Brocast: the lost audio files of Gobekli Tepe

This is like when you release the B-sides, except we forgot to record the A-sides.

I assure you that the lost parts of the audio were extremely professional and no autistic people peed with the bathroom door open and their directional mic pointed toward it. Why would anyone even do that?

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Maybe do this later?
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5 Responses to Brocast: the lost audio files of Gobekli Tepe

  1. Obediah says:

    *Smokes weed*

  2. Obediah says:

    If they actually found the lost audio files of Gobekli Tepe, it would be a muffled, 20-minute long accidental-recording of Graham Hancock and Joe Rogan furtively arguing over who’s going to kill the roach at the end of the blaze sesh while Eddie Bravo stares at his hand and mumbles incoherently from the couch, stoned to the bone

  3. Obediah says:

    Hancock and Rogan are “smart retards”

  4. Obediah says:

    I guess that classification would be like “clever sillies” but further removed from mainstream/academia

  5. Obediah says:

    I shouldn’t call Hancock a tard though; haven’t read anything by him. I’m referring mainly to the archetype of the “dude sm0ke w33d pyramid spaceship operation northwoods neuroforce gorillablast paleoweed diet” archetype when I use the term “smart retard”

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