Spooky Halloween podcast

MM and I got drunk and shitposted. I watched up until the music gets a little quieter around the 4:20 mark (BLAZE IT) so I haven’t seen all the production yet but there’s quite a bit of Roger Stone in it so far.

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Maybe do this later?
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9 Responses to Spooky Halloween podcast

  1. TM says:

    In for aspergic bantz :DD

  2. Obediah says:

    Top lol at that extraordinary intro

  3. Obediah says:

    >Esotericism in Digimon

    At some point I have to do an overview on The Mighty Ducks, a series that is rife with esotericism.

    Hawks/Adam Banks = descendants of Adam, who currently control the banks
    Eden Hall = obvious name implication
    Ted Orion = pronounced ‘O’Ryan’ in the film, portrayed as ‘not such a bad guy and stuff’

  4. Obediah says:

    >racism stuff

    I actually didn’t have a particular dislike of any race (I went to small white school) until around college age where I started reading biodiversity stuff and researching the history of Talmudic Judaism and whatnot. Now I am enlightened by my own magic whitepeopleness

  5. Obediah says:

    The only thing worse than muh magic white people is muh magic ethical universalism tbh

  6. Obediah says:

    Will finish listening tomorrow

  7. Obediah says:


    WW has very good points re: Q; I still haven’t devoted much time at all to following/studying it. May very well just be a psyop designed to tickle boomer fancies and make them feel like they’re in one of those TOM CLANCEY’S RAINBOW TACTICAL COUNTERSTRIKE novels they like to read so much

    Agree w/ Banflir and WW re: distractions though I’m bad at avoiding them myself due to overriding truth-discovery obsession-drive

    >My brain has a high tolerance for… for this dark place


    >I’ve never been in a strip club

    Consider yourself lucky. I’ve always pretended to not hate strip clubs so the people i was with wouldn’t think of me as a gay fag with my shit all retarded. Strip clubs are shit

    >Working there cured my Libertarianism

    Interacting with the real world in any meaningful capacity tends to have that effect.

  8. Obediah says:


    Haven’t watched either animoos but I’ve seen snippets of both the old and new series’ art styles and old is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. New SUPERHITECH IPHONE 28 DIGIMAX THX 5000INCH DISPLAY 3D PORTAL animation style eliminates all grit and human touch and it’s disgraceful

    >”After [episode 10] it starts spiraling into Gyerbidge”

    Damn Yankee aestheticists saying their words

    Great points from WW about Spiders and Snakes.

  9. Obediah says:


    >Prioritizing tone over quality-of-composition, originality-of-ideas etc wrt musical composition

    That’s some cognitive-sensing-preference-tier hoodoo nonsense tbh

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