, they’re projecting their testosterone levels on their children. This is how they would react to a 1984 education experience, but that’s because in real-life 1984 (when Xers were in school) TPTB hadn’t yet figured out that brainwashing is a lot easier when every food item in the cafeteria is fried soy and the principal prefers to hire chickenhawks, nymphos, and misandric lesbians. So unless there’s some reactionary phenomenon which produces testosterone at a rate higher than fried soy and 12+ years of socially sanctioned sexual abuse can diminish it, we should expect testosterone levels to continue dropping.


Zoomers still have some libido, but it’s getting smothered.

wat do

In terms of priorities, I’d say overall white fertility takes pole position, then eugenic white fertility. If we can survive this spin of the wheel first, we can worry about someday producing another Newton, Euler, or Gauss. In practice, this means that any project, program, or policy which breeds dumb whites at a high rate is to be preferred over one which breeds smart whites at a medium rate. Two smart white kids is to be preferred over two dumb white kids, but two dumb white kids at the expense of one smart white kid is a good trade.

There are many factors reducing fertility in every generation: population density and diversity, economic uncertainty, environmental contaminants ruining our bodies and minds, a civil religion which is anti-natal and anti-white, geographic dislocation from family, friends, community, legacy, and inheritance, and most importantly the destruction of fertility-enhancing institutions like marriage and religiosity. We’ll need to address most of these eventually, but time is also a big factor so we’d need to hit the critical path and account for enemy action.

The simplest and most obvious need is to (continue to) meme against these at every level because
1) You never know when it’s going to be someone’s first time hearing the counternarrative (“It’s okay to be white…huh, I never thought about it like that”)
2) Reinforcement is training in virtue, training in virtue is happiness, and collective happiness is espirit de corps*. “Nazi” was a killshot until 4chan and TDS trained us in the correct response: to laugh.
3) Meming is a low-cost, medium-reward method of scouting out real weaknesses. How many comic book images had Vox released before we started hearing pained squealing? One? Two, tops.

Unfortunately, comedy is an offensive weapon only. You can’t build institutions by breaking down inhibitions, you can only deconstruct the offensive institutions of your enemies. The key to building is to move successfully from swastika memes to the IRL land of NPCs. As Cville taught us, this is a tricky, high-risk proposition which requires leaders who can control their neurotic LARPers. Any explicitly anti-feminist church, for instance, will come under an even more ferocious attack than Kavanaugh if it starts to catch on.

*If you want to join the spergout over these definitions, you’ll have to join the Discord. I’m not doing it in both places.

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11 Responses to Soliciting policy ideas for boosting marriage and fertility among white Zoomers

  1. kapy53 says:

    How does one join the discord?

  2. Amygdala says:

    I keep seeing references to sexual abuse in public schools among your recent posts. Care to elaborate? Is it a reference to the cultural poz like: “there are 1 million genders”?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >I keep seeing references to sexual abuse in public schools among your recent posts. Care to elaborate? Is it a reference to the cultural poz like: “there are 1 million genders”?

      There’s that, but there is also a higher rate of literal sexual abuse in schools than in the Catholic church. And by pattern matching, we’d expect they will have a much more extensive network of enablers, fixers, and coverups. If the truth ever comes out it will likely be worse than I imagine.

  3. Mycroft Jones says:

    Culture poz enforced by authority figures (teachers, the school system itself). Seriously, transgender clubs for 8 year olds? WTF? Every year the high schools in Canada give out awards for excellence in “Social Justice”.

  4. bicebicebice says:

    “Two smart white kids is to be preferred over two dumb white kids, but two dumb white kids at the expense of one smart white kid is a good trade.”

    Et tu, Brawndo?

    I saw a documentary about american hillbillies and well you know the rest, the other rest was that poast herea bout 80% something math/biology students being virgins. Itz kind of a raw deal, the majority white middle class are still newcomers to the city and larp on credit as rich folk, the autistés just “won” the genetic lottery and have the smarts to join the unironic aristocracy, pedigree is not a hindrance for that That especially in this age where you are allowed to win or fail because there are so much money and so many idiots, willing to part ways, but does not possess the social skills to do so. “Worst case scenario”, those boomers will swoop in and steal zommer brides, then we will have the same male problem as china, but they seem to be weebs and there are a lot of asian women, just need to tell them to fuck off over there to though which they are more than willing to, racially speaking. Yes, central asia already exists contrary to magical belief and yes it is a shithole because: race. Half-breeds really get bullied in South Korea for example.

    White laws, white morals are inherent to white people, can’t skate around that fact. Does it really matter if an entire generation is stillborn? 5-10 year span? Varg would say no, and shag your womans.

    My impression of zoomers are the biggest big gay homosexuals that every shortly walked the earth before they suicide after their instadope “career” with some usb-music 2minute banger. What even in the fuck are these creatures? Makes sapes seem functional. This is either the first generation entirely by the internet from the craddle and “it wasn’t real Internetism”, or, it was.

    A frightening prospect.

    Sapes, ooga boogas and NPCs respond well to a meme-life imposed on them by an authorian man with a pointy head, they need stability and they breed in stability. Soyboys, SJWs, bugmen, shitlibs, unironic neo socio-communists, the globohomo gaypled mishmasch-mensch, well those guys are the walking meta death. They can never take root. Think crack-babies ffs, man.

    Zoomers can only be saved by MAGA-Man of the oompa loompa melon merchant caste, if the later mentioned ones does not posion their minds and bodies (which they have already done by means of 90% of screwl system is wahmen). Wifi-people on opiods speed and transgender hormones, dude.

    This isn’t the hashout but the majority who responds to commands are needed as fillers/workers, the freakshow is in a freefall right now and who wants to cut that falling aids-knife? Also projected fertility since this is the thing means majority amish in america, another win for team treestump.

    I salute all of you brave men trying to save the pozz-people, time better spent on a smaller community of spergs in my opinion but I will admit to the prudence of being pro-active, something boomers had 50 years to be but hey now they stealing 18 year old pussycats in broad daylight. Maybe that was the plan all along?

    Few that took on the military industrial complex lived to tell about it, now we witness the first blows againt the boomer industrial complex (fueled by monster). The real number of the beast 1969.

    No, truly, we got the bravest folks here don’t we. Godspeede.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    “If the truth ever comes out it will likely be worse than I imagine.”

    I gave up all fastfood after pizzagate, enforced by brittains human-kebobs made out of english schoolgirls, and in swe tacos always meant making them at home on friday with your family, not buying it, but human-on-the-cob should have been a paradgim shift in america, then again we all know how her father reacted. Delicious!

    Nobody can save these people. Isn’t it funny how you can identify as everything except Neanderthal, with all the rights a a native-ethnic people has? Maybe that was what Tex bailed on and instead started trolling linkedin, don’t do the same thing Aeoli!

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Maybe that was what Tex bailed on and instead started trolling linkedin, don’t do the same thing Aeoli!

      There goes my master plan to photoblog on Instagram.

  6. Arakawa says:

    > “If the truth ever comes out it will likely be worse than I imagine.”

    Autistic kids are a notable canary — arguably easier to abuse, and accusations can get aired in public due to conflict between media imperatives to regard autists as subhuman or as a vulnerable minority. Media-reported cases tend to fit more of a Charles Dickens narrative (sadistic teacher with the metaphorical birch cane in a soulless bureaucracy sort of abuse*), but imagine also… your child getting called to the nurse’s office… for an important and thorough medical examination.

    Several times a week.

    (* See also: the YouTube genre of “school bus driver beats kid, too stupid to realize the bus has a security camera”.)

  7. Arakawa says:

    Oh God, listening to the autism thing in Ontario has been the worst. It has been brought up by the media as a stick to beat the CONservative administration with. Well, of course. More power to the media if the CONservatives are dumb enough to be overthrown by 24/7 media coverage of angry autism moms. I won’t go into that politics.

    And yet, staring blank in the face and not contemplated amid the media circus: the underlying issue of how many of these children are, and how doomed they are when most require ‘$63,000-$80,000’ Canadian bucks per year of professional one-on-one therapy. (Median household income in Canada is something like $57k, by the way.) This is not something that fits into traditional notions of fiscal discipline. And there are not so many therapists in Ontario anyways.

    And stupid credentialism means you “can’t” just lower the costs by training up sufficient therapists specialized on autistic kids. No, you gotta get a Bachelor’s and a Master’s first before you can actually begin your two-year apprenticeship learning on the job under a therapist — seriously??

    And how worrying it is that the number has been growing. No, rather than examining vaccines or glysophate or mutation accumulation or anything, let’s bleat about how we just got better at diagnosis. We got so good at diagnosis that we destroyed our school systems with the resulting Special Education demands, apparently.

    And this is the generation that’s supposed to be coming up, not the old people. Truly, Bruce Charlton’s “planetary hospital”: thus it beginneth.

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