Social justice:white supremacy::feminism:chauvinism

H/T Heartiste, who notes that SJW solipsism predicts they are, internally, the monster they see staring back from the abyss.

I’d never seen Sargon before (timestamp 6:55). He looks remarkably similar to Alex Jones.

The point about the paper mache dragon can be generalized: If your opponent believes something delusional very strongly they are primed to find the flimsiest possible evidence for it. If you can present them with flimsy evidence designed to be ridiculous in front of the rhetorical audience, then their subsequent ridiculousness will discredit their assertion. This is effectively how “conspiracy theory” talk was discredited by a literal cabal of intelligence agents.

This was a very effective rhetorical case that social justice, or in its more explicit form the “white man’s burden”, is merely the white supremacist worldview as expressed within an equalitarian value system.

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