Diagnosis of the West: libido decoupling

It’s been said here and elsewhere that the question of Western survival comes down to whether it has the will to survive. So I was meditating today on the different reactions of Vox and Heartiste to the revelation that at least 60% of white women are NPCs (hint: it’s actually 99%). Vox, in keeping with the prediction of the cosmopolitan’s curse, gleefully wrote off all 100 million of them as unsalvageable (where the remainder are already married and reproducing below replacement). Heartiste, in keeping with his white nationalist cultural eugenics program, black-pilled his way back to accelerationist exto-poasting. Me, I like my women the way I like my borders: patrolled.

I also like insanely difficult counterfactuals and I’m too stupid to quit. So I followed the question a bit deeper than usual: why does the West appear to have a death wish?

The problem is that the Western life drive and death drive have been decoupled by the game theory of iterative winner-take-all democracy into the Left and Right, respectively. The mechanism by which this divide is maintained will be familiar to you: a societal move in the direction of hypotension (death drive) produces greater demand for representation by the team representing hypertension (life drive), roughly maintaining the balance overall. The game theory produces two roughly equal-sized teams where people determine their side by observing their personal phenotype’s relative position in the population distribution (on the axis from hypotension to hypertension) and advocating for the team that will bring home the gibs for that phenotypal demographic. Those in the middle of the distribution shift against movement toward the set point.

This would be sustainable in a memory-less game but two real-life mechanisms, assortative mating and cultural transmission, turn the phenotypal cycle into a dialectical breeding process. The reason white people appear divided into genetically distinct hypocritical and hypercritical populations is that we’ve actually been selectively breeding and enculturating them this way.

Hence, we see two highly developed central conceits which were balanced in opposition, at least for a while. On the Right we have people predominantly (and increasingly) motivated by the death drive whose self-image is WINNARZ but whose Shadow function guarantees they will choke and lose every battle. It’s fitting that they would be represented by psychopathic, homosexual masochists:


On the Left we have the countervailing phenomenon, except they don’t appear to understand they won’t survive without their hypercritical counterparts to call out their hypocrisy. It’s fitting that they would be represented by sexually predatory sadistic narcissists:


(Morphs by Ophiuchus.)

You could think of this as breeding aristocrats who identify as peasants and peasants who identify as aristocrats, which is exactly the dynamic we see. The natural brakes which checked the purity spiraling of each group have been externalized to the opposing body politic. The more they separate, the more each psychologically implodes into conceited cope-posting.

Curiously, the dual strategies appear to favor different types of transmission. The Left reproduces primarily through dominance of cultural transmission and the Right reproduces genetically through religiosity-fueled higher birthrates. This explains why support for abortion doesn’t breed itself out. Rather, what you get in each next generation is children with higher and higher-religiosity genetics being molested by gay clergymen at progressively higher rates. You can make sense of a lot of American political behavior through this lens.

This obviously isn’t what caused the collapse of nondemocratic empires, but in my opinion it’s the mechanism behind the fall of democratic liberalism. I’ve decided to call this libido decoupling.

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6 Responses to Diagnosis of the West: libido decoupling

  1. TM says:

    Solid effort-poasting as always. Looking forward to seeing how big, thicc, and solid you get/10.

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