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Advice for the extremely intelligent

The single most important thing for an unusually intelligent person to understand is that you can be the smartest person who ever lived—the envy of Newton, Aristotle, Goethe, and Da Vinci—and still be a complete fucking idiot. You’re human, and … Continue reading

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Book review of “When Breath Becomes Air”

My sister requested this review, and I might as well share. The structure of As Breath Becomes Air reminds me of the theory of the split brain giving rise to the bicameral mind, although a neurosurgeon would probably not hold … Continue reading

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Ammunition for use against radical nonjudgmentalism

Readers have likely encountered excessively agreeable people in their churches who will defend all sorts of sin within the church from criticism. “Who are you to judge?” “You can’t possibly know what’s in their heart!” “I think we should show … Continue reading

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On the Mandela Effect

From Koanic’s Cyborganize thread: *** Vox buys the berenstein bears conspiracy theory | I disagree. VD slipping. | darkstream vox talks about berenstein bears conspiracy theory he suspects it’s a psyops test of historical revisionism i think it was just … Continue reading

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Why libertarianism is dead

I can’t remember who linked this, so I can’t credit them. It’s a speech by Hans-Hermann Hoppe about the future of libertarianism in light of the Alt-Right. The theoretical, irrefutable core of the libertarian doctrine is simple and straightforward and … Continue reading

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Description of the subjective experience of supervaluation

We dwelled a bit on the negative aspect of supervaluation in the comments of the previous post. Obadiah quoted from Jung’s description of externalized idealism (as an expression of the extraverted thinking function) and I contributed my favorite quote from … Continue reading

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Back in Wales, Koanic once told me about a recent idea and I joked “And because you’ve just had this idea, it must be the most important idea there ever was, which explains everything and will solve every problem.” The … Continue reading

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Recommend downloading this one

This is a great introduction to several important topics: witchcraft, demons, gods, giants, sex cults, old money, human trafficking, intelligence agencies, etc. This guy is like ESR if he’d given up wicca early on and picked up a Bible instead. … Continue reading

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Tobacco cult podcast

We actually talked about meth, mostly. If meth is white power, then are meth crystals the true chaos emeralds? This podcast answers these questions and more, delivered with the audio quality you’ve come to expect from the fine media operation … Continue reading

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Breaking the taboo about the potential extinction of the American church

I’ve been watching this Vox Popoli comment thread very closely because it represents the first ray of hope for the Alt-West in years. This may seem odd because it’s a message of religious decline, but hope is often paradoxical that … Continue reading

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