Discrimination vs. discernment

I’ll be plagiarizing borrowing Diego Gambetto’s work to set up the distinction.

The problem is that signals can be fraudulently manipulated. By lying, imitating, forging, or stealing certain signs, a signaler can mimic the state of affairs one associates with those signs. What is ultimately being mimicked is a certain unobservable property, k, that the mimic does not really possess. What is being lied about, imitated, copied, or forged along the way are the signs associated with k, which leave the impression of possessing k.

-Diego Gambetto
Codes of the Underworld

With respect to some person’s true qualities, let’s call S the countably infinite set of signs and signals s_i and K the set of countably infinite possible qualities k_j. The set of a person’s true qualities P is a subset of K. The set of observed signs and signals O is a subset of S. And the set of causes Y, which together explain O, is a subset of P,

The question we are usually trying to answer is which k_j are in the set of the person’s true qualities P, given O. “Discrimination” will be defined as the ability to predict whether k_j is in P as determined by the consilience of all s_i in O. Example: An venture capitalist wants to know which of ten startups he should invest in, based on the unobservable true quality k_1 = “likely to return a profit”. He is not concerned with any other k_j except insofar as they are subcomponents of k_1.

Another question we are sometimes trying to answer is, given P, what subset Q would most parsimoniously explain O. “Discernment” will be defined as the ability to populate Q from P with the most parsimonious k_j to explain T. Example: A juror wants to judge whether a defendant had a “guilty mind” (mens rea) with respect to a killing, or if it was self-defense, reckless manslaughter, etc.

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19 Responses to Discrimination vs. discernment

  1. Ø says:


  2. Ø says:

    Big if large, large if true, wash your penis buckaroo

  3. Ø says:

    Rowling’s and Koanic’s incoherence-reducing identity-quaternalities both match perfectly.

    Hufflepuff = TM
    Ravenclaw = TT
    Slytherin = MM
    Gryffindor = MT

    This is why I said this post is “too ravenclaw” for me.

    In case that wasnt clear

  4. Ø says:

    >ywn participate in M-Back ego-pyramid Gryffindor-Slytherin sportsball Quidditch rivalry


  5. aiaslives says:

    So the sorting hat is a glorified tape measure.

  6. Ø says:

    The sorting hat is a malevolent interdimensional entity possessed of unimaginable daemonic powers who molds and toys with the minds of Earth’s most powerful magic users to serve its inscrutable nefarious ends, as well as something of a glorified tape measure.

  7. aiaslives says:

    Glorified Gryffindor Gloryhole

  8. Ø says:

    It was there long, long before the founding of Hogwarts and will remain there long, long after Hogwarts is destroyed.

  9. aiaslives says:

    Glorified Gryffindor Gloryhole, Harry’s Hand Held.
    Silently Splashed, White Wizard’s Wisdom.
    Curiosity Curiously Caught,
    Jauntily Jerked, Arm Astretch!
    Prized Phallic Potion,
    Flew Forth Fast!
    Amber Air, Daring Drops Dancing
    Sizable Slithering Serpent Saw!
    Reared Ravenous Rear, Raw!
    Death’s Door Draw!
    Inside Irate Inn, Despite Dooming Din,
    Harkens Heresy, Hagrid’s Hoarse Hail!
    “Mayhaps Menace Mar Dumbledore’s Dreary Day!
    Princely, Prestigious, Perverted Phallic Philanderer, Pay!”
    But Banish Butterbeer, Then Think Thus;
    Denounced Deviant Deviated Deviances,
    Prodigious Planned Pursuit, Perishes!
    Dumbledore Draws Death’s Doors,
    He Harkened Hogwarts’ Hysteria!
    Closes Chamber, Case Closed?”

    Sudden Sharp Silence!
    Twin Twinkling Tears Teeming Treasonously,
    Lank Languorous Longnose Lad, Lifting Locquaciously!
    “Buckbeak Bickers But Buffoon Brands Butterbeers!
    Special Son Stabs, Singing Songs!
    Woeful Weary World, What’s Wrong!”
    “Tall Tales?
    I Inaugurated Ingenuity!
    Allowing Awesome Arcane Assistance,
    And Ambitiously, Amazingly Adept,
    Me, Most Magickal Master,
    Salazar Slytherin’s Serpent Slay’d!”
    (While you, Hagrid, with your phallus play’d)

  10. aiaslives says:

    If anyone has a word for “head” starting with a R, that would be great. Slytherin’s Serpent was subdued anally because I couldn’t find one.

  11. Ø says:

    Harry Potter was great until book 5, where Rowling stopped writing books about kids having magical adventures and started writing Serious Fiction for Serious People Where People Die and Stuff

    As Jordan P has noted, the books got the religious and archetypal material right for example the Sword of Gryffindor/Christ appearing to slay the ancient serpent beneath the lake/water/unconscious.

    In fact, book 5 is where the series kind of takes a turn from a Christian moral-underpinning/ethos and veers into a Holocaustian moral-underpinning/ethos; i.e. Slytherin/Dark Wizards go from kind of being self-interested shitbags in general to basically ideologically-driven Nazis trying to exterminate the non-purebloods for Adolf Voldemort

  12. Ø says:

    *Sword of Gryffindor/Christ appearing against all odds in the final hour to slay the ancient and seemingly invincible serpent of biological adaptation beneath the lake/deep water-body/unconscious mind

  13. aiaslives says:

    Didn’t they befriend a giant in the fifth book? I’m not up on my literature, but does “drink poison until you’re dead to protect others” hold some allegorical meaning? There is a lot of other stuff that passes as allegory, like their break into Gringotts, the duplication charm, the Dark Mark (is that what it is called?), unworthy man in possession of a great weapon, etcetera.

    They had to add (((something))) for the chillums movies, nevermind how voldy was essentially correct about wizards being under replacement rate big time and potter fell for propaganda. It’s not bad enough right now, they’re making a LOTR and wheel of time tv series. Wait until Harry is a 56%er, his mother a coalburner, Hermione a sassy black womyn and Ron the goofy redhead who gets cuckolded after Harry and Hermione get married in the new tv series written by (((diverse committee))) and directed by some jew. “y u not like arry poter? u racist scum xo”

    Look what she got in return, status as a genuine female billionaire. Now she’s let go and they’re milking the brand as hard as they can. The new play was a disaster, and the two new movies already are.

    This played Hermione:

    I don’t quite understand what draws women to misuse their money even when they have no competition. Rowling lies about what she wrote quite frequently and supports everything bad under the sun. Steve Jobs’ widow started whoring around with Senators and started giving his wealth away to leftists and made Jobs’ work a net negative in retrospect. Melinda married Bill for his money and cuckolded him so hard he’s giving away billions to niggers in huts. Jolie cuckolded one of the biggest Chads in existence and wasted his seed. I think it comes down to how most women have no taste for optimization – I frequently see them indulging in stupid repetitive stuff that can be easily mitigated, but they’ll continue grinding away even after they’re shown a better way. Group approval counts here, but for housework or anything non-signalling? That just makes me push the entire gender in the “retard” and “concubine” category.

  14. Ø says:

    Yeah there’s a lot of allegory in OotP but it’s the book where the plot makes a definitive shift to the neoliberal globohomo overarching narrative (Harry and co become the French Resistance trying to take out Racist Wizard Hitler for the Great Cause of caramel-colored God-Free Global Equality between all Upright Hominids)

    Voldemort and co did have a very important point about magical blood (that is, rh- blood) dying out but he was also basically a self-interested misanthropic sociopath nibba at the same time. His concern about wizards dying out was legit and held true weight but he was concerned about it for the wrong reasons.

    And yes women is for babby

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