Material needs, status, and the cycles of history (transcript)

MM wrote up a transcript of the Bonecast highlights, if you’re interested in getting the best parts without listening for two hours.

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5 Responses to Material needs, status, and the cycles of history (transcript)

  1. bicebicebice says:

    “there are things to think about” and “the group of men that reestablish trust will make it out of the tundra”

    the friends one made along the way should be oneself (and jebus), such a man wants nothing from this world and can thus not be corrupted or goyed, that is some utopia but also very realistic. however, unironically the survival of ones peoples should come before dying for Cesar or the short-lived current year culture of 6342-6332 bc Doggerland, or why not german niche culture spanning 1939-1945.

    After all, not even larpaganism mattered to the WIkangs (ancient peoples should be considered “experts” on the subject, not current year e-celebs) themselves who willingly converted with no outside military threat forcing them to do so.

    winning wars is outliving them, thardism is 100 bullet points in which the author has no intention of seizing the reigns but still feeling so connected to teh whole thing that he will off himself if the battles turn sour. A consultant does not have that problem and the guy that inventend the piano didn’t invent all the songs.

    in a global world how can Chad “alphason” Chadsson be backed up against a corner? probably why he isn’t out there torching buildings (and he probably feels the whole world is his oyster anyways ). natural disasters will force migration

  2. Boneflour says:

    This is some cool shit. Transcribing is actual work, props to MM for such high quality poasting.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    “Boneflour says:
    February 5, 2019 at 10:35 pm”

    “intuition and woo = written down = official book knowledge” extremely paraphrased poadcast partie deux sur deux just get a Borgonizer my dude.

  4. Arakawa says:

    Oh hey, here’s Zoomer Dysfunction 101:

    Let’s see… parents divorced, guy on SSRIs+marijuana, girlfriend on SSRIs. Multiple suicide attempts on both sides. Fitness testing death spiral leads to girlfriend goading guy into suicide. DA reads text message history (filled with all the gory things that get said in a codependent relationship between two SSRI-addled people) and rubs hands gleefully.

    I think this supports the “Zoomers being fattened as moral scapegoat for everything wrong in America”. If you read about this story from the mouth of Sauron (e.g. Arstechnica), all feminism has been abandoned and the girlfriend is suddenly chick Satan. How could you zoomers! We gave you iPhones and all the latest psychiatric meds and the short end of our generational Ponzi Scheme and this is what you did with it! The ingratitude!

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