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Cultural psychotherapy, mass countertransference, and Jordan Peterson

I was reflecting on possible solutions to the problem raised in the previous post and came to the conclusion that this might be a case of the solution being worse than the cure. Cultural psychotherapy, the fine-tuned use of psychotherapeutical … Continue reading

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On the sudden dominance of incest porn

Incest porn alone, even if everything else in the modern world were a blissful utopia, may represent an existential threat to any civilization that allows it to exist. I believe it’s being pushed primarily as a depopulation mechanism because it … Continue reading

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Diagnosis of the West: libido decoupling

It’s been said here and elsewhere that the question of Western survival comes down to whether it has the will to survive. So I was meditating today on the different reactions of Vox and Heartiste to the revelation that at … Continue reading

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Hypothetical approach for general disorder

This is just a theory and should not be taken as serious advice. I’ll be using a personal, Aeolitalk definition of disorder as “a vicious spiral driven by a behavioral fixation to obtain an end without the proper means”. You … Continue reading

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2008 financial crisis as Alchemy

The reason banks won’t underwrite Gab is because insufficiently PC banks are destroyed by the regulatory state. See the subprime lending crisis, caused by the government destroying banks insufficiently enthusiastic about lending mortgages to wetbacks. -Koanic This is a really … Continue reading

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The Treestump Question (TQ)

Apologies to Bice for starting things off on a rhetorical foot. I’m raising this question because a turtle ought to be able to answer it. That’s why they call it “turtling” after all.

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WTF I love the IRS now

Roosh is an absolute madman. If you want to see him instructing autists how to patrol thots in real time, watch this Twitter thread (H/T Boneflour). Here’s the most recent archive for when it gets shoah’d. It’s too bad this … Continue reading

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IQ experts are lefty Boomers

Here’s Dr. Thompson on stereotypes of IQ experts. I’ve added emphasis to qualities which I expect to surprise a white nationalist audience. Who Are the IQ Experts? […] Men, mostly. That 83% of them are male could be because of … Continue reading

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Blockheads #6: Transfer

Don’t get used to two comics per weekend, I’ve just gotten a lot of rest lately. That and I think #5 was a pretty dry comeback after a small hiatus. Next comic Previous comic First comic

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Blockheads #5: Intension

SirHamster was right, this is getting wordy. Is there even a joke? All this talking better be important to the story. Next comic Previous comic First comic

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