The cycle of civilization in a nutshell

This is a brilliant summary.

“You can’t win.”

Actually, you can but you need to live in a less responsible society to win. In responsible societies men, look after women which translates into trying to be fair and nice. Women manipulate responsible men’s desire to be fair into unfair advantages for women which you especially see in divorce laws and sexual harassment policies. This gives women power over men and causes them to lose respect for men then shit test men constantly. Nice men usually fail shit tests which causes women to want to import a new crop of men.

In irresponsible societies men usually have mistresses and or multiple wives. Irresponsible men don’t give women special privileges in divorce, hiring or childcare which gives men more power and women more respect for men.

Women may want a responsible man who makes them submit but prefer an irresponsible strong man to a weak and responsible man. Big world out there.

Comment on: After a Half Century of Feminism, Are Women Happy?

In the ethnostate schoolchildren will be required to memorize this passage.

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6 Responses to The cycle of civilization in a nutshell

  1. Heaviside says:

    I don’t see what’s irresponsible about concubinage/polygyny.

  2. Funny as hell: “Women may want a responsible man who makes them submit but…”.

    You’re cultural perspective projected onto female instincts is not so funny really. For a consummate herd animal adapted to the mean wild, being ‘responsible’ for anyone else (certainly anyone not genetically related) IS weakness.

    Homework assignment: What are the consequences of the Sexy Son Hypothesis Theory?

  3. I am asserting the hypothesis is in fact a theory. Empiricism says so, for the single man who will test out PUA concepts without prejudice. In a nutshell, Richard Dawkins, The Selfish Gene.

    This is rather basic, and, AP, you must already know intellectually what I’m saying. Gents without red pill eyes have emotional blind spots. I think it is the undoing of Christians in the West. Because this is not a matter of sufficient IQ, I don’t I can explain anything, but I will try:

    The winning genes, erh, win, i.e. crowd out the losing genes. The law of conservation applied to the geen pool and the resources around us. The woman is weaker physically in an overt fight. She can reproduce only serially and with great consumption of non-sperm resources, but ‘win’ with relative certainty at all she can. Her genes ‘win’ by teaming up with alpha genes, identified by the dominance of the social moment. The literal alpha silverback gorilla is what I mean. I mean monster erotica and ‘Sex with Bigfoot’ has an instinctive basis for genes supremacy and immortality.

    The fitness test is because sperm resources may be met with the best dispenser, one buck will admirably fertilize all the does, and woman can never get enough non-sperm resources and have too many advantages. In the wild, death is everywhere. Opportunism, a greedy algorithm, is the animal ideal. Tearing down others does build oneself up in a wealthless, stewardless perspective of only genes wealth and genes success, all quite autonomically.

    Women are animals that pretend to be cultural and compatible with nice men, vectors with all the desirable resources except sperm. With rare exception women are negligible bit players in history, and not for no reason. Western philosophy is incomplete without Yin and Yang. KISS. Occum’s razor. Evolution, hands down, is the correct interpretive framework of human social behavior.

    Evolution’s not your Bible. And that is your Truth. It matters not that many are called and few are chosen, that little nod to evolution. I don’t think Christians can actually be red pill. They flitter around the edges and pray for Jesus to cover the hard miles for them. They want understanding and loyalty from a helpmate, because living without one is a terrifying prospect in this world. Loyalty from fellow patriarchs is a much better goal and investment, just not these days. It is enough that a woman pretends to be in love for her entire life for lack of options and a fate attached to her husband’s star, as she well knows only subconsciously.

    Self is the only worthy investment always. Cooperation that is not an investment in self is corrupt, unnatural, and a slight to one’s own potential and of better potential partners. The idea that it is more blessed to give, what a Jewish con. Perhaps I should address the real issue and suggest: Joseph Lynch, Early Christianity, but I merely repeat myself with no fresh ideas. I wish I could face trying to succeed in meatspace with dogged persistence, but here I am for the escapism. I can pray my words will be digitally unearthed by historians of Western Civilization 3 who so informed will see the light, as it were. Or I am just a superfluous spec of cosmic protoplasm that may or may not have wisdom, but an unwelcome terminus on the tree of life all the same. Fear is what gives the blue pill its power, and women’s wiles.

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