Recognizing Ann Coulter’s sacrifice throw

Ann Coulter almost single-handedly got Trump to back down from signing the original spending bill that had no funding for the Wall, and it cost her Trump’s following on Twatter. But it worked.

Chateau Heartiste

It’s not an easy thing to tell a guy like Donald Trump something he doesn’t want to hear. I tell people that Alpha males are all fire and no patience, so they don’t always think straight when they’re angry. It’s also not easy to offend a sitting president who’s been taking your advice for a long time, because for a minute that’s going to feel like treason to him and he might take it the wrong way. Prophets are not typically appreciated–actually, they tend to get killed in pretty gruesome ways (legend has it Ahaz ordered Isaiah sawn in two, for example). Now multiply that by the evopsych of a member of the weaker sex criticizing the tribe’s uber Alpha male (which scientists say has never happened before) and getting ostracized for it.

Now divide that by the fraction of the political ruling class who want what’s best for working class Americans, then divide that again by the fraction of the political ruling class who also know that the Wall is of superlative symbolic significance to the livelihoods of working class Americans. Coulter could easily have ridden the tidal wave and maintained her position at no personal risk. Instead, she threw herself in front of the wave, yelling “God will judge you for this”…and the wave changed direction. Getting unfollowed on Twitter isn’t so bad, but it was still a brave risk for a wamen.

For such acts of patriotic service and more, the estimable community of neanderthal identity LARPers (in partnership with our shadowy FBI sponsors and Subway, “Eat Fresh”) shall recognize Ann Coulter as an Honorable Man, including all the usual Patriarchal access codes and privileges. We will now pass around the old Kleenex box to collect donations to send her a set of complimentary truck nuts.


It’s okay to cry with joy when you receive these Ann, just don’t make a habit of it. You have to be strong, you have truck nuts now.

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3 Responses to Recognizing Ann Coulter’s sacrifice throw

  1. Joe says:

    I think Trump means well and wants to do The Right Thing. But he wants to do The Right Thing while remaining within the Overton Window. The Overton Window which Mr. Pera mentioned the other day and Mr. Pera is correct about that ; Trump limits himself by viewing the country and the world through the Overton Window .

    Plus, the monsters from Hell who rule this country from behind the scenes won’t let Trump succeed. Trump may succeed somewhat, but not nearly enough to save the United States, let alone make Make America Great Again. That’s not going to happen. Between the Deep State and Trump not wanting to view the country and the world or any issue outside the framework of the Overton Window, not much is going to be accomplished.

    Plus, very important, the demographics of the United States now makes it impossible to make America great again. There’s too many jews, as a collective whole they work to undermine the United States in every way possible, there’s too many blacks, too many hispanics, too many Muslims, too many Chinese, too many third world foreigners, too many criminals, here now and they’re all here in very large numbers. They say the Jews make up 2% of the American population, but that’s a lie, the jews make up a hell of alot more than 2% of the American population. And the black population of the USA is NOT 13%, blacks make up at least 20% of the population, at least 20%, if not more, and it’s most likely more than 20%.

    If Trump succeeds in building a WALL, that will be a good thing, and I’m all for a WALL, but I don’t fool myself. A WALL is not going to save the United States and it won’t Make America Great Again. A WALL will slow down the deterioration of the United States but won’t cure or end the deterioration. A WALL will make the deterioration of the USA a little bit milder and a little bit less violent. Right now, anything is better than nothing.

  2. bicebicebice says:

    “Joe says:
    January 15, 2019 at 9:53 am”

    Americans need a mental wall, America was founded as a white christian anglo saxon nation itz literally in the constitution. Every attempt to null that is treason. As aeoli said as sam vatnik said; all intellectuals sold out their bastions to the state for grants, and here comes the big whopper; all “redpilled” e-celebs, who people are under the impression picked up the torch that the sellouts/traitors/powersthatbedropped for whatever reason to lead the west into MAGA-MEGA, “sold out” their fake struggle for chinese pussy.
    Silver coins for the boomers who are already old and married and infertile, silver pussy for their young idiot children aka “its not racemixing when i do it”.

    Won’t be long now.

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