Trump’s soft influence and hard power

Trump’s speech on the wall was a good start. Insufficient, but a necessary first step. H/T Vox for this transcript. It reads like a collaboration written by Tucker Carlson (re: charity toward the American working class) and Heartiste (re: walls around the houses of Democratic senators). However, if he fails to follow this up with smart bargaining using hard currency then the 2020 reelection will be lost for sure.

Patrick once relayed an anecdote to me about Marie Antoinette and soft influence. France’s soldiers were becoming ineffective because they were malnourished in comparison with British soldiers, so she commissioned a brilliant neanderthal scientist to find the best carbohydrate. He came back and said “you aren’t going to like this…but it’s potatoes”, which like anything else from the new world were taboo and untrusted even by starving peasants, like eating rats, snakes, spiders, or something like that. She thanked him for his autistic pathological honesty, then called upon the political ingenuity which distinguishes true nobility from the nouveau riche. At the next fancy ball, she wore a crown of potato flowers–this then became the fashion among the fawning aristocracy, which required them to grow potatoes in their personal gardens. Their servants began to eat the potatoes, having been desensitized by progressive exposure and encouraged by the invigorating effect on their malnourished bodies. The peasantry then saw that potatoes were haute cuisine like snails or lobsters, and the nation was saved. Pretty neat work for a gal with a historical reputation for aloofness.

That’s what soft influence looks like in its best form, and it’s what Trump is truly great at. But let’s imagine that instead of a fawning aristocracy, Antoinette was surrounded by people who wanted her broke, dead, her kids raped and brainwashed, and they thought it was funny. This scenario would have played out quite differently. Remember this principle: Soft influence plays within and conforms to the boundaries established by hard power. Therefore in order to achieve the same effect, Antoinette would have needed to keep these aristocrats at her feet so they wouldn’t be at her throat. She would need to decree that potato flowers were standard aristocratic dress, and anyone caught wasting the roots during a time of famine would go immediately to the gallows without trial. And then monitor policing and compliance with this decree closely.

Trump’s presidency rests on the edge of a knife right now. The massive shift in sentiment from his supporters happened because they heard the midterms would be the most important ever (like every previous election), then the midterms came and went…and it was business as usual. Suddenly, Trump was no longer a special president with a mandate from heaven to disrupt business as usual. He was revealed to be human with very human-level abilities to effect change, like any other individual. Failing to follow up on this speech, which reminds us of his 2016 campaign, will plunge his supporters into a much deeper antipathy from which we will never recover. Forget Ann Coulter, Trump will have to quit Twitter entirely. NOTHING is more offensive to people or punished more severely than a weak man pretending to be strong. Weakness in a leader is the worst form of treason. If God were a tyrant we would forgive him, but if he didn’t send sinners to Hell then we would push him around like a little lamb before giving him the hell we know in our hearts we ourselves deserve.

I don’t actually believe Trump is weak. I do think his upbringing in the Zionist billionaire caste made him soft. Like many master propagandists, he still feels in his heart that soft influence and hard power are the same thing.

Now, I’m not saying Trump doesn’t need to keep his nose clean. It’s more important than ever, and any breach of posse comitatus will result in immediate impeachment. On the other hand, there’s no law that says the commander in chief can’t conduct training exercises where the wall needs to be. There is no law against military assembly facilities where the labor is effectively free, at least insofar as the new budget is concerned. That’s how you bring Schumer to the bargaining table–with hard currency. Legitimate authority backed by popular support is a harder currency than gold.

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4 Responses to Trump’s soft influence and hard power

  1. bicebicebice says:

    why is the president of america asking the jews if he can protect his country? america is the real united states of european peoples and this is what you get, a jew. i had something funny to say but this is so pathethic i just lost englisk speak ability. keep sending israel billions and american baby pieces maybe the jew will let you have a picket fence “so unfair to the ones that come here LEGALLY”. Americas problem will always be that it is not a real country exacerbated by the fact that states never take up arms against washington, like the retards in france do. there is a word for this and a sentence but right now who even cares about the 2020 election and consecutive ditos. If you don’t change anything, just brown and brown-nosing america some more, what even is there to win?

  2. PeePeeLePew says:

    If Trump has soft power like Marie Antoinette had soft power, does that mean he’s going to get guillotined like Marie Antoinette? I guess Marie Antoinette ¡Saved! France from the Jacobins before she got guillotined by the Jacobins, lol.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    the wall is 5.6 billion, begging from the jew, but handing israel a 38 billion christmas bonus thats no biggie. Is there even one person in America that wants America to survive? You might have to start asking yourself that question.
    Then again it does not matter because “so unfair to those who come here legally!!!”, yeah about those very same ones… “It’s not about money.” Famous last words from the integrated Americanoid. Only a Chinese invasion would make the whiteoid man act, which is why it will never come they just keep funding hate-america sentiment which is very popular because again who even wants to save America? And itz legal too. The last thing you do as a ruling elite of anything is to start assume that your lessers wants to serve you. A tjingtjong minister of ministry? Wow great now I don’t have to do that job! A jew in the treasury? Well how Nice of him! If you don’t want to do all of the work you will starv itz literally in the bibble. You “work” yourself into having the testosterone levels of dead men, as proved by the manchildren at da (((media))). Guys, you are literally taking “news” from trannys, fitting that dead men have higher testosterone levels because the final job these globohomos will do is something related to the graveyard.

    Now only one thing remains; should white men even survive thrive and live (exist) in the americas? In Canada the answer is clearly no those people are fucking insane. America has the advantage of having enough whiteoids to form European countries, only this time you can’t “unite the states” so to speak because you will only end up here again, with a jewish-president con don larper.

    We need more land here in Evrope so you won’t have any problems being supplied in your now de-facto nu-nations, from Europa. This is the private alamo of the white-man-in-the-americas as a whole. If Trump does not win 2020, even if so for stalling time for a real American president, then america will never again win an election that matters on the world stage and China will just steamroll everything, because they do not have the problem in china about spics saying no to their industrial designs, spics saying no backed up by white people. There is no treason in China Town only progress.

    Maybe Koanic can lead Nu-merica as a buttbitch-to-china nation? At least it will be sort of white again with some nice Christian values.

    I think you have a real problem.

  4. bicebicebice says:

    “Some anthropologists now believe that advanced human behaviors like toolmaking only developed when early humans evolved to have lower levels of testosterone than their ancestors, according to a new study published in ”

    Sapes not even once

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