The most important thing to understand about women

They aren’t stupid. They aren’t incapable of making good choices. But if they have to make their own choices in life—real choices, not calculations driven by material necessity or cultural expectations or what have you—they go nuts. You can imagine that every time a woman has to make a choice about what she wants, and there’s no one watching to approve or disapprove, a bit of her sanity chips away.

It’s sort of like what they say about children needing rules in the house to thrive, just a bit grown up. A woman needs a living will to adhere to. She wants to read the signs and signals put off by a strong agency and anticipate what they will want, then provide it in exchange for attention. But if she’s forced to embody this force of will herself and become the source of agency in her own life, she’ll go absolutely ballistic cat lady crazy. It’s like Cesar Milan says about dogs, they don’t want to be pack leader. The responsibility makes them angry and neurotic.

(Getting a sense of deja vu?)

This is the key to the single white wamen political demographic. They’ve been told their entire lives by the only acting agency in their lives (the government) to choose their own adventure and go out and conquer the world with the power of their magic vaginas and mystical prana released from its historical oppression. Then they’re released from the overwhelming authority of 12-hour schooldays and find…nothing. No one to tell them what’s right or what goals to pursue next. And they realize with horror, subconsciously, that they’re personally responsible for making their own choices. There’s nothing more counterintuitive to a woman than personal responsibility for their own choices. It breaks their heads, producing mental illness as pronounced as any schizophrenia.

(I could watch these clips all day.)

Ultimately, what women crave is to play second fiddle to a man with so much agency that they can daydream all day, at home, about what he could be doing out there. It’s not that they can’t pursue dreams of their own, at least in the short term, it’s that it triggers a little feeling of resource scarcity every time they have to make a choice of their own.

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4 Responses to The most important thing to understand about women

  1. Mich says:

    On the now-banned Red Pill reddit someone wrote women be like the crowd, as depicted in Gustave Le Bon’s book.

    If 97-99% of men were substantively diverse from the portrait you drew here, nothing in the world would be as it is.

  2. Mich says:

    I feel they prefer the herd to a man whom to play second fiddle to.
    Yes, “this is because 80% can’t get the man they like – sorry, I mean the mEn they like—”, but they’d start liking more men if they didn’t prefer the cyber-herd to the traditional couple, wouldn’t they.?

    Or maybe it is mostly cultural programming stemming from a togalitarian design, aiming to undo traditional bonds to enhance its prospects of power.

    Who cares…

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >I feel they prefer the herd to a man whom to play second fiddle to.

      If Melania had to choose between Donald and the rest of the world, she would choose…

      You’re correct in the very particular case of modern wamen, but that’s because they are decoupled from their fathers first by an industrial process.

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