I blame neanderthals for classical liberalism

I’m more and more convinced lately that classical liberalism can be blamed on elevating spergy technocrats like Bentham and Hobbes to positions of influence beyond their ability or sense of responsibility during the Enlightenment. Promoting intellectual monks who were previously most suitable to serve as walking reference books would produce a crude, immature New Nobility in the same way that industrialization produced the crude, immature Nouveau Riche. Neither class of new aristocracy would have been comfortable navigating paradoxical interdependencies to balance unarticulated concerns, which is the primary job function of a stationary bandit. This theory makes a lot of sense if we assume the little ice age was a brief, unusual period during which neanderthal genetics were actually favored on the level of individual selection, thus conferring status.

There are two important questions that any theory about modern industrial civilization must answer in order to be taken seriously: (1) Why did it arise when and where it did? (2) Why did it not only survive but continue to advance during the last two centuries? The authors answer the first question by adopting Gregory Clark’s “survival of the richest” theory, which states that in pre-industrial societies, or at least in pre-industrial England, wealthy people had on average more surviving children than the poor (Clark & Hamilton, 2006). Assuming at least slightly “meritocratic” conditions in pre-industrial societies, this theory predicts rising frequencies of those genetic traits (favoring, for example, intelligence and foresight, but possibly materialism and selfishness) that lead to the acquisition of wealth. The theory is plausible, and there is some initial evidence showing that this or a similar genetic process did take place in Europe during the last two or three millennia before the Industrial Revolution (Woodley of Menie et al., 2017).

The Rhythm of the West

While Jewish spergs (e.g. Marx) and white melonhead polymaths (e.g. Goethe, J.S. Mill) may have extended the original ideas to their logical conclusions I believe the early thinkers breaking new ideological ground would have been white neanderthals. (But then, it can be very difficult to disambiguate these groups to begin with—one of the reasons I suspect a family resemblance is the heat maps of neanderthal admixture showing concentrations in melonhead redoubts like Beijing, of all places.)

The tendencies to reductionism, systemizing, and agnostic materialism which are common to Enlightenment philosophizing are familiar to autism spotters. The latter, particularly, is merely a more intelligent version of flat earth epistemology. “I only believe what I can personally verify because all these people are too full of shit to bother sifting through their words for truth.” Flat earthism and agnosticism alike may well be described as applied autism (whereas atheism proper seems to require unresolved anger issues from bad experiences with authority in early development).

This theory dovetails with my other theory that the Enlightenment can be blamed on coffee, because caffeine abuse among Europeans is predicted by neanderthal admixture. And, to be quite honest with you fam, I just can’t imagine any other hominid inventing things as autistic as libertarianism, utilitarianism, and social contract theory. It pains me to admit this one a great deal more than the others, but I suspect our people may be responsible for Calvinism too.


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12 Responses to I blame neanderthals for classical liberalism

  1. bicebicebice says:

    “I blame neanderthals for classical liberalism” first i loled and then I agreed.

    “would you want this man to influence your chillums inner emotional life and subsequent life choices staking out a permanent lifestyle perhaps contradictory to their inner nature and capability-faculties?” a question never asked and always participated in by parents unto their chillums sapes gonna sape. Tex needs to update his televitz to the modern version of ipad as the nanny starting at age 1 <— neanderthal version of bullying that you complained about when Vox just took the traditional route at, then again industrial revolution taking place in tandem with mass production can only lead to mass consumption but I blame the bankids for that. "This is not a toy".
    Yeah that didn't age well, lol!

    Technologies aren't for everyone, ideologies aren't for everyone just like orangutangs wash themselves with soap whilst those "cute" japanese spring monkeys stew in their own shit-pools. Fuck the government and fuck the jews.

  2. Obadiah says:

    Tentatively agree.

    >whereas atheism proper seems to require unresolved anger issues from bad experiences with authority in early development

    ^This seems accurate.

    It takes a thal to come up with something like classical liberalism; it takes a series of increasingly malevolent stationary bandits to take that football and run with it to the point where we have a satan-eye on our money and our kids get tranny-brainwashed in early-life indoctrination facilities commonly referred to as “schools”

  3. This post made me appreciate former asshole bosses of mine a little more.

  4. Obadiah says:

    Agnosticism is an intellectual position; atheism is a properly irrational religious sect.

  5. Obadiah says:

    I’ll just make my next username “Oedekerk”

  6. Robotnick says:

    Speculation: The Bourgeois/Merchant class (Melons, Jews) were patrons of certain Thal artists and thinkers and they used them to further the enlightenment and undermine/bring down the traditional aristocracy (which trended towards Nobilid I’m thinking) so that they could increase profits and expand their power.

    Sometimes it’s good that Thal visions/ideas don’t get applied on a massive scale. After all, they come from a creature that is more fit to live in small tribes.

    I would add Tankies (Stalin/Maoists) to the list of sperg ideologies but perhaps they are more melon-ish spergs.

  7. Obadiah says:

    >I suspect our people may be responsible for Calvinism too.

    I think so, too. See also the (imo) somewhat overlarge magnitude of predictive power and importance that Koanic/Edenism tends to assign to phrenology. The common underlying mental architecture comes from the same place: a strong need to maximize local coherence in a consistently incoherent world

  8. Obadiah says:

    Not to say phrenology isn’t important or a legit thing, but if I thought it were destiny I’d be a Calvinist

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