The Enlightenment, SCALE, and their inevitable globalism

This connection was too well expressed to allow it to escape notice.

The dust-up over those Catholic HS kids being “doxed” highlights the problem: Our social units are orders of magnitude too large to fit in the definition of community. In a community people know each other. Having ones identity “revealed” is universally redundant, while also absent is the easy opportunity to anonymously and amorphously threaten someone.

All the “liberties” cited by Leftists exist because of distance and anonymity. Gays and their bathhouses are vague and ill-defined (and thus tolerable to the somnolent) but Bobby, the 25 year old coach targeting your 14 year old son for sexual gratification is anything but.

Expanded liberty to indulge in vice (self-harming actions undertaken with an expectation of pleasure) poisons (and poisoned) social units because true communities were legally prohibited from ejecting those who offered them to the addicts who indulged.

All roads of the last 200 years lead toward ever-larger “economies” of scale, as people became besotted with the magic of an ever-more-finely-detailed division of labor, until it was perfectly normal to obtain necessities of life produced 9,000 miles away by people whose language, customs and culture are utterly alien. Anonymity and atomization were utterly inevitable and evil fellow-travelers.

All people, “conservatives,” “liberals” and “libertarians” alike, held to a pervasive misconception of how humans thrive in society. Everyone clustered on the same (wrong) side of this ship, and we face an inevitable capsize.

On Why conservatives can’t win

All we need now is collective pro-action in the pro-white collective interest, and we might have a real thing on our hands. Wamen will follow quicker than we’d imagine if they can smell proper leadership.

It was inevitable that economic specialization would produce the narcissism of globalism because people who don’t grow their own food grow a paradoxical sense of invincibility and self-sabotage. Ennui is when your actions and consequences become divorced…and you’re still always winning and comfortable. It feels like magic, like the godhood of an almighty bureaucrat who can produce real-world outcomes with a keystroke in a spreadsheet, and thus encourages cargo cultism. That’s the real reason slavery is worse for the master race than the slave race.

That’s why I’ve said “the only question that matters in political science is slavery.” And the lesson of history is: Cut your own damn grass.

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4 Responses to The Enlightenment, SCALE, and their inevitable globalism

  1. bicebicebice says:

    “And the lesson of history is: Cut your own damn grass.” based and treestump-pilled

    some people would rather be worshipped for a while then eaten alive instead of cutting their own grass, but lets not talk about them they are outdated by their own self-imposed limitations. there is no stopping even a piss-poor collectivism because the entire world is strapped into their pocket mirrors, like women checking their makeup every 30 seconds.

    those kids just had each others back in face of the world media wanting them dead for being a white smiling child and they came out on top. that is real faith and organized religion in a man-sized 40 odd treestump community of rowers. if you are going through hell keep on going

    itz almost as if the chillums are the futures and “what happens when an immovable object meets an unstoppable force” vs there is no bubble economy if you sell nintendos to 88 million autistic memers.

    send my 10% in the mail

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