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Generation Z on religion

Boomers may have been the most destructive generation in history, but Gen X were the worst parents. For years, religious scholars and observers have argued that the decline in American religious life is explained by other factors or isn’t important: … Continue reading

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On brokenness

I had a brief dream once where I had been tortured in an interrogation to get me to reveal who my compatriots were and where they were hiding. There was no pain, but there was the sensation of being drenched … Continue reading

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Brain damage mindset podcast

“I feel like I have brain damage right now” WHAT A GLORIOUS START TO THE POADCAST -prefc If you liked that, then you’ll love part 2. I think we spent 30 minutes talking about a political platform that will never … Continue reading

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“A kind of inverted Jesus story”

Re: the discussion of Molyneux in the previous post, Keep in mind Vaknin is an atheist, so he uses “God” in the anthropological Nietzschean sense. However, this description of everyone becoming a god unto themselves is proper Luciferianism. The consequence … Continue reading

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Guest rant is best rant

Boneflour returns to the Discord to procrastinate and chew bubblegum, and he hasn’t made it to the corner store yet to buy more bubblegum. Copy/pasted with minimal editing. Deadlifting is largely a pseudoscientific swindle re: the Taleb IQ stuff really … Continue reading

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Recognizing Ann Coulter’s sacrifice throw

Ann Coulter almost single-handedly got Trump to back down from signing the original spending bill that had no funding for the Wall, and it cost her Trump’s following on Twatter. But it worked. Chateau Heartiste It’s not an easy thing … Continue reading

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The Technocrat’s Dilemma

This documentary of the Soviet golden age of technology should be a bit black pilling for anyone working in industry right now. I’ve spoken with an engineer from the Soviet Union who says that the young guard of manufacturing engineers … Continue reading

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