Cucked tithing

A reader asks a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds:

I wonder if tithing is a good idea when your church is doing dumb stuff. I have a hard time with giving money when I dont agree with what’s going on

It’s not a good idea, but you should tell them your reason for stopping and also put it in writing for them to discuss among each other. E-mail would be best.

Yea that’s a good idea. I have a hard time with never doing communion

Same. It’s important to note that the times are not ordinary. Normally I’d tell you to continue regardless of mere disagreements, because that’s the place of a layperson. However, we cannot ignore that the seminaries have been weaponized against us in the culture war and the would-be shepherds are, in the best case, themselves sheep without shepherds. In the worst case, they are wolves in shepherds’ clothing.

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  1. Mycroft Jones says:

    At a company dinner a few nights ago I said that if a man is still a pastor after 5 years in ministry, he is either pretty dumb, or a sociopath. Ministers who study the Bible and try to bring their findings to their congregations are rapidly booted out. A Bible-believing minister might have some success at church planting and filtering from day one for people who are tired of living in rebellion. The choices of “pretty dumb” and “sociopath” were insufficient. I suspect a lot of ministers are in the situation of “It is never so hard to convince a man of a thing, as when his livelihood depends on him NOT believing that thing.” Is it really dishonesty if you reject an idea without having considered it at all? What is the word for that sort of thing?

  2. SirHamster says:

    >Yea that’s a good idea. I have a hard time with never doing communion

    Same. It’s important to note that the times are not ordinary.

    If you’re not in communion with them, they’re not your church. What are you doing there?

    If you’re at the point you are making a spiritual statement that you are not the same body in Christ by refusing to break bread with them, there should be an active conflict going towards a resolution one way or another.

  3. Joe says:

    I had to do this. I can’t in good conscience let any money go to the Southern Baptist convention.
    So I had an email exchange where I told the pastor this. The only response I got was “3% of offerings go to the SBC”.
    So I cut it off.

  4. bicebicebice says:

    Itz almost as if this was the problem all along… normally genocide of the host population does not entail the natives paying you for it but here we are.

    I’ll make a thread of this so we can end the current year once and for all it is getting stale.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    ”Is it really dishonesty if you reject an idea without having considered it at all? What is the word for that sort of thing?”


  6. Arakawa says:

    The tithing thing really needs figuring out. A functioning man is a surplus economic producer. That surplus is represented by money. Not everyone can spend that money on family. Not all of the money that people typically spend on family is righteous (in an economically hot region, is it really righteous to hand a 15x yearly income to usurers for the satisfaction living in a McMansion & commuting uphill both ways?). Giving away that money without accomplishing the equivalent of setting it on fire or worse has been made hella difficult. Keeping that money is the subject of strict Gospel admonitions. Whether the camel is a drooling desert-dwelling mammal or a large cable, either way it’s difficult to shove it through that needle.

    The rule used to be give to one who asks. The only people you regularly encounter asking for money are tentacular charity orgs and panhandlers. You can do violence unto the self and give to the undeserving and panhandlers, considering that it may be better to give to one who asks and let God judge if they use it imprudently*. Ultimately you cannot tell what will make a difference. But you are not going to give away a tithe that way even if you practice non-judgement even on the most obnoxious cases.

    * Historical beggars were not exactly upstanding either. But all this also depends on being in a locality where there aren’t predatory groups who are panhandling to identify a mark for mugging / pickpocketing. Nonjudgment means you have the luxury to waste money; but if the consequence of wasting money is getting mugged, you no longer have that luxury. And there’s a limit to how much you can assume good behaviour from tentacular charity orgs that are often political money laundering or someone’s “eugenics” pet project.

    But the person in this world who is your neighbour and truly poor is the guy who is on antidepressants, his existence nominally funded but every aspect of that existence calculated by demonic forces to drive him to despair. You can’t solve his problems by handing over some money.

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  8. Baron Julius evola says:

    Hey Aeoli I got a chance to watch the NZ shooters go pro video. This is deep state crisis actor chicanery to its finest. The elite are laughing at the sheeple for their stupidity right now. The video is like amateur remake of the Uwe Boll film rampage its starts off with him nonchalantly in full camo tactical gear get into his car on a busy street. He then proceeds to drive listening to some stirring polish? song. He continues driving now listening to the March of British grenadiers. He finally exits his car on a side street to the mosque he then proceeds with one ar in hand to the rear of his car retrieves two more ars. And before he closes the rear door their are two more ars clearly seen. He then proceeds to walk to a busy main st where the mosque entrance is. He walks with a rifle clearly in an unobstructed view of traffic and none of them try to speed off. He then proceeds to pass next to an elderly gentleman in black slacks and a white sleeveless dress shirt who walks by like nothing strange is occurring Finally he reaches a small fence to the mosque with an opening and sidewalk to the mosque entrance in between is a small parking lot area he looks to his left and the rear right door of a car was moving back and forth I think it was a kid goofing off I could not see anybody in the rear window finally he walks up to the doorway and he lights up an osama look alike in the white flowing robes black circular glasses, and a white skulmultiple rounds from 10-13 ft away. Finally he is in the inner corridor. You can hear terror inside. He proceeds inside, the mosque is divided in half( to separate the sexes I guess), further down this opening is I guess is an entrance leading outside. Towards you see a figure the shooter fires a couple rounds but misses. On one of this divide one group of maybe ten to 15 is essentially mowed down alongside the wall, a similar occurrence occurs on the other half of mosque. Shooter than proceeds to load more magazines and fires multiple rounds into the side of mosque to exit shooters right hand side. As he turns to fire into the corpses on the (shooters entrance) of the mosque a slightly built man almost sneaks past. The shooter grabbed him without much struggle and fatally shoots him. He then proceeds to fire multiple rounds into that side of the mosque. He then proceeds to leave. And that is the where the video cut off on me.

  9. Baron evola says:

    Sorry for the poor grammar folks. If you don’t understand please ask me and I will clarify. The interesting thing about this video was the utter lack of blood and gore. The first individual hit in the entrance, osama, was shot multiple times with either .223 caliber which can used for hunting wild boar, 5.56nato (what us troops used in Vietnam), now this individual was also wearing those white robes Muslims like to wear. Yet no blood appeared on on his robe. A similar occurence happened with the slightly built man who was attempting to sneak past the shooter As the shooters was proceeding to walk back through the entrance he came through the shooter looks down at slight and despite being shot from point blank range their is no blood on slight the nearby wall, which is painted the top half white and the lower half Islamic? green. Another interesting thing is the shooter surveyed the scenes of both piles of corpses fairly closely. There is no blood on any of the corpses neither on the carpet. Now as I mentioned earlier the wall was painted with the top half white and lower half green. The dividing line being 3 feet from floor to white half. Now as both the shooter and victims were standing during the firing it was interesting to see no blood or bullet holes in the upper white half of the wall, neither the lower green half. If you would like to see a visual example of visit and search nz shooting. It looks more like they’re taking a nap of the floor then have shot.

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