IQ experts are lefty Boomers

Here’s Dr. Thompson on stereotypes of IQ experts. I’ve added emphasis to qualities which I expect to surprise a white nationalist audience.

Who Are the IQ Experts?


Men, mostly. That 83% of them are male could be because of male standard deviation advantage, in that exceptional ability is more likely in males (as is the exceptional lack of it). Even more precisely, it would fit the hypothesis that men are also 3 points ahead of women. They are of middle age, which is what one becomes after reading all the required literature (same pattern as in 1984). However, if 30 year olds bother to do the reading they can quickly contribute to it. 7 people over 70 are still publishing. The experts are well-published; and left-wing. The last point may come as a surprise. They tend towards liberal rather than conservative opinions. They are left of centre by 2 to 1. They are strongly in favour of gay marriage, in favour of more social democratic policies and of immigration. They are less keen on, though not totally opposed to “strong affirmative action”.

They come from middle class backgrounds, as one would expect of the children of better educated and probably brighter parents. They are mostly European, often Jewish. They studied psychology, have PhDs, and are mostly in universities. Two thirds of them are not religious. 75% regard themselves as Jensenists, meaning that IQ has a general factor and is heritable.

Experts sometimes talk to the media, but have a generally poor opinion of it. As of 2013/2014 they rated two particular bloggers far more highly. They find the public debates about intelligence are mostly (two thirds) based on ideology. They have often hesitated to give their opinions in public. They also think that intelligence research could be abused in political settings. On balance, they think that 51% of the black-white difference in intelligence in the US is caused by environmental factors.

James Flynn, exposed as leftist! In keeping with tradition, the Alt-Right has denounced IQ science as controlled opposition and read all these pizza-loving FBI infiltrators out of the movement. Not this time, Soros!


Interestingly, the two Calvinists were both political moderates.

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2 Responses to IQ experts are lefty Boomers

  1. Obadiah says:

    I wish I could agree with Mr. Flynn that Gravityism, rather than gravity, is why I can’t fly, but I am simply unable to do so; gravity remains a legitimate natural phenomenon.

    “IQ experts” seem to be a good example of people who struggle with pruning/drawing generalizations about information, and whose domain of knowledge-expertise remains “compartmentalized”:

    Either that or they’re still pretending to believe in the mainstream leftist program to maintain their academia sinecure or w/e (the only issue the mainstream Left is right about at this point is the environment; in this manner they distinguish themselves from the mainstream Right, who are not right about any issues at all.)

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It’s been a while since I listened to it, but I believe he argues his position in this interview:

      Regardless, what little I retained suggests his position favoring mostly nurture and some nature is genuine and not a facade.

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