The decline of homeschooling among whites

From my post conditions for optimism:

3. Nation in America: The viability of the various nations must be treated separately and will rely primarily on their ability to maintain their own infrastructure, synthesize a viable culture, and export manufactured goods. Personally, I’ll be using the white, non-hispanic rate of homeschooling as a proxy yardstick for how much people give a shit about their children. It’s trending downward at the moment, against all reason, and I’m hoping this is an artifact of urbanization driving would-be homeschoolers to private and alternative schooling.

This has come up in conversation a couple of times, so I thought I’d present the statistics I’m referring to.


The supposed incline in homeschooling is driven primarily by Hispanic growth. One naturally wonders whether this is truly “homeschooling” as we’d normally understand the term, or just a way for the citizenship-challenged to coop their kids up at home all day without paying for daycare.


The hope is that whites are retreating to private schools, charter schools, etc. instead of homeschooling. It’s been surprisingly difficult to find a simple graph that shows trends in white public school enrollment because any Google query for “white public school rate” returns 100% pure AIDS and minority activists rejoicing about the next generation being majority-minority.

From scanning the internet, it appears private schools are declining in general, and the only group that’s increasing in them is, again, Hispanics (one paper suggested this was to get away from heavily black public schools).

(PSS, CPS, and ACS refer to three different surveys on private school .)


Public charter schools are apparently for minorities.


Click to access coe_cgb.pdf

I would guess that the percentage of whites attending public schools is not going up, but from the Google searching it appears I’m the only person on the internet who cares to ask.

Anyway, my lunch hour is over and that’s all I budgeted for this. Let me know if any of you find anything.

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