Reviewbrah Mindset

Reviewbrah represents a new abstraction level in aristocracy.

In the beginning, there were conquerors and conquered. The conquerors could own property by “right of conquest”—this could be called “barbarian mindset”. The conquered had whatever they were allowed to have, and that was the best case. As Captain Jack Sparrow said, the only rules in the wild are what a man can do and what he can’t do. But there’s military utility in internal peace, so eventually the conquerors and conquered settled into a social dominance hierarchy. Rather than killing over every little slight, the property-owning aristocrats only demanded obeisance and “taxes” (i.e. protection money).

But because they recognized that this arrangement could easily make them weak, the aristocrats cultivated what I’ll call “samurai mindset”. This is an abstraction step up from the Genghis Khan-style barbarian mindset, which says a man who can’t defend his property will have it taken away by upstarts, and deserve it. A samurai, or what NRx calls a “stationary bandit” (vs. a “rootless bandit”), needs a different organizing principle because there will be many small compromises, in comparison with the uncompromising Khan. For example, a samurai will hesitate to strike off the head of his master swordsmith.

This being the case, he must train his mind to be able and willing to do so without hesitation, even as he restrains his impulsivity, or else become civilized and soft. Hence, he cultivates an air of unconcern for material things, only considering the pragmatism of killing the master swordsmith as compared to the dishonor of letting him live and make great swords for conquering neighbor groups. Similarly, he makes up for the difference in fighting experience between himself and a proper barbarian through training and mental rehearsal of life and death situations. Rather than fighting to the death with someone new every day (which would leave him with no peasants, and open him up to attacks from people with high group cohesion bearing swords made by master smiths) and obtaining confidence and amused mastery through experience, he imagines being killed in battle over and over. This is meant to produce the same relaxation as the amused mastery of a 20-year barbarian.

The next abstraction level up is probably best exemplified by the European aristocracy.
So rather than “barbarian mindset” or “samurai mindset”, we’ll call this one “aristocrat mindset”. It’s best exemplified by a story which I can’t properly credit.

One time, an American soldier from Kansas went to fight in Korea. He says he was in the middle of battle one time, bullets whipping through the air around him, and he stumbles into the Glaucestershire officers’ mess tent. Inside, as occasional bullets are piercing the canvas, the officers are eating a full roast beef dinner in their mess dress uniforms (which is the military equivalent of a tuxedo). Presumably, their conversation was not much removed from what they would have been having around a dinner table back home. And afterward it’s likely they would be having a spot of brandy or somesuch. The key to understanding this odd behavior, for country bumpkins like myself, is to understand this is an extension of Samurai Mindset. It stands to reason that, to an aristocrat, the ability to enjoy a formal dinner on the battlefield is proof that they *deserve* to enjoy a formal dinner in peacetime.

This is the concept of a stationary bandit as practiced by someone who has become mobile again but is not precisely a “mobile” bandit. Rather than fighting over actual property, the aristocrat is claiming a more abstract ownership of everything in the immediate area. It’s a sort of “mobile property” rather than the mobile banditry of the more primitive barbarian. And that abstract ownership is asserted on the basis of being such a glorious asshole, who cares so little about life and death, that they’d eat a roast beef dinner while being shot at like a duelist patiently waiting his turn to fire. It also serves as a pretty effective signal to reinforce the social dominance hierarchy without violence, because who wants to fight with someone that crazy? But that’s incidental. The true purpose is to enjoy the benefits of one’s property as is “proper” (notice the common root word) to one’s elevated station.

This etymological connection between propriety and property hints at the next level up: Reviewbrah mindset. Reviewbrah mindset is an abstraction of propriety from the battleground to a world of cultural warfare, where there is no distinction between war and peace or homefront and battlefront, the war is all-encompassing, and the collateral damage is the social institutions themselves. BiceBiceBice had a post recently where a man was reading James Comey’s book to his “furbaby” cat and said he couldn’t tell if this was a right-wing troll, left-wing propaganda, or just normie degeneracy. This illustrates the fact that in a culture war, culture itself is the casualty. We live in a shithole because all memes become real over time, and the best memes are shitty. Cultural warriors have to become shitty people in effect, and in the long run this is not different from becoming a shitty person in reality. It’s like how the best soldier, fighting monsters, will become a monster (this is the point of Apocalypse Now).

Now, Temple Grandin’s fifth rule for people living in a world without access to conventional social rules (autists and aspies) is “Being Polite is Appropriate in Any Situation”. (Excellent book btw.) I like to think of this as being tantamount to living in a fairy tale world. In this case, the rules are chaotic. Despite the lack of rules, there are some good guidelines for surviving a fairy tale. E.g. Never lie, but don’t tell the whole truth either. One of these guidelines is to observe propriety to a fault.

And this finally brings us back to Reviewbrah. Here is a natural-born aristocrat who found himself in a shitty world full of shitty people, who realized that it was never about the roast beef and the brandy. The battlefield is everywhere so there is no roast beef. He realized that the property was about the spirit of propriety itself, moreso than the reality of it. Thus, he attained a new level of self-ownership which puts any barbarian or samurai or duke to shame. This is a man who stumbled into Faerie, in the middle of a battleground between cosmic forces beyond the understanding of any chaos magician, who put on his full mess dress and a paper Burger King hat and ate a whopper with the dignity of a king eating a roast beef dinner.


That, my niggers, is Frame.

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23 Responses to Reviewbrah Mindset

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    Bonus waifu version:

  2. Ø says:

    Well you’re also basically the firstfruits of heaven whereas me and reviewbrah are basically shitbags who are lucky to be able to draw breath, let alone have the opportunity to approach God for forgiveness

  3. Ø says:

    I say that but I don’t know much about Reviewbrah. Never gotten into it/watched a lot of it; it’s never been entertaining to me.

  4. Boneflour says:

    I like this post.

  5. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Well you’re also basically the firstfruits of heaven

    Take it easy on the spiritual physiognomy, I’m not a saint by any means. Gifted, sure, but the physical motor is group-level sexuality.

  6. Aeoli Pera says:

    >basically shitbags who are lucky to be able to draw breath, let alone have the opportunity to approach God for forgiveness

    ^More accurate description of humanity, in my book. I believe the Asperger’s dedication to 100% truth, in particular, is an individualistic phenotypal strategy masked as a moral decision.

  7. Aeoli Pera says:

    >I like this post.

    Me too, it was quite a jump at the time.


    Thank you.

  8. bicebicebice says:

    big if substantiated. this is also the problem with the tharded autistocracy, they do the same thing with a situation, assess it from the back maybe ratther than the front in general (in their mind they are all over the place anyway), refusing to believe that something called atrophy from not moving will impact their zombie smashing skills in the ITZ. this is why people loathe these people,they do not seem them put in the hours at the gyme, the fight club, the office (social leadership), they’ll just step up to the plate one day when need be and thats itz. Like magic.

    TLDR: pack muscle, pack a handgun and tell your audience to do the same and embrace the ITZ. IF society must be 11/10 or itz fake and gay, I assume you are already on a 12, just taking the piss on the fires and the human debris for fun, just like Jesus did before he laughed himself to death on the cross, knowing damn well monkeys-in-manpants can’t apply themselves beyond muh dick cannibalism and “houses” made of feces..

  9. SirHamster says:

    > I believe the Asperger’s dedication to 100% truth, in particular, is an individualistic phenotypal strategy masked as a moral decision.

    It’s just a brain wired instinct, in contrast to an instinct for social conformity. Moral decisions require choice.

    “My brain’s preference for ideological coherence requires I cut you off and burn you as a heretic for your errors.”


    “I am committed to maintaining a relationship despite your errors.”

  10. Ø says:

    >I believe the Asperger’s dedication to 100% truth, in particular, is an individualistic phenotypal strategy masked as a moral decision.

    I agree with this for Aspie/DRD4-7R/”Thallishness”; it’s basically a small-tribe thing

    Above the small-tribe level, I think history shows that humans living on the earth do have to be accountable to some sort of sovereign leader who is himself accountable to God.

    Either way this beats (((distant transnational cosmopolitanism)))

    >Dedication to 100% truth

    What’s interesting is that troo-thals are, initially and by default 100% truthful/blunt/straightforward in the social sphere [they must learn social skillz] but rely on aesthetic-counterfactuals in the intellectual sphere (which I initially perceived as being intellectually disingenuous).

    Whereas larger-group adapted nibbas like myself are initially and by default artful/suave/disingenuous in personal interaction [I had to learn object-focus] but had “muh intellectual honesty and integrity” in the intellectual sphere (which of course is limited).

    Reality is paradoxical and sheeit

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >but rely on aesthetic-counterfactuals in the intellectual sphere (which I initially perceived as being intellectually disingenuous).

      It is, in the sense that we have an observed preference to back-rationalize the overgeneralization of our fixations rather than use them as tools for solving specific problems. And we are like superglue when it comes to fixations.

  11. Ø says:

    >It’s just a brain wired instinct, in contrast to an instinct for social conformity. Moral decisions require choice.

    ^Yes it’s a hardware/input thing

    >“muh intellectual honesty and integrity”

    ^tbh this concept is all-too-often used as a framing tool to manipulate people

  12. Ø says:

    >tbh this concept is all-too-often used as a framing tool to manipulate people

    Just has to do with people worshipping rationalism; when people start going offscript it is easy for (((less-than-benevolent actors))) to appeal to “intellectual integrity” which has been accepted by the majority of people as being the position of moral high-groundedness so this appeal becomes an effective mental cudgel

  13. Ø says:

    I need to actually read Kant

  14. Ø says:

    Great post btw. I kind of skimmed over it before and responded in kind, but I just got finished actually reading it fully a moment ago and I rate it A+

    You’ve defined “sociopath” as a “hyper-rational person”, but if you really take a clear long look at a Jacob Roffschild and think about it, there’s definitely an argument to be made that he’s not really much of a “hyper-rational” person at all, but is, on the contrary, completely fucking insane.

  15. Ø says:

    The result of unadulterated reason is therefore insanity.

  16. bicebicebice says:

    “And we are like superglue when it comes to fixations.” DELET If you are a chillum and asks your npc-caretakes “why is the dogs name “fix idea”? “, you might have autism. You will never escape this, and when enough people come out, well then you have the characteristic of an entire race of men.

  17. bicebicebice says:

    Ø says:
    October 23, 2018 at 4:12 am
    The result of unadulterated reason is therefore insanity.

    add more “red pills” + unaction = autistic blackpilling <— from doing the same harmful thing everyday. Excess of virtue is of course also insanity, such as being economical to a t. Probably why the only thing you are allowed to do in whole-ity (yeah thats not a word i know), is to love God, as stated by jesus christ.

    Every other form of oneness worship turns to communism and the devil satan himself

  18. Patrick says:

    This post is not just spiffing, it’s jolly good old chap.

  19. Ø says:

    “These are chewy. And that’s disgraceful.”

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