More evidence for Denisovan cannibal pirate kings origin theory for melonheads

H/T jsl,

It all began with the Timucua tribe that controlled most of northern-central Florida prior to the rival of the Spanish. Much mystery surrounds these fierce peoples. The Timucua were semi-agricultural people living in small villages containing between 30 houses and 200-300 residents. To the Spanish they were shockingly tall, among other odd physical features….

…All in all these rituals sound very similar to the practices of the Phoencians and other Baal worshippers who were also known to keep sacred flames and occasionally sacrifice their first-borns there-in to the Sun god. The Timucua were also Mound Builders like the equally mysterious Hopewell and Adena. The Adena also had an equally murky origin as well, baring little physical relation to the Hopewell or other tribes that preceded them. I’ve written far more on the topic of these northern tribes and their ruins here.

The Timucua made their mounds primarily out of sea shells rather than earth as the Adena and Hopewell did. The largest of these mounds, as well as the largest shell midden in the nation, is located right here in Volusia County, on our side of Cape Canaveral. It is known as Turtle Mound. Presently it stands 50 feet high and 2 acres wide but in its heyday it may have been over 75 feet tall.

The New World? -Occult Volusia County

Steve Sailer also recently mentioned something related to Denisovan-Melonhead theory:

“In 2015, Dr. Reich and his colleagues found that some living people in the Amazon carry some DNA that’s most similar to that of people who live today in Australia and New Guinea.”

This was a very weird discovery — that about 2% of the ancestry of a few Amazonian tribes appeared more closely related to Andaman Islanders in the Indian Ocean than to anybody else closer.

The New World

Alls I’m saying is, it’s starting to look like I’m right about this.

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5 Responses to More evidence for Denisovan cannibal pirate kings origin theory for melonheads

  1. Obadiah says:

    Parietal elongation comes from Eden ye olde autismic, virtuous and innocent son of Esau.

    Was Adam’s firstborn son a matriarchal hunter-gatherer or did he become a god-king?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Parietal elongation comes from Eden ye olde autismic, virtuous and innocent son of Esau.

      Parietal elongation, or indeed elongation of any sort, requires a healthy supply of cooked meat, sir.

  2. Obadiah says:

    And meat requires the breath of life. There were already a bunch of reproductively-compatible hominids on the planet when God breathed it into Adam’s nostrils.

  3. Obadiah says:



  4. I think they were predatory but that they also had a complex moral code that made sense in the context of their community. They formed Dunbar sized tribes and put other hominids in check who were getting out of check. But I do not think that they just went around looking to raep and pillage willy nilly 4 the winz. Probably they were like Elves… arrogant, haughty, very agile, long lived, quick witted, quick to anger but also quick to forgive for mutual benefit,

    Neanderthals were more passive-defensive. Probably the two met up on ceremonial occasions to trade with interbreeding at the peripheries of each group.

    To me they would have had a healthy mutual respect and trading relationship with Neanderthals and would have been as equally suspicious of the Pyramid cities, viewing them as decadent and against the Natural Law.

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