Generation Zyklon: Illiterate edition

Cue the squirming equivocations of Gen Xers who are convinced the distribution is bimodal (i.e. Manichean):

H/T MelonMoonman. I promise to give Gen Z some slack when there is a general sense that we have a serious problem on our hands that isn’t going to fix itself. In the meantime, I apologize to all the Zoomers out there who don’t need to be reminded–it’s not for you, it’s for your dumbass parents.

Steve Sailer still thinks the massive rise in unhappiness is racial grievance brainwashing and vibrant schools. While these are definitely not helping, they’re also not new and can’t account for e.g. rapid onset transgenderism. This insistence on 70-year-old causes for very new problems is uncharacteristically silly of him because this is a well-studied problem with plenty of data, and the secret of iSteve-tier blogging is to have a lot of data and every now and then say “Hey guys, have you noticed…” (If you want to study successful bloggers, look at iSteve and Anonymous Conservative.)

If you’re interested to study the underlying root causes of how these mental illnesses relate to social justice philosophy, here’s a longer video courtesy of Akuma.

I’d like to do a post to simplify this, but we’ll see. Short version: social media hypercharges relative status considerations, low status has obtained exceedingly punitive consequences in the absence of Christianity (ref. de Botton, Murray), virtue signalling a narcissistic persona has become extremely competitive and therefore (paradoxically) a true measure of genetic virtue, and Locke’s blank slate says that if you’re sad it’s society’s fault. That’s why social justice advocates used to look like Henry Ford, whereas now they look like Trigglypuff.

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14 Responses to Generation Zyklon: Illiterate edition

  1. aiaslives says:

    Regularly-used applications on every well-connected zoomer’s phone:

    Fakebook, Fakebook Messenger, Instagoy, Snapshit, Twatter, Text, Calls, Dating apps (1+), Chat applications (text+voice+video) (2+), E-mail, Youboob, reddit/tumblr, Gaymes with pointless grind (2+), Spotify, Themed maps (food, events, transport)

    For the retarded:

    Tik Tok (formerly musically)


    Online multiplayer cancer (Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, Mineshit (kids!))
    Regular cancer (search for “(anything) game”) (5+)

    WAMEN/Soy concentrates:

    Photo editing/filter applications (2+)

  2. bicebicebice says:

    English from 50-100 years ago = program.exe VS (((apps))). You don’t own nothing, goy. No wonder Tex praises DOS that is still running those based parking meters to this day. However, sapes don’t like parking meters, they like built-in obsolescence because it reminds them of themselves and the 200 IQ+ society forced onto them by the evil White Man because they can never fit in. Where would you rather live? WAKANDA with an average IQ of 70 + 4 billions souls, or Thaltopia population 40 with an average IQ of 250?
    The problem is that this horseshit is turning white chillums into nigger babies. Being a natural born aristocrat (Nobilid), this does not affect me, and then I went over to my pops place and what did I see, my bruddah-tween playing Fallout 76, for 20 minutes (it is a good game that does not deserve the criticism- I was told), befores switching over to Fortnite. Thak god he is a natural engineer but still… the most simple way is to shut off the shitty apps, don’t give chillums goyphones, and maybe spend 31 seconds with your chillum playing a classical game (how hard can it be when parenting can be playing good games and watching good movies?!?). Itz just so fucking dumb and lazy, as if the groided parents have anything better to do with their time (inb4 the spend all their time planning the ooga booga invasion of the west and giving away the monetary inheritance to israel). There is literally no excuse unless you are braindamaged (inb4 edenism).

  3. bicebicebice says:

    “arguing over the reptilian-ness of the reptilians” – 4million.

    damn imagine being Koanic right now, how many Edenist nutters are there in total, maybe100?accounting for all the self-hating melons. Reptilians, thats just breeding selection, like an owl melon because animalistic features and birds of a feather flock together.

    I don’t know bout yall but I take my advice from cathouse bouncers, because there is no prestige involved you just know you are getting da truthz.

  4. bicebicebice says:


    white chillums defending themselves against the tjingtjong gook-zipperheads bugmen getz BANNED.

    “It’s interesting to see these real-world politicking going on, but we draw the line when people get into slurs or offensive stereotypes and things like that.” just be nice about having your game ruined by the communist party no wonder lil timmy is playing fortnite instead or roaming empty fallout 76 servers. E-1488! this is the end game of selling out or allowing Tencent, the chinese will colonize even the tranny-gaymes and western fags will bel eft with 10 cent, if they are lucky.


  5. wpadmin777 says:

    Sam is very captivating. It would be good to see you go further into this area.

  6. bicebicebice says:

    okay last post about lizards

    “i thought my brother was a hybridized-man from 10.000 BC”

  7. Arakawa says:

    iSteve missing the big problem is yet another McLuhan / Charlton “media is the message” issue. iSteve’s format is to respond to media campaigns with his data, which basically forces engagement with what the media is obsessed with, and the media is currently obsessed with ‘point deer make horse’ exercises about intersectionality. Lots of fodder for deconstruction, but the resulting Intersectional Pokemon Studies is a displacement activity. The educational-system trauma of GenZ does not have this kind of obvious reflection in the New York Times.

    IMO a blogger like Dalrock is somewhat more successful at framing random media stuff in his own non-surface-level analysis. Dalrock is specialized on the destruction of Christian marriage, an area where you have to follow a long reasoning chain in order to assemble the alarming but varied symptoms and the indirect media propaganda about them into a coherent picture of what the Hell is going on. There is no Dalrock for GenZ dysfunction, so even though there are some facts out there and some degree of reactive “them kids sure watch weird stuff on them smartphones a lot” catastrophizing about surface-level symptoms, grown-up media consumers’ understanding of what the atmosphere in modern school is like, and how it differs from school 10-20 years ago let alone 30-40 years ago, is about as detailed as grown-up media consumers’ understanding of civil society in North Korea.

    This is the only blog where I’ve encountered the thought that GenZ’ers are fundamentally different from even the other post-hippie generations in that, for example, they are now consuming incest porn. Likewise pointing out the reason Jordan Peterson’s popularity so much baffles older people, when his advice that picking up your socks will make you feel better is absorbed as a brave new commandment from the Ark of the Covenant.

    Honestly, even actual parents of actual kids going to school have a very vague understanding of what’s going on, because they assume that school is overall much like it was in their own time, and frame within that assumption the random blips of information their children are able to communicate. You can’t expect your second grader to give a George Orwell level analysis of the philosophical assumptions being communicated by his ideological environment. Another similarity to Dalrock and marriage here — a lot of offspring-to-parent communication about dating is being muddied by a false assumption that the marriage-dating game for the previous and current generations is in-essence the same. (Also, in the middle class there is survival bias, in that any present-day non-single non-divorced parents are the ones who weren’t completely wrecked by previously existing dating-game dysfunctions and aimlessness to a point of zero-fertility. They may fail to realize that a large part of this is pure Providential luck that their 1.5 kids MAY NOT enjoy in an increasingly dysgenic environment.)

    In the unusual cases where accurate inter-generational communication ensues (or the soul-carnage is witnessed first hand), my observation is that the parental generation ends up very black pilled, but hyperfocused on the particular area where they got shocked out of their complacency. This is where the “vaccines are a lizard people conspiracy to genoice the First World with autisum” parents come from — they might be right about that, but they are extrapolating the universe from their one personal experience, and hence filtering the entire cultural-and-civilizational-decay big picture through that one issue.

    I saw a photo of the German homeschool kids (forced into school for 1yr by court order). Apart from being German and the sex ratio being different (3 girls to 1 boy) they look exactly like my mental image of the kids in Narnia. I pray for their protection in the far nastier wonderland of modern imploding EUrope.

  8. Heaviside says:

    Can’t you just learn to enjoy the degradation of younger generations with the smug complacency of a man who has realized he doesn’t need to outrun the bear?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Can’t you just learn to enjoy the degradation of younger generations with the smug complacency of a man who has realized he doesn’t need to outrun the bear?

      Possibly, but probably not.

  9. bicebicebice says:

    “iSteve missing the big problem is yet another McLuhan / Charlton “media is the message” issue. iSteve’s format is to respond to media campaigns with his data, which basically forces engagement with what the media is obsessed with, and the media is currently obsessed with ‘point deer make horse’ exercises about intersectionality.”

    this is the problems with all e-celebs. excellent post btw I agree, one thing to add is that “my generation” (80s) parents, having grown up with the safety guidlines, would be the ones to give their infants pedo-devices where they can prostitute themselves for smurfberries. the chillums who are woke, have no way out, the cities will degenerate into tokyo meets demolition man or detroit. Again this means that the solutions do not lie in the past UNLESS you recreate average man with 120 IQ aka babbys fist Edenism-kit. But even that could be sketchy because here we are.

    another thing is that one needs at least a weekend treestump-getaway in order to not go gay or insane (inb4 same endgame different routes): Humanity is going to need an extraterrestrial enemy in order to not become gray alien sexless globohomos.

    The simulation is real, the simulation is real because people live in a world where they do not learn about consequence. The gadgets are excellent tutors better than humans, but we are raising mimicks, and one day decide to travel to morocko and get their heads chopped off.

    “the safety of your nets creates a yearning to regress” this is true in the entire western world, it is Not a “muh welfare” issue Because just as HR is welfare for women, what the whiteoid man constructed is welfare for 8 billion sapes on animated life support. not kids, everyone. We have a nice word in swedish called “Människobarnen” aka everyone who is not an Anglo-Saxon-BavarianPhenotype-Scandinavian-Atlantean descendant with a whopping 250 IQ (people such as myself).

    However, the human species is objectively saved with 8 billion souls, so none of this concerns anyone. If you do feel it concerns you, then you are an Edenist but you should focus that sparringly on your closest surroundings. Then again, how hard can it be to manipulate and control a throng of literal 3 year olds?!?

  10. bicebicebice says:

    Just to be super clear: children were raised in safe spaces until they were ready to be released into the adult word (or live in an asylum). Today, there are no adults and chillums enter the real world through their goyphones before they turn 1 year old.

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