Example of owl melon fate sense

Because their brainmass is weighted toward the parietal region, they express this nonverbal intelligence primarily in symbols intelligence, statistical reasoning, game theory calculations, and abstract intuition…

Though they are reserved about their religious opinions, they run heavily to mystical thinking as a result of their extraordinary intuitive faculties. They have an uncanny ability to sense the ebb and flow of something that might be described as “destiny” or “fate”.

On owl melons

Here’s a concrete example from an old Scott Adams blog post.

I was in Reno this weekend with some friends and family, one of whom is widely recognized as the luckiest gambler in the universe. Let’s call her Jane. Jane has reportedly won so many jackpots at slot machines that her track record seems to defy all reason. She’s a gambling legend. I decided to put Jane’s skills to the test in front of two witnesses: my wife, Shelly, and me. I gave Jane $50 and asked her to combine it with her own $50. Her assignment was to score a big win for our collective investment while my wife and I observed her technique.

Shelly pointed at the high roller slot machine room, where the $100 wouldn’t last long without a win. Jane needed to feel the right vibe before picking a winning machine, so she asked us to follow her while she felt out the room. Jane is like the slot whisperer. I think the machines actually talk to her.

As you might expect, the high roller slots area was relatively empty. Far off in a darkened corner was a lone, bearded, creepy gambler. Jane walked straight over to the machine next to the creepy guy in the darkened corner and declared it to be a winning machine. I tried to wave her off, not wanting to spend more time than necessary in a darkened corner with a creepy guy, especially since the entire rest of the room was empty. Shelly stepped in and insisted that we let Jane pick the machine that spoke to her, without our unlucky influence. I reluctantly agreed. Jane sat down, inserted our $100, and started hitting win after win. Two minutes later, we split $600. WTF?

I took my $250 net profit and gave it to the control group for this experiment, i.e. me. I lost $200 on a variety of different slots in less than ten minutes. I didn’t see another jackpot, big or small, that night. Jane had won about five jackpots in two minutes. I won none.


If you recall, Jane picked the slot machine that no one else would have picked. Even if the creepy guy hadn’t been in the far corner, how many of you would have entered a square room full of available slot machines and picked the one that was almost in the corner? Most people would probably play something nearer the middle of the room. If you preferred the corner, like the creepy guy, you would take the actual corner, not the machine one over from it. In other words, Jane picked one of the least attractive machines in the room, and it turned out to be “lucky.”

From a business standpoint, it makes sense that the least attractive machine would pay best. If you’re designing a casino layout, you know you can get suckers to play the losing machines in the best locations, and the ones with the most attractive lights and sounds, all night long. The casino can maintain whatever gambling odds are legally required over the entire body of slot machines while using psychology to steer people away from the ones that pay best. All of my losing spins involved machines that somehow appealed to me on a visceral or spatial level.

-Scott Adams
God’s Matchbox

You may want to read the rest of the post if you’re interested in synchronicities because it indicates Scott Adams has some latent low-level melon magic.

Presumably Jane is relying on a sense of visuospatial “weightiness” that she can quite articulate herself, but would recognize instantly as correct if someone spelled it out for her. This lends more credence to my suspicion that owl melons tend to be ENTPs.

Rather than thinking to themselves “I need to split my forces into a pincer attack” they’ll daydream briefly about water in a river breaking around a rock and coming back together. Without knowing precisely why this is the correct principle to apply in the particular context, they’ll follow it.

That’s why their external life is something like a waking dream state. The appropriate principles simply appear as these intuitive daydreams in an actionable form, and most of the time they don’t bother to articulate the principle. That’s because it’s already in an actionable form, and they don’t (typically) have a strong extraverted thinking function so when they socialize they’re going to talk about the vision of the water parting around the rock. (That is, extraverted intuition is both their socializing function and their acting-in-the-world function.)

Intuitions don’t describe the general principle, they describe highly representative special cases and illustrative metaphors.

Communicating with ENTPs (and INTPs)

The best artistic representation of this that I’ve seen was a random two-second scene from Evangelion 2.0 at 55:57, where Mari observes a foreboding omen just after Touji’s double entendre that he “didn’t win anything”.


There are brief moments in the Dark Tower series that produce the same aesthetic, where everything begins to start pointing toward the Dark Tower as Roland gets closer to it, but I’m not autistic enough to go digging through those books to find it.

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14 Responses to Example of owl melon fate sense

  1. wpadmin777 says:

    I have ultra high visuospatial IQ (>99th percentile). It’s very interesting. It allows me to understand and manipulate the physical world far greater than anyone else. It took a while for me to truly realise that, though. My first time calibrating an analytical balance in AnChem was when I took over the calibration of the machine from the professor, who had 10 years of industry experience in food, but couldn’t do it in in five minutes (the telescopic feet were funny — old gear). I did it in less than a minute. Dat occiput!

    TM phenotype going by the analysis of Ken’ at the forum.

  2. bicebicebice says:

    basic owl skills involves always picking the best seats during rush hour, always pick the car in the middle. owls wierding out dealers I have witnessed myself, they start to feel an obligation to pay their SUPERIORS, and if the dealer is owly they siphon money to one of their own tribes, all of this subconsciously, just like two thals/thards striking up a conversation never having met before but instantly becoming bff unironically.

    however having a knack for something is not necessarily the bestest thing, just look at gabe newell choosing the slotmachine called steam instead of episode 3 and half life 3. if you are a dreamy-creature wanting to score woo-ish wins, imagine going from half-life saint to despised shekel-grabber. this is why grandpa should stop blogging during his golden years and pass on the torch.

  3. glosoli says:

    I haven’t thanked Aeoli for quietly rescinding my ban. Thanks brother, I will behave.

    A Brexit link, such a good strong nose this ‘British’ female MP has, you go grrrl.


    Stock market crash update: starting today or Monday, into 8th February. Jehovah has been leading to a goldmine of information on this subject, and I will make millions when if happens, a significant portion of which will be spent on my theonomy project.

    I left a comment at Jim’s blog, but he’s filtering my comments, so if anyone want to copy a message from me over there, or this comment link, I think it would have a mighty impact on faith matters, maybe turn a few back to God.

    Pray for wisdom brothers, no need for IQ points, Jehovah has you beat every single time.

  4. Post Alley Crackpot says:

    “… extraverted intuition is both their socializing function and their acting-in-the-world function …”

    Which is why when other people try to shut down that mode of socialising, not understanding that it’s a key part of identity for the “owl melon”, what happens is that those people wind up being cut out of future instances of socialising.

    The cut-out people may think that it’s some sort of overt social prejudice against them when really it’s about those people being too boring and too stifling to be allowed to remain in the social group.

    But the cut-out people won’t ever be told that, of course. Instead, they’ll hear something about “not having a deeper insight into the situation” and thereby having no understanding, which is perhaps a nicer way of saying the same thing.

    When these cut-out people try to double-down on trying to get back into the group, the “owl melons” politely tolerate the awkward and mechanical ways in which these people are trying to “relate” before once again concluding that they were correct all along.

    After all, it came to them in a vision, and they understood the fundamental correctness of what they saw immediately …

    It’s not just an ENTP thing though — there’s an INTJ version as well in which fundamentally accurate “judgment calls” are being made in much the same way as the casino examples.

  5. Markus says:

    What’s your take on Eric Schmidt from google? Assange describes him such:
    “A late-fiftysomething, squint-eyed behind owlish spectacles, managerially dressed—Schmidt’s dour appearance concealed a machinelike analyticity. His questions often skipped to the heart of the matter, betraying a powerful nonverbal structural intelligence.”

  6. Aeoli Pera says:

    >I haven’t thanked Aeoli for quietly rescinding my ban.

    I hope I’m doing right by you in doing so.

    >Thanks brother, I will behave.

    Please. It would embarrass me to ban you again.

    >Pray for wisdom brothers, no need for IQ points, Jehovah has you beat every single time.


  7. Aeoli Pera says:

    >owls wierding out dealers I have witnessed myself, they start to feel an obligation to pay their SUPERIORS

    The intersection of assortative status games and genetic memory of Edenic archetypes (possibly stored in Jungian symbolism?) produces some very odd behavior, to say the least.

  8. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Which is why when other people try to shut down that mode of socialising, not understanding that it’s a key part of identity for the “owl melon”,

    I suspect it’s the same failure of intellect as when people think poetry is much easier than math, when the reverse is true.

  9. bicebicebice says:

    “Aeoli Pera says:
    January 26, 2019 at 2:03 pm
    >owls wierding out dealers I have witnessed myself, they start to feel an obligation to pay their SUPERIORS

    The intersection of assortative status games and genetic memory of Edenic archetypes (possibly stored in Jungian symbolism?) produces some very odd behavior, to say the least.”

    Itz all about nailing it all down in the most simple form, with Edenism building on absolute certainty and neander-spergs buiding uncle Adolf Sams space rockets, how can you go wrong? this is why there is universal hated of new-money, and all celebrities/performers/artists/e-celebs falls into that category too, sort of. the genuine wants to produce something, and the only other way to make it as the new guy on the block is to be fat, because fat people are funny and everybody secretly admires them having given up on “aesthetics” to be happy all the time eating carbs, they are, to put it clearly, not a threat nor posers.
    lil donnie dumbie dumb has all the metrics to impose his will and people want to do his will, can someone please give him the memo on the 12 000bc year old science? the only legitimate excuse is dementia then again he does not even drink wine like Jesus. why do you want to look militarily weak (don’t give a shit about the border of your country) days after the media openly calls to kill white smiling children, your base? donald trump is a german asset, not russian nor chinese. germans have a pathological condition to destroy what they built because they feel shame and guilt over misplaced savior complex. while the truth of the matter is, if you are Eden-pilled, that sapes can take care of themselves all they want in life is spears rape cannibalism and loincloths. they could not care less about modernity or progressivism or civilization, and this hurts the whiteoid because he feels rejected and starts compromising to make everybody love him, like a woman. would have been better if melania was president

  10. Schrödinger's Psych Evaluation says:

    @Post Alley Crackpot

    Thank you for understanding.

  11. glosoli says:

    Amazing re-appearance of two 7s today, plus other unbelievable (but true) items from my past, present, and the near-term future. Even the cynics will be amazed:


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