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More on the question of tithing

Arakawa comments on cucked tithing: The tithing thing really needs figuring out. A functioning man is a surplus economic producer. That surplus is represented by money. Not everyone can spend that money on family. Not all of the money that … Continue reading

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Open letter to Trump from CH

I told you all this guy is the best writer alive today. This open letter is better than the Declaration of Independence. Meditating on Heartiste’s transformation, like Roosh’s, ought to fill you with hope. There are men of heroic talent … Continue reading

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Cucked tithing

A reader asks a question that’s on a lot of people’s minds: I wonder if tithing is a good idea when your church is doing dumb stuff. I have a hard time with giving money when I dont agree with … Continue reading

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Blockheads #8: Cultural transmission

Sapiens is by far the most fun to write. Previous comic First comic

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Inventing the Master Journeyman, part 1

Scientific management had within it the makings of a great idea (if incomplete) before the advent of automation and post-scarcity drove it to become the Human Resources Leviathan it is today. We can’t blame this particular failure on the men … Continue reading

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A glimpse of terrifying beauty

I’m a pretty good writer. Not great, but just barely good enough to know what great looks like. On top of that, I have a talent for spiritual discernment which puts me in about the 99.9999th percentile, or one in … Continue reading

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Family thing is going surprisingly well. I’ve only been punched in the face twice :-P. Those of you who are praying, thank you. Please keep at it. It’s working. We have a LONG road ahead, digging through a lot of … Continue reading

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On Vox Day

I think Vox is doing his level best, even if he gets a little carried away at times. He gets top marks for effort, especially considering the hand he was dealt. Ability is a blessing and a curse, and I’d … Continue reading

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Posting will resume

Not sure when. Could be tomorrow, could be a month. I’ve been acting in my capacity as the family shaman. What do shamans do? They are called upon to deal with exceptional situations – situations where there is no traditional … Continue reading

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Know your place…below my feet

I have resigned myself to the fact that I am going to have to produce a Plinkett-style video explaining that Carl Jung being a shitty person *does not* preclude him from being a genius–he was not only a bona-fide genius, … Continue reading

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