Aesthetic blather

Part of my training is to develop my woefully inadequate discriminatory faculties. The best training ground is taste. Also, I owed a longsuffering correspondent some responses after saying we were gonna talk aesthetics and then disappearing on him for a month.

Someday I may be good at this but for now it’s training wheels.


The blackbird looks like something out of Bladerunner. If you stood it on end and reimagined it as a skyscraper, it would be a temple in Neo-Babylon. Since the form follows from the function in this case, maybe that’s a commentary on the nature of Neo-Babylon.


A brilliant representation of the Byzantine ethos. If you blur your eyes you can see a bunch of little skyscrapers blending together with a coherent, upward telos. Some are motifs, some are accents, it’s very Bach. I have mixed feelings on the lighting though. On the one hand, it is kinda interesting to look at the different effects. On the other hand, it cheapens the original accomplishment. Like buying caviar from McDonald’s or something. In fact, shining different colored lights on the massive achievements of your ancestors because you don’t understand how creativity works strikes me as a very post-postmodern sort of thing to do, like Disney retelling the Lord of the Rings as a space opera or something.


These apartment buildings are less artistically impressive but more socially interesting. You get the sense that they were consciously designed to make a good ol’ Southern boy comfortable as a rootless cosmopolitan in DC, because his apartment has the facade of a colonial revival house. Has all the antebellum Virginia fixings: the unbearable whiteness (of being), the brick wall that says “I remember my roots”, and the Greek colonnades that say “Plato is a cultural touchstone, but here at American Thinker we believe the Philosopher had the right of it.” The classicism is assumed with an air of noblesse oblige, rather than pure hypocritical pragmatism. Big fan, on the whole.

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4 Responses to Aesthetic blather

  1. bicebicebice says: funny cause it ain’t true! Itz like the NPC crying foul over dehumanizing NPC, whilst they have shat on white males for decades now for simply existing. I love architecture, and now the strolls i used to frequent in london, the mandatory routine tour, today I read about those places in the latest terror attack. American inner cities have a cool Gotham-vibe, but with non-whites in the scenery everything turns to dystopia.The suspenion of disbelief is simply not there, you can’t have architecture built by 115+ IQ average whites and then feral pavement-ape groids stomping around the area, the immersion is broken instantly. White architecture + non-white = dead in the water, that is how stark the contrast is and how real life really is.”DATS RACIST”

    I would formally like to apologize to the people of Japan for having to endure flocks of swedish weebs roming their streets, because, it breaks immersion (destroys the eco-system). This relates to my groid theory of vibing-jiving walks, nobody feels threatened by a tourist with his big camera signalling “i am basically a toddler, i am not a threat”.

  2. Just Call Me Fishmail says:

    BTW, is this building in Stockholm Hew-Whyte enough for you?

    How ’bout this other building in Stockholm then?

    Yes, yes, I know, you want to avoid the Yellow Menace creeping into your buildings, especially the churches, but sometimes it’s better that way.

    But why fear the Japanese when the love of absurdly blocky towers and low-slung ugly things is a local preoccupation?

    Oh, wait … is this sort of architectural development what you were worried about?

    It often ends in tears, you know.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    Since there is no “follow button” (a scrubfilter), here is it is again, my already known stated personal views (measurable reality); hipster whites move into cowboy-topia and turn it into pozzville, destroy cultural landmarks and the entire what-already-is, to terraform it into a soulless expression of themselves (and price go up due to lot-maximizing, still calling the place cowboy-topia tho). All foreigners destroy eco-systems, it is the nature of the sape. Feral cannibal rapists live in burnt out former white builings or mud huts, empty run down entire rows of houses in commiefornia worth MILLIONS on paper, are “lived” in by chinese communist investors. “priceonpaperandtechgood∞ = buy.exe emote chingchong”. Jesus was a carpenter for a reason.

    All asians belong in china, all low-t whites belong in bogs and marshlands and swamps. Which Edenic types (if any) are capable of sentimental attachments (as long as I see a pyramid on my moneyz I am content)? If not investigated, keep on cueing sapeworkerscreechandmuhmiddleclass in absurdum, trying to solve problems for a class that were nothing more than extra hands for the factories, leading to, eventually, the way of the treestump, owning land and honest labor.

    To answer your smug “questio”n, Stockholm would benefit from a nuclear renovation. But I have matured enough to realize the reality of why certain areas are not allowed to stay good, ever, in certain areas where certain “human types” become the majority, or why it molds into them.

    This belongs in Boneflours’ good things to know; section real estate. We realtors now, another unthankful job because reality is kryptonite to sapes. Or, expanding the lore, diversity + proximtiy + physiognomy = “the inner expression of a race of men will unevitable manifest itself in the outside world surounding them = ITZ/war.

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