Relatively normal people cult podcast

In this episode of 3 woo 5 me, normal people doing perfectly normal things, like talking about burps and stuff.

Up next: “If Kant is so smart, how come I haven’t read his book?”

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9 Responses to Relatively normal people cult podcast

  1. glosoli says:

    I did listen to the first 5 minutes, and I might listen to the rest later. Thanks for mentioning my blog.
    The link doesn’t work though, here it is:

    Regarding Bice’s end is nigh and Aeoli’s end is nigh but we need to something about it, I would take Aeoli’s side. If you’ve read my last two blog posts, you’ll realise I am having a strange experience, very strange.

    Jehovah has appaently selected me to produce the work on theonomy ready for the new nations that will spring up post WW3. If I am correct in what I think I am experiencing, we will know next week, as markets crash, and an 8 figure sum id dropped in my lap, most of which will be directed to this project (and maybe some tanks and shit).

    I will need a team of good men to help me. I assume even Koanic would recognise (if this happens) that has been a jerk and has sided with an accursed Jim rather than with his Christian brother. But who knows, as Aeoli once wrote, Koanic is very unreasonable. He does have Bible immersion, but he lacks something, I’d call it the Holy Spirit if I was being honest. I noticed he never once lead prayers in Wales. Does he really actually believe and want o obey our God? Or does he want to stick with his shrimp and his neo-pagan/reaction lot, The choice will have to be made soon, war is not far off.

    Anyway, Bice, Aeoli, I have my eye on you two, and Boneflour, I hope you’re reading the Bible young man, you’d be a good addition, with faith. Mycroft is already in. I don’t really know any other Christian guys on here to be honest.

    Time to stop talking and doing.

  2. bicebicebice says:

    You almost need to listen twice and once I complained that the broadcast was cut in two.

    Neglecting people to death that was a good one, and in america the blackpill eats you (in russia they got vodka chemo-and no school shootings). That is the limit of sape imagination of all inclusiveness in the current year in which we live, in swe we removed public officials having accountability in law, which is why we have unorganized crime in stead of organized crime which is why the government isn’t even working for the crooks (the government). The leftoid dream is to regress to a clump of cells and crawl up your own shithole or something yeah thats foul I know but itz the truth. Throw sprinkes everywhere say dinner is served shit doesn’t work then go up in smoke like you never insisted. Itz like why children are children, they have no concept of consequences so the dream is to have jobs where you do not have accountability. After all logic dictates children can’t be held responsible que 7 year olds using the internet etc etc, and veganism. A smart sape will have inventive ways to regress but it is still the same shit at the end of the day, no civilization.

    This is what it looks like when the leftoids won so they can’t complain about it and we know they aren’t principled which is why “medication and therapy” is all the racket since early 2000 something. Like that new york example fixing it was possible but they want to be shit people, themselves, and now you got nazi propaganda on jews with blood libel almost looking like a psyop of jews by jews by virtue of being too soft, seeing as today they “abort” 9 month old “fetuses”, throwing them in an incenerator or havesting organs (post natal abortion after x months x years). Don’t breath the air.

    That is the treestump dilemma, the world has been fixed several times but that shit aint selling nor is it popular with the disaster of the commons. Whatever one wants to call it. the majority spends their days trying to push for failure and non-christian values, especially if these values makes their own lives better.

  3. biceicebice says:

    “glosoli says:
    January 29, 2019 at 2:33 pm”

    “Regarding Bice’s end is nigh and Aeoli’s end is nigh but we need to something about it, I would take Aeoli’s side” In schools they teach children that the planet is going to end in 12 years, they also teach adults the same thing in the media.
    “Jehovah has appaently selected me to produce the work on theonomy ready for the new nations that will spring up post WW3.” I see the post-world as opt-in or opt-out, just wanting to would score higher than whatever ones nations ultra-highest tests for smarts are.

    What aeoli said about being crucified, that won’t happen if a person starts out small and man manageable And expands on that, treestump, but if you go into the big city telling thugmugs whats good and whats not you need to be strapped. The cities were actually habitable in the 1900-200, but as boneflour said in this podcast people decided they want to be shitty again and reverted back to normal, what I meant here ” especially if these values makes their own lives better.” meaning of course more sapery. Mega cities is where the dump dumps themselves and making that place nice didn’t sit well with the locals!
    With the latest teacher scandal in america, miss teacher sucking black dick on the internet raising kids to believe the world is ending in 12 years, itz just itz at this point. This is sapens believing wahmen.
    You decide to join or not, it will be an openly secret society. Watch out for the only man in the city wearing a topcat and cane.

    “Or does he want to stick with his shrimp and his neo-pagan/reaction lot” thats just the transient manosphere not yet being the familymanosphere, and it also works to control 4 billion chinese/indians. the more the population on this planet expands the dumber sapes become, then again there are no more natural predators (animals and Nobilids shaming savages to put clothes on and don’t eat people) so this extinction event is just sapes being themselves if you are not edenpilled.

    I agree and ain’t not blackpilled, there is just a very big thing about not wasting time on the disaster of the commons, with twitter electing presidents it is safe to say the great public experiment is over. In that I agree with a new social layer this theonomy. With one caveat; should orangutangs drive cars? Should ooga boogas live in white man land and vice versa?

    This radical new weapon is simply being sincere and not autistic, start out realistically and if you want trouble go look for it on the nearest city street. As we say in the Nobilid thing of ours, K.I.S.S. It is all very radical in how non-radical it really has to be. Just look out for the “save the sapes” thards, these people are trying to teach chimpanzees to play fortnite and work a 9 to 5. Not good, not necessary, none of their business.

    “Time to stop talking and doing.” it sounds like the procrastination is nearly over.

  4. biceicebice says:

    “Aeoli Pera says:
    January 30, 2019 at 6:25 pm”

    In a sense people had 2000 years by now to be good by following the good and it would make their lives gooder in all aspects, but… in that sense jesus is an alien and god is more of a space entity than what is closer to the average earth-mean so to speak. teach orangutangs to drive and turning sapes into people is basically the same thing. right now gorillas are better people than sapes just saying. there are some holes to the logic but that does not mean the bible isn’t the best “self-help” book out there starts working right away, too. but what big apes can follow it?
    sapes killing their own children at birth because they want to save the earth aka not even once? the logic is not wrong, is jesus going to come back and strong arm these sapes to be good boys for a thousand years? aren’t they technically going to hell anyways because of their so-called “priors”?

    science will not out-science god, but it might show that majorityof the planet are just niggermonkeys or bugged-out insectoids and goyimoids. world war 3 is already about population depopulation and has been since world war 2 ended, probably 15 billion chillums killed by now, and if the whiteoids off themselves then the ooga boogas will experience the final bunga bunga party they crave and with unsustainable no-show industriy etc etc leads back to no people = earth saved.

    Earth is satan

  5. glosoli says:

    I loled at the procrastination comment bice, sort of true.
    On reflection, the last 2 years or so have been a blast, and not a day has been wasted. Pupation of a kind.

    Jehovah felt I was ready a couple of weeks ago, so I took the step.

    I need to sort things out with Koanic though. So I will. I have a plan. I’ve changed so much, just in the past few months. It’s bloody scary, but exciting too.

    As an ex-colleague at the bank (Cornish chap, subsequently fired for fraud) once wrote: onwoulds and upwoulds.

  6. Boneflour says:

    It’s a great time to be a treestump!
    The links should work when clicking them on Youtube, they just didn’t copy/paste well onto the blog because of formatting issues.

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