Conditions for optimism

A couple months ago I posed myself a counterfactual: what would I need to see in order to feel good about the odds for a white Christian nation in America 200 years from now? Here are the answers that have stuck with me since then:

1. Whites: I’ll believe that white people have the will to survive when I see the rate of drug usage drop from one generation to the next, particularly marijuana.

2. Christians: I’ll believe the church is serious when they send their daughters to 4-year universities at a rate 5% lower than their nonChristian counterparts.

3. Nation in America: The viability of the various nations must be treated separately and will rely primarily on their ability to maintain their own infrastructure, synthesize a viable culture, and export manufactured goods. Personally, I’ll be using the white, non-hispanic rate of homeschooling as a proxy yardstick for how much people give a shit about their children. It’s trending downward at the moment, against all reason, and I’m hoping this is an artifact of urbanization driving would-be homeschoolers to private and alternative schooling.

The second point is worth sperging about very briefly. Any solution must address the real underlying concern:

It’s not like I have no sympathy for these parents. The odds of their kids meeting someone at church are practically zero (you want a real rant, ask me someday why this is), and Christian Mingle is for society’s dregs.

That leaves…social peers. Which, if you don’t send your kids to college to become members in good standing of the middle class workers union, is gonna be people so degenerate they couldn’t hack it in high school to get into a third-tier state university. So their choices are A) high-status grandkids at the cost of a little secularism, B) degenerate, welfare-class grandkids, and C) no grandkids. It’s not surprising when people take the easy way, just disappointing.

Skin in the Game – Defining the problem of Western Christian sexual degeneracy

For this to happen, it will likely require the following sub-goals:

1) The “college experience” (AKA Thot Lyfe) must become an object of widespread social ridicule, not just a punching bag of right-wing websites.
2) There must be enough eligible bachelors at 2-year colleges to bridge the gap, and viable “Mrs.” degrees to entertain the wamen while they shop for unicorns. (Luckily, Gen Z appears to have gotten the memo about student loan debt.)
3) It must be financially plausible for two parents with 2-year degrees to support a family.

For the latter, the HR union stranglehold on hiring and wage-setting must be broken. I hear Xers all the time saying the REAL smart people are electricians making six figures, but I don’t see those want ads on I don’t expect the majority of 20-year-old kids with 95 IQs to pull that off, I expect them to get the jobs that are actually posted and those are paying $20/hr. That’s not bad but it’s not going to pull an HB7’s head out of her vagina to go take a 2-year media arts degree at the local pipefitters’ union. The only way for supply and demand to rekindle their marriage in the trades is to remove the artificial price setting by agents of the central government, aka HR thots.

I.e. Appeal Duke v. Griggs to based Kavanaugh and MAGA!

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