Answering iSteve’s two “central questions of our time”

I don’t want to come off too abrupt here but these are solved problems.

Rising Democratic Extremism


Above are a couple of informative graphs showing how extremist Democrats became on the key issues of race and immigration after Obama won re-election. A central question about our time is: Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?


A second question is whether Democratic ideological extremism is related to the apparent rise in psychological problem around 2013. And which causes what?

It does, and the causality goes Smartphones -> Mental illness -> Democratic extremism. There’s a book which covers this question in great detail called “IGen: Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy–and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood–and What That Means for the Rest of Us”

Spoiler: Smartphones are possibly the worst thing that has ever happened to a generation of children. The correlations above and the causality of the first step are demonstrated empirically. Social media causes mental illness, no question about it, and proportionally so as usage increases. Smartphone addiction has removed all practical constraints on social media addiction, and the level of depression among young people of all colors and creeds is staggering.

And as a bonus, if you read that book you can experience the feeling of being as black-pilled about Generation “Zyklon” as a real-life genius!

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6 Responses to Answering iSteve’s two “central questions of our time”

  1. bicebicebice says:

    “Why did Democrats go nuts in c. 2013?” They saw themselves in the mirror for the first time, something glitched and vampires got stuck to photos.

  2. aiaslives says:

    Kids born after 2010 are going to be real pieces of work.

    >tfw Zoomer

    I’m on the edge, but it’s alarming how kids have phones these days. I’m expecting a lot of voluntary ovary snips by them in a decade. They already talk like faggots and pretty soon they’ll be classifiable as retards. Hookers (aka normal new-wamen in a decade), Booze+soy (water in a decade), Cocaine, Weed, no money, no brains. Rational people will sooner pray for an Athena than decide to have kids without stepping back ten times.

  3. Fox says:

    If the moon were to disappear for a month, most people wouldn’t even notice (unless someone mentions it on the internet).
    Repost: “Who is the god of millenials? [insert photo of smartphone] And they pray more than five times a day. And on the Xth day, he gave them pokemon go, and they poured into the woods and parks searching for a trigglypuff (honestly, that must have been the most hilarious psy-op ever).”
    The levels of addiction seem to be even higher than those of regular internet (which in turn is worse than tv). Many young people suffer withdrawal symptons if separated from their phones. For them, a life without such instruments is unconceivable.

    Now the question is: Who released those things and with what purpose? Hard drugs (and smartphones are harder than many illegal substances) don’t become widely distributed (and certainly don’t reach saturation levels) by themselves – there’s got to be someone influential pushing them and protecting their spread. This might be very similar to the stories of intelligence agencies selling crack to urban blacks in the 90s. And remember that smartphones apparently played a key role in those phony american-backed “colour revolutions” (like in egypt) in the early 2010s (so they do hold the potential for mobilizing people on a large scale and (in a sense) coordinating this mass).

    The “upside” of smartphones is that the addict doesn’t even notice what is outside the touchscreen. Direct observation is nullified because the screen holds his attention captive. Then the only thing you have to do is control what appears on the screen and you’ve zombified a whole generation. A modern revolutionary should chant: “Seize the means of information!”, but he can’t do that because that oligopole belongs to a small group of very powerful corporate entities (backed and/or controlled by military and intelligence organizations).

    That’s why trying to fight _mainly_ on the internet is stupid. Memeing is fun but mostly just preaching to the choir or inspiring some exceptional individuals which were open to it in the first place. The internet should just be the means for organizing meetings – the goal is not to win the debate on the net, but to make the net irrelevant for debating – ie. to bring back direct, man-to-man eye-to-eye interaction.

  4. bicebicebice says: didn’t seem to post. Groups operate by the lowest common, well, common. ITZ colorful communism for toddlers, the internet. I don’t even own a Schmuckphone ffs.

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