Aesthetics, week 3

It was a long week. Week 2 and explanation of the exercise here. Click through for larger pictures.

Beginning with picture #4 again, previously I said “Hmm…the bottom is a crown, with some sort of horrible demon coming out of the top.”
The demon itself screams “whore of Babylon”.
Trying to think of where exactly I’ve seen this interpretation of said wamen…
The profile is more like Void from the God Hand in Berserk though.
But it’s obviously feminine for some reason.
The crown is also a globe, possibly criss-crossed by leylines.
The framework is made of triangles, which always means “order” of some kind, and in contexts like this usually hierarchy.
The bits coming out at the bottom are clearly meant to look like wings.
This one is very direct and downright brutish in its prophetic intent.
To wit: “A glorified (gold) world order shall rise on wings of enlightenment, from which the Queen of Heaven shall emerge as the ruling principle.”
The blue lines matching the reflected blue of the glass panels between the triangles are, admittedly, an ingenius touch.
This way it looks like she’s actively draining the loosh from the power structures below.
One more note and I’ll move on. The golden doors below are a perfect representation of the narcissistic religion of Luciferianism. “Enter the new world and be glorified (like all the other narcissists).”

Next up, #5.

I need to cheat here and ask if the irregular floor is intentional or if that’s some kind of archeological artifact.

You’re right, that would be cheating
It is, though
An archaeological artifact

Okay, thank you.
It’s sort of dissonant with the rest of the scenery, which is very ordered. I don’t feel like people in olden days would have made that sort of statement.
The most striking thing here is the layered circles, representing levels of heaven.
It’s a very odd mix of aesthetics, which makes me wish I had some real schooling in architecture because I can’t even guess where this is from. It feels Indian but I’m pretty sure the pillars and arches are European. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say Byzantine.
Absolutely gorgeous, btw.
Trickier to put into words though.
Columns, like all lines, signify differentiation and distinction.
The windows above are mirror images, suggesting an analogy.
*mirror images of the archways, I mean
The first level is clearly Earth. I think the next level is meant to be heaven for the masses, and the next level up is sort of a heaven for giants..
That is, for people of distinction as mirrored in the archways below.
So you can think of a culture that believes people who are divinely ordained on earth also go to a higher heaven on account of their specialness.
Mass heaven for the masses, high heaven for nobility.
Perhaps an unintentional message is conveyed by the color psychology: white with brown trim supports gold.
Since brown = nature, white = purity, and gold = glory, we can read this as “glory shall be founded upon purity, which arises from nature”.
*out of nature
The striking overall complexity of the elaborate but well-ordered designs marked into everything is meaningful. It says “the heavens and earth are complex beyond our comprehension, but these complexities follow logical patterns constrained within well-defined boundaries”.
The chief symbol among them is all the spirals.
However, all of the spirals are contained within simple geometric figures (circles, rectangles, etc.).
Spirals of this sort refer to constrained cycles, versus the type that refer to uncontrolled positive feedback loops.
Even though I think this is a Byzantine church/temple of some kind the whole thing just screams “reincarnation”.
Not to mention Sky Ruler Temple from Oblivion (the one before Skyrim).
Overall, very Yamnaya steppe nomad Sky God temple.
But Christianized.

The Dome of the Rock

No shit?

Third holiest site in Islam
Place where Muhammed was said to have spent an evening travelling through Heaven

That’s the one they want to bulldoze for the third temple, right?

It is also beleived to be the palce where Abraham tried to sacrifice Isaac, so judaism claims it too
AS you can imagine, this has led to some tensions between the two faiths

First I’d heard of that sort of thing. Tension? Ridiculous.

Re #6: Holy hell, speaking of Aryans, sky gods, and soaring heavens.

I thought you might like this one

Looks Asian.
Brilliant work.

Asian is correct

“Be the mountain.”
I’m going to assume they were working around the terrain more than modifying it to make a statement, so any artistic comment made by the layout will be more incidental than not.
That said, it bespeaks a hardy pragmatism which accommodates a hard natural world. If Americans had built this, we would have blasted half the mountain away so we could put in a perfectly rectangular gray-brown box so we could fit more stuff in it.
Everything looks very sturdy because of the slight slope in the walls. These are people who care about structure and integrity. That said, the flared, geometric roofs betray some idealism once you get past the 90%, as well as being practical for rain.
The colors here are interesting again. Red atop white indicates that the object of desire depends upon a foundation of purity.
It’s somewhat interesting how the gold roofs are distributed, on account of how the sections could be interpreted as social roles. However, as I said before this would be incidental.
That said, the gold roofs refer to the aristocratic class, which is generally held above the sections below.
I hope this is a castle because it’s more fun to imagine people living in this as a castle than as a temple of some kind.
It’s defensible by nature. The fact that someone decided to build it here suggests they weren’t terribly interested in receiving merchants.

“I swear to god, if those Jehovah’s Witnesses knock on my door one more gaddamn time…”

The structure suggests it’s not built for defense though, which means temple.
No murder holes or anything.
And the balconies are clearly aesthetic.
The only other part that I’d like to note is the way they appear to be uncertain how many of those little crowns they want to put on their roofs.
The one in the middle has a crown wearing a crown wearing a crown.
Since that, among all the other considerations, was the most likely to be a purely artistic decision…I can’t help but wonder what sort of goofy idea it represents.
“Triple king”.

I don’t know for certain, but I have a decent idea

That room would be perfect for a boss battle.
Maybe the triple king has three forms you have to defeat.
Like, you fight your way up the levels, defeat the triple king, then fight his dark magician handler in back.
(And you obviously don’t kill the king, you just dispel the illusion that the dark magician had over him.)
Okay, I give up on this one now.
Getting silly.

We can work on it before we make the video game
There is supposedly a cave hidden somewhere underneath the building
That seems suitably “dark magician”

His final form after you beat him in the back room.
May I post all of this without edits as a blog post?
The people must have their shitposting.
I hear their laments in my spirit.

Panem et Circenses
Shitpost away
Buddhist monastary where the monk who brought Buddhism to Bhutan supposedly meditated for three years, three months, and three days in a cave after arriving on the back of a tigress

Senpai said I got an 85% this week, and effectively perfect on the Dome of the Rock. I need to bring those rookie numbers up because I’m looking to CLEP test out of the first 32 black belts and get my 33rd degree NOW.

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  1. LOADED says:

    Aesthetically pleasing post, man. That’s the way to go.

  2. Arakawa says:

    > If Americans had built this, we would have blasted half the mountain away so we could put in a perfectly rectangular gray-brown box so we could fit more stuff in it.

    You can see this mentality in Pittsburgh. Since the terrain is non flat the way they build a Walmart is by heaping up soil to make a giant Death Ziggurat and then put the Walmart on top.

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