On Vox Day

I think Vox is doing his level best, even if he gets a little carried away at times. He gets top marks for effort, especially considering the hand he was dealt. Ability is a blessing and a curse, and I’d argue a curse more often. Vox has a shit ton of ability, so his smallest foibles matter more than a retard in a basement with grandiose plans of evil.

King David serves as an example of this. He’s as near as we can imagine to the perfect Alpha male. And if Alphas have one little niggling hangup, it’s that their intense passions sometimes get the better of them, like a bull will sometimes toss the rider. As Vox points out, they tend to have affairs (and very passionate ones!). They can only barely be blamed, seeing as it would be half a miracle every time an Alpha ever resisted his nature in this way. But when David let his nature take its course, he murdered a good man…and would have gotten away with it if God didn’t have a personal interest in keeping David on the straight and narrow. Uriah was the epitome of a loyal Beta, married to the hottest girl in town but refusing to even see her while his brothers in arms were still fighting on the front. “while I was still searching but not finding– I found one upright man among a thousand, but not one upright woman among them all.” And in a single moment of weakness after a lifetime of perfect zeal for the Lord, possibly the greatest leader the world has ever known ordered his general to have the upright man killed so he could sample the man’s wife.

Now, Vox correctly identifies himself as a Sigma, so his foibles are different. I really think anyone who wants to understand him ought to watch Yojimbo until they can imagine what the protagonist would do in Vox’s place. The purpose of a Sigma is disruption. In its prosocial form, it burns away the deadwood and leaves the forest stronger. In its antisocial form, it burns away all the young, healthy trees to the ground as well and the forest dies for a while, until a few sprouts can poke through the ash. The difference is the temperature of the fire. A flame of natural strength will not burn green wood. It’ll singe the bark off and move on (“hate the sin”). A flame of supernatural strength is not like a natural forest fire, which serves a healthy purpose. A supernatural flame leaves nothing behind. E.g. Sodom.

If I had a single piece of advice for Vox, it would be to understand that his place in life is to be a natural forest fire, but not to give himself permission to get carried away in these natural impulses. Set the fire, then move. What will burn will burn. What remains is the business of God and his priests. I.e. It is not Sanjuro’s job to call down brimstone on Sodom. It *is* his job to save the forests that can be saved, which he will do simply by going among them for a while and being himself, then moving on before losing control.

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6 Responses to On Vox Day

  1. SirHamster says:

    > If I had a single piece of advice for Vox, it would be to understand that his place in life is to be a natural forest fire, but not to give himself permission to get carried away in these natural impulses. Set the fire, then move.

    How are the Castalia House, Arkhaven, and Voxiversity projects “forest fires”?

  2. A.B. Prosper says:

    I’m not the host here but the media as configured is the dead wood and Vox’s projects are the fires to scorch it.

  3. thordaddy says:

    Vox is still in denial over his own identity. He is a true believer in objective (S)upremacy as highest reality. Whether this was a racial revelation or not is not entirely clear? But when ones rejects “universal equality” so completely as Vox has done, his enemies cannot help but scream “racism.”

  4. thordaddy says:

    The issue with all high IQs “whites” is that their “two-face” must finally concede to the uni-verse. Trying to perceive a single story out of two minds is a sub-version. Half-stepping as a “red (s)upremacist” is still a “goose-step.” Periscope undermines the on-line zero-face. Have “we” been jew/wed by The Perfect Man is the 64 thousand dollar question?

  5. SirHamster says:

    > 100%

    Assuming that’s for AB Prosper’s take, then giving someone unasked for advice to do what they’re already going to do is pointless and a little gauche – it’s setting yourself up to take credit for something that you had no influence over.

    Get out of Vox’s frame and establish your own. One that does not involve trying to advise Vox.

    It’s fine to talk about how Vox is helpful or harmful to the goals you think are important. But what you’re doing here with advice and permission is Gamma and it grates.

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