A couple of esoteric dreams and an interpretation

I had a dream a while back that I may have posted elsewhere. The interpretation only occurred to me a couple of weeks ago.

There was a yellow ribbon of light darting this way and that across the sunny, blue sky. Sort of like the aurora borealis. Then it disappeared. A moment later, the sky darkened and the heavens opened to pour a deluge of rain heavier than anything I’ve seen in real life. I ran to get shelter, and that’s when the dream ended.

The very next dream was the one I mentioned in the Halloween post with MM. He was talking about the black sun. I’m not sure if the second dream had the black sun in it, but it had a very unusual feel to it. In that dream I was lying on the grass next to the road on the way to where I was working at the time. My longtime friend Zeke was there too, and we were both sleeping. I woke up, sat up, and looked around. Zeke woke up for a moment too. The sky was the color of sunset and the sun itself was weird, like it was in solar eclipse. I don’t remember how it looked, just that being the sort of foreboding feeling the whole scenario gave off. Anyway, there was a low sound of static in the air. When we tried to look at the sun the static got very loud and Zeke went back to sleep. A few seconds later, I went back to sleep too.

I can’t interpret that second dream but the first is pretty straightforward. The yellow ribbon of light is Trump’s presidency, and after him, the deluge. If you put any kind of stock in this sort of woo you might want to speed up your doomsday prepping.

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