Re: Owen Benjamin, “Burn the dead wood”

Owen Benjamin recently learned that being nice and influential at the same time sucks. I’d like to explain why (in my uneducated opinion) he’s getting this reaction from that 1% minority he mentions.

The thing he’s come to understand, quite intimately, is that it’s not a metaphor when we talk about “broken”, “twisted”, or “retarded” people. The people who need help in a post-scarce society are typically lacking in things that can’t be bought with time and money like loving parents, a normal childhood, healthy sociosexual development, or the cure for schizophrenia. The problem with being influential when there are more of these broken people around than Europeans are instinctively adapted for is that a lot of people with e.g. daddy issues are going to automatically latch onto you as an authority figure…and that means you inherit those daddy issues by default. More abstractly, if there’s a mutually implicating relationship between authority and accountability (as I’ve been saying lately), then the more someone takes your opinions seriously the more they’re going to blame you for their disappointments in life.

Remember the intro to this video on transference and projection?

Have you ever had any times in your life where someone seemed to take a real disliking to you, even before you ever had any chance to do something irritating or offensive? Or maybe you’ve had the experience of noticing that, around a certain person, your behavior becomes completely different? Perhaps you suddenly become quite clumsy or very talkative than you normally are. If your answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, then you have already had the experience of transference and projection.

The trouble with being charitable is even a guy like Owen Benjamin (who has, arguably, the physiognomy to be the most charitable guy in the world) simply doesn’t have as much of himself to give as he probably thinks he does. Or I should say, probably “thought” he does. The fact is, even a single family member with a serious mental illness has the potential to break a high-functioning family if they aren’t conscientious about setting priorities, rules, and boundaries. I’m 100% certain that one of the reasons Christians are encouraged to practice charity in secret is simply because it keeps them, their families, and their neighbors safe from drowning charity cases who will grab the well-meaning rescuer and pull them underwater. It’s good to feel bad for stray dogs, but if you leave food out for them put it as far away from your doorstep as logistics allow or you’re just asking for trouble. Also, keep in mind that there is WAY more brokenness in the world than we can actually do anything about (i.e. “the poor you will always have with you”), so keep it close to the vest.

So here’s my advice, in metaphor: Treat homeless people like deadly snakes because if they didn’t have issues they wouldn’t be homeless. But don’t close off your heart either, because sin and weakness mean the same thing and God loved us while we were still sinners. (If you’re an unironic “gas the broken” type then you can unironically ignore the latter as slave morality.) There’s a reason aristocrats are stereotyped as either nasty people, somewhat detached, or both.

Or maybe a better metaphor would be rescue dogs: Don’t rescue more/bigger dogs than you can reasonably protect your family from when they have flashbacks to the bad old days.

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9 Responses to Re: Owen Benjamin, “Burn the dead wood”

  1. Julian says:

    Did people go to the moon?

  2. bicebicebice says:

    based and best post

    ” “gas the broken” ” has a real ∞-entendre sound to it, because you gas people to punish them/break them, you can’t then doubly punish them. Sometimes I wish to punish my people and everyone else in the west too for that matter because all the reasons, then you just look at the way they want to live and realize there is nothing you can do to them to punish them, except of course to force them to live Christian lives with all the pros and cons. satan is just muh dick and whatever follows happens basically that is the gist of it, really.

    the mentally ill druggie homeless belong in asylums, in canada they released them onto the streets because muh feelz, in sweden you have to pay money to live in the former asylums because they were renovated into spacious expensive luxury apartments. the city grew bigger and encroached on the most vunerable in society, the goodboy society thusly then evicted them because muh prime real estate, leading to various hilarious “how could this have happened?!?” at randompsycho murders, along with general never ending decay of “yo donate to save the homeless”, which won’t work until the asylums are rebuilt but hey when a cashcow meets a paypig you got it made h/t scholomo. beats having a real day job. all “care” in the west is run by women homosexuals and jews meaning they will never fix the problem that was once fixed only decades ago.

    this is why you don’t pay taxes if you live in the west

  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Did people go to the moon?

    I’m still inclined to say yes. The low-cost cell phone I’m typing this on is not less impressive of an accomplishment, and they had higher average IQs back then.

  4. Aeoli Pera says:

    >satan is just muh dick and whatever follows happens basically that is the gist of it, really.

    This is where I broke with Vox, ultimately. He thinks Satanism is a small minority of conspirators without whom the West would thrive as Christian nations (hence the neverending inquisition), whereas I think it’s the natural religion to which man returns and the high-IQ Satanists are just getting there quicker.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    “ayo son do whatever makes you happy preferably maybe this game daddy bought some stock get your friends playing too here is som soda”. one day we will yearn for single mothers. combine “don’t really care” under the guise of “if it makes you happy” mixed with the guiding invisible hand of the current year for goodboy points and well…. it is possible to raise your social status in a tribe of cannibal rapist headhunters <— hard to believe but it is true. if you are the leader you are literally the gratest <– muh dick and the higher the IQ the more creative. but it all comes from a lack of truly caring thats just what I see. "Keep the computer in a common area where you can watch and monitor its use, not in individual bedrooms. Monitor any time spent on smartphones or tablets."


    Vox may be right of the "end game" of satanism but it starts at home (inb4 how your groid mother met your sape father because no edenism not even "here is a good christian wife/husband for you now move out of the house and here is your job 1950 americanas last breaths).

    boomers are retarded but the mini-boomers too are retarded, and then there is my generation of 80´s something and they are really retarded. zoomers need no introduction. If I wasn't a treestumper id probably say its over. Good thing Koanic is colonizing Mars or was it the moon? i don't speak tjingtjong*kiuNrMXl3aw0Dwz6.

  6. Schrödinger's Psych Evaluation says:

    Why do conspiracy theories which rely upon rejecting an official narrative make people angry? How can people *not* think that it’s freakin’ awesome even when they accept the official narrative?

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