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Pretension and autism

It’s ironic that this hit me the day after publishing the best analysis of Citizen Kane ever written (IMHO), but I just now realized why nerds prefer cartoons. If Dostoevsky had written Dragonball Z, Goku would have spent the first … Continue reading

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Vox doubles down on perpetual revolution

That’s why you NEVER permit any movement to accept a leader. The War in Paris Consider that logically, sometime between the reform or downfall of the presiding government and the institution of a new government, there must have occurred distinctions … Continue reading

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I blame neanderthals for classical liberalism

I’m more and more convinced lately that classical liberalism can be blamed on elevating spergy technocrats like Bentham and Hobbes to positions of influence beyond their ability or sense of responsibility during the Enlightenment. Promoting intellectual monks who were previously … Continue reading

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Citizen Kane: a master class in megalomania

Citizen Kane is Orson Welles’ deep nnnnndive into the psychology of megalomania. It is impressive enough on unrelated dimensions to indicate Welles may have been a rare intersection of polymath and genius. The psychological accuracy is stunning, and the truths … Continue reading

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Social justice:white supremacy::feminism:chauvinism

H/T Heartiste, who notes that SJW solipsism predicts they are, internally, the monster they see staring back from the abyss. I’d never seen Sargon before (timestamp 6:55). He looks remarkably similar to Alex Jones. The point about the paper mache … Continue reading

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In defense of hierarchy

Every time I say something nice about Vox he follows it up with something embarrassing. In the same way that it may be practically impossible for a Delta to foster the necessary sense of entitlement to thrive in a leadership … Continue reading

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A curious divergence of supply and demand

As Vox pointed out recently in an excellent Darkstream, maybe we can’t 100% blame the left for the fact that the right has lost every single battle (political or otherwise) without fail for at least two and a half centuries. … Continue reading

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Blockheads #4: Sufferance

Words fail me. Next comic Previous comic First comic

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The symbolic origin of the red carpet

I may have stumbled across the origin of this symbolic practice in the middle of watching the movie Patton. Click through for the larger version. Woo XP to whoever best describes what I’m guessing here.

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A timely example of the corollary to the Iron Law of Bureaucracy

An e-mail just went out at my work explaining that new cameras were installed and they absolutely were not going to be used for consrant surveillance of employees. To illustrate, they included screenshots of the camera angles: entryways, stock areas…with … Continue reading

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