On the Mandela Effect

From Koanic’s Cyborganize thread:

*** Vox buys the berenstein bears conspiracy theory | I disagree. VD slipping. | darkstream

vox talks about berenstein bears conspiracy theory
he suspects it’s a psyops test of historical revisionism
i think it was just a common mispelling, based on the human tendency to glaze over long words, particularly children, and the similarity of e to a
and the mispelling even went into production copy

unimpressed, once again. Vox’s fluid G is falling off, and he doesn’t recognize it.

I don’t believe Koanic’s interpretation of the Mandela Effect is the correct one, but it’s reasonable. However, I believe he’s misattributing Vox’s decline in power level to age-related intelligence decline, according to Koanic’s own attachment to technocratic social Darwinism. Rather, Vox’s decline may be described much more simply as a narrowing of perspective, due to the adoption of a narrowed epistemology in 2016. Humans apply magical thinking to anything which falls outside their perspective of what is “reasonable” (i.e. what may be reasoned about). Splitting the world into forces of light and darkness means that anything of sufficient complexity to be indistinguishable from magic must be attributed to forces of darkness. My dad has a similar hangup. He’s a brilliantly creative mechanical engineer with something like a dozen patents, but he believes we got transistors from aliens. Which he believes are demons, i.e. the same “forces of darkness” (I happen to agree on this point, but not on the transistors). I have not seen Vox to decline in those areas where he deems to apply his reason, but he has certainly declined in the breadth of topics where he applies reasoning.

The Mandela Effect is, in my opinion, the discovery of a mind’s eye equivalent of an optical illusion, as applied to memory. It is pushed because the uncertainty it produces implies a Satanist epistemology. That is, Descartes’ malicious demon and evil genius is allowed to be real, and is endowed with the Creator’s powers.

Christians allow for the existence of the malicious demon/evil genius, but we do not imagine him to be endowed with the power of creation. He cannot affect material reality directly, but he can strongly distort perception to pursue his desired outcomes. To wit, Satan cannot have children, but he can convince you that your children rightfully belong to him. If we admit that Satan can produce objective outcomes, and we adhere to the definition “truth is that which exists regardless of my perspective,” then we are giving Satan authority to be a source of truth. This is a heresy, because we hold that all truth comes from God. Again, it reduces God’s authority as inventor and prime mover of creation and assigns some of this authority to Satan. Thus, it is likely correct to view the propagation of this epistemology as a Satanist psyop, possibly but not necessarily driven by NWO agents. It could well be a grassroots-primary psyop, as in the case of Flat Earth’s pagan epistemology*, with the actions of paid propagandists taking a secondary role.

So the most likely course of events, in my mind, is this:

0. The original spelling was (at least in many cases) “Berenstain” and there is a flaw in human memory which “corrects” the error to the more familiar pattern.

1. Demonic influence produced an evil discernment, that there is a consistent flaw in human memory which throws their empirical sensory experience into doubt.

2. The loose network of occult actors described in my Overwatch Theory, as well as the centralized agents of the NWO, simultaneously received this discernment.

3. These actors understood, by man’s inborn sharp political instincts, that a population already receptive to Flat Earth pagan epistemology would be ready to take the next step in the process toward Zodiacism, and thus began to push it into the public consciousness**.

4. Those Christians who have made themselves particularly vulnerable to the Manichean heresy, by their habitual practice of negative transference, will take this opportunity to scapegoat Evil for human sins.

What these Christians fail to understand is that blaming actor A for outcome X implicitly but necessarily assumes that A had authority to choose outcome Y instead. Thus, negative transference is the cost of authority, i.e. Christ bought us at a great price. Thus, when Christians assign blame to demons for human decisions*** they are implicitly agreeing to transfer moral authority to those same demons.

It should not surprise us, then, when a Manichean inquisitor dons red robes in imitation of the gods whom he imagines to have the power of moral judgment, because emulation is the sincerest form of worship.

*I have to credit my dad here with the observation that the Mandela Effect and Flat Earth are “the same thing”. Though it remains latent, his native talent for discernment exceeds mine.
**I know it is in the public consciousness because over Christmas I joked that my dad’s difficulty in remembering his kids’ names was due to the Mandela Effect, and everyone there laughed.
***Go ahead, get it out of your system.

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8 Responses to On the Mandela Effect

  1. aiaslives says:

    I see its popularization as a test run before a manufactured dependence on memory-enhancing apparatus and drugs. televitz and fakeflix is too volatile, sheeple can close them when they like.


    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >I see its popularization as a test run

      This is also Vox’s position, but he doesn’t draw the implication you did. Rather, he alludes to nebulous historical revisionism which, somehow, must have gotten into everybody’s attics and revised old childrens’ books.

  2. Heaviside says:

    Personally I think people are just misremembering things, but if Satanists are responsible, it’s because they have been trying to make use of Schmidt’s findings of retroactive PK.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Personally I think people are just misremembering things, but if Satanists are responsible, it’s because they have been trying to make use of Schmidt’s findings of retroactive PK.

      My guess is that the original typists would have made several misspellings, because “Berenstein” rolls off the fingers much more naturally, and in concert with the pronunciation “steen” these happen to stick.

      Retroactive psychokinesis (presumably) is an interesting idea but probably not necessary to explain this.

  3. Fox says:

    Alternative explanation:
    If we believe that the pictures and videos (and probably sculptures as well) of something are somehow connected (“quantum-entangled”) with the thing itself (or rather with the “energy field”/”waveform information” behind it), then a change in the “energy field”/”waveform information” will not just result in a change in the thing but also affect the representation accordingly – and this could explain the “ME” in those cases without having to resort to different timelines.

    This could also explain why some people “remember” it one way and some the other – some people can’t access the old “energy field”/”waveform information” once the change occurs, so they don’t actually remember but rather tune in to the changed version, whereas other people, still having a connection with the old “energy field”/”waveform information” can remember.

  4. Heaviside says:

    >Retroactive psychokinesis (presumably) is an interesting idea but probably not necessary to explain this.

    Humor me here, if Satanists were involved, that’s what they were going for. You may find it hard to take PK or retro-PK seriously but there are people out there who do.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    https://www.awesomestories.com/asset/view/Discovering-Electricity-Humphry-Davy-and-the-Arc-Light- your dad is right.

    numbers metals electronics is all excess energy which is satan, A.I will destroy reality by reverse engineering, well, reality. the real regal inventor of earth, homo erectus, never went beyond sumerian batteries (wakandan) and egyptian deathrays (wakandan). If we were supposed to smash things together ( h/t croms), epic teleporting-computers would already exist in the garden of eden. If a person do not believe in colonizing mars and living in space, and still promotes technology, then that person is an agent of satan. just read a fucking book instead of experimenting with teleporting techonology if you believe space is off limits. be homo erectus not homo thardus.

    the mandelan effect is only real because a drop in IQ, which can only be reversed by edenism, ask any zoomer if the rpg of inclines were made by black isle or (((beamdog))), they will tell you gaylesbian-anthropomorphic gangbangs are canon. the mandela effect actually only effects smart people because they can not comprehend the rapid decline, this happens if you are not edenpilled on sapes. destruction is not a process it is instant, a genious can not comprehend this because inventing thing takes time. that might be sort of true but destroying things is instant.

    the ufo is also real, it works by magnet-techonology darting around in the air where there are weak spots (low high “magnetism like underwater currents but in the air), these are random because you can’t exactly map wind (or can you?!?); like a road for a car. you use the solar wind to travel, itz quite obvious when you think about it.

    but it is still satan, everything is satan until you repent and “humanity” has not. all people working in tech today are jews satanist pagans or atheists, they are only able to produce their shitty faulty apps that breakdown because better people layed the foundation, this is why they are now pushing for “inclusiveness” in the workplace, the second run after nigger-whamen failed trying to recruit thards to build the A.I that will be a self playing piano of entropy becase you can’t engineer God out of existence.

    the name mandela effect actually comes from Nelson Mandela, the pre-YObama saint that burnt white children in south africa. Who believes both nelson mandela and yobama was a saint? thards.

    If you want to save the planet today go out and fine some skinny ass whiteoid nerd bitch yapping about the muh muh and his shitty apps and assperry Pies, he might not be the one but given enough of them with time they will destroy everything. this is why thugmug croms are based and redpilled and thards are gray alien nerd virgins with a grudge against God.

  6. Lander7 says:

    ME, is more of an edit than a change in time or reality.

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