Blockheads #3: Judgment

I sense this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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14 Responses to Blockheads #3: Judgment

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  2. Mycroft Jones says:

    You got a winner on your hands. Made me laugh; made my teenagers laugh. You’ve crossed a Rubicon of some sort.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >You got a winner on your hands.

      Thanks, I’m proud of them. Never was cut out for poetry, anyway.

      >Made me laugh; made my teenagers laugh. You’ve crossed a Rubicon of some sort.

      Interesting. Do they have any concept of the context?

  3. Mycroft Jones says:

    I had to explain the “I beg your pardon” “Granted” joke to them though. They didn’t get it. I weep for GenZ.

  4. Mycroft Jones says:

    No, I don’t think they have any context. It was just funny on its own merits. It touches on the deepest archetypes that everyone “gets”. Although… they didn’t get the square either. The triangle and circles, they got. I explained the square to them as “Aspbergers Engineer”. Not an archetype they’ve had much exposure to.

  5. aiaslives says:

    This is it, this is how edenic memes will spread. Make a tumblr, instagram and comicfury account and you’ll be famous.

  6. Jordy LaFrog Peterson's Fully Automated Mecha-Dragonslayer says:

    Don’t provoke the local melon.*

    *Unless you want to see his light of judgement in action (which is fine by the way).

  7. Julian says:

    I used that “granted” line once. Got a disciplinary “write-up” from my middle school art teacher for being a smart-ass. I don’t even remember why she begged for my pardon.

    >cool story bro


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  9. ware_alien says:

    I sense this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

    Isn’t the right name “community”?

  10. ware_alien says:

    Darn me, the last time I partook in a community I got totally forgetful of telling the Triangle-shaped “u r the gratest” “ur dik is bigger”.

    What a troll I am, by nature. Trolls are the people who suffer from that kind of forgetfulness.

  11. ware_alien says:

    @Microsoft Jones

    Well, since it seems.they have a parent (unlike many), you can do better than crying for their ignorance.
    Give them a thick, of-paper, English dictionary, and some serious books (science, novels, … anything serious). Tell them this: how do you feel your view of the world when your eyes are shut, and open, compare? If you find the path hidden in these piles of pages, maybe one day you’ll grow a third eye.
    And then — though this is something we don’t wish to out worst enemy — perhaps a fourth.

    They won’t understand and will ignore now,.surely.
    But maybe 5 or 10.or 20 years later…

    This is how things went in my case.On turning 33, I felt the time be a devotee of ignorance had come to its end.

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