tfw no pixie gf

I like cleverness, and I indulge it, but I tend to steer clear of it offline, unless I know my audience will appreciate it. I particularly avoid it when seducing girls, unless the girl is a type I’ve learned from experience will cherish my whimsical quips (artsy, smart, dressed in odd yet feminine clothing (pixie chic)).

Chateau Heartiste
When Cleverness Is A Liability

One possible takeaway here, presuming I’m correct about the values which inform male neanderthal dominance hierarchies, is that the pixie chick may be a female neanderthal hybrid type This would explain, among other things, why I was convinced it would be obvious to everyone that Brittany Pettibone is a 10 when everyone else actually thinks she’s a 7 or 8 (to be explicit, the explanation would be genetic similarity). If there’s any truth in this, it could go a long way toward explaining the manic pixie girl archetype in all those garbage romance novels for men (loosely defined).

Melony melonmen tell me that thal girls are often preferred as wives for reasons of loyalty and potential for interesting conversation over decades of marriage. This is probably why girls in the upper classes tend to have/mimic the signals of this type (e.g. artsy interests).

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