Unicorn and Leviathan

These are now the official symbology for the ascent and descent phases of the Pyrrhic cycle, because it’s my thingy and I said so.


The screenshot above was taken from episode 17 of Big O, way back last year when I could remember what my analysis of that show was going to say. Episode 17 felt particularly meaningful at the time, I remember that much. The unicorn(aka behemoth)/leviathan thing is a reference to the book of Job.

If I’d known what the Bhagavad Gita was about back when I made the drawing in paint I would have made reference to Arjuna’s lamentations at the end of the age of decadence. He’d be something like the tip of the unicorn’s horn in the breakout civilization of men who figured out the trustworthiness thing best and fastest in a faithless chaos of stunted, atomized degenerates.

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11 Responses to Unicorn and Leviathan

  1. wpadmin777 says:

    Aesthetic, perfect-fitting, and esoteric.Very cool.

  2. Heaviside says:

    That’s just a copy of one of William Blake’s paintings.

  3. wpadmin777 says:

    Pulled some anecdotes about the NEET cycles from various Chans.

    “Sadly this. Your depression will reach a point where you actually want the abuse a labouress job will offer to alleviaye your self. Pain is better than shame to paint it plain to you. Work in oil fields, somewhere where you are off working and save allot for a down payment to buy even a shitty house or trailer. Embrace the hardships is the only way I fought through it. Work your ass off in a good paying high labor job. It is the only way I was able to escape. PAIN IS BETTER THAN SHAME. Naturally you should be ashamed of yourself. YOUR LIFE IS SHAME RIP THE BANDAID OFF. Id rather be scared up and worn out at the end of the day than living the shame I felt in the past.”


    “The NEET cycle is real IMO.

    >>got bored of high school and dropped out
    >>fried my brain/dopamine receptors on MMOs for years. got bored and tried to fix my life
    >>went to TAFE. lost interest after a few months and scraped by barely passing
    >>spent another year as a neet after that
    >>tried to find a job
    >>worked hard for two years straight, saved tons of money, bought a car, cool computer stuff, video games, etc.
    >>realised life is still boring
    >>got given benzos and SSRIs by a doctor but quit my job anyway
    >>went to uni. got bored and felt disconnected, dropped out after one semester
    >>got another job a year later
    >>got cut off from benzos and couldn’t handle the stress and anxiety anymore
    >>spent another two years as a neet, feeling more useless and pathetic than ever while my brain got used to not being on benzos anymore

    Cumulatively I’ve spent 7 years as a neet. My longest stretch was 4 years. I never reengaged with society properly after that. I was (and still am) socially stunted and have nothing in common with the people I worked with. I can genuinely say I haven’t had any friends in 13 years. There’s no coming back from it. At the end of the day I did manage to find meaning in my life. I came up with some goals and ambitions that will get me away from the things I dislike about life. I’m working towards a humble life with financial freedom, that’s all a neet can really ask for.”


    “I’m 40 and a NEET for the 3rd time in my life.
    I want to end it but I know my two daughters will end up with niggers when I’m not around.
    I want to survive until they get married but I don’t know if I’ll make it.
    My boss made me train two niggers to do my job. He got a bonus and I was laid off.
    I found out a month later that they let him go and replaced him with a woman.”


    “The real trick to escaping the NEET cycle is to get a partner. If you dislike it, you should find NEET white guys on MMOs and introduce them to virgin white girls from your church. If I’ve learned anything from escaping the NEET life with my wife, it’s that nothing starts until you take action. You know what action you need to undertake.”

    Not sure about that last one (lol) but these guys are Chaners so anything is possible.

  4. glosoli says:


    Huge amounts of amazing signs and happenings continue in my life, Jehovah has sent one of His angels to literally be with me at this time, which is overwhelming, I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in weeks. If you’re agnostic, read this, will blow your mind, likewise if you’re Christian, and even hardcore loony atheists will be puzzled. It’s all true, evidence is supplied for most of it, and do please read parts 1-3 before reading part 4. And please share it far and wide, thanks:


  5. bicebicebice says:

    Who else are legally NEET? all retired seniors, the NEET phenomena is a result of retarded people labelled unfit for the workforce en masse… and a lot of pioneer trailblazers jumping on the bandwagon for reasons such as 100 % automatization, ooga boogas saving the economies and pensions (harking back to the southern slave owners but now for the middle class), and not just feel like working to fund the jew globohomo gayplex white genocide project.

    whatever the reasons, you will find out if you are a real person or a sape, NEET is early retired, and most sapes kill themselves or simply die within a month of retirement. ironically, this is what tehy wanted with the “new economy”, so much wealth as fast as possible so they don’t have to work for money.

    this is the civilization part where sapes get antsy because tehy have everything when all they wanted was rape cannibalism spears and loincloths, or, a melon whipping them around for bread and small meted out praise.

    only the people with the higest IQ and the lowest will survive this phase, the middle class is already being wiped out worldwide for reasons pundits are too dumb to talk about. they are the real sapes and they are being replaced by electric golems. a lot of them will willingly choose to be animals, especially if all medications are pulled in the first world.

    it will be some sort of crazy Peter Pan world. there won’t be citizens and civilians a la starship troopers, it will be adults and children. these are the people who will lay down and die and first obstacle. civilization never dies it just goes into hiding in small enough pockets to resurface…

    just look at all the games and culture that was popular during 2010’s… ITZy shit such as survival-anything, solitary or small group scale (the good people retreating from the sapient fallout)- then replaced by total globohomogayplex child gangbangs.

    This is why people should rush to win the A.I war and upload Biblr into all Borgonizers, then you will have 1000000000000 jesus drones enforcing civlization and expelling all sapes back to the bunga bunga party in africa. When we go to space ( not h/t aeoli ), we dump the animals on some shitty rock. Then there will be peace not only on earth but also in the galaxy

    its just that simple, if you are a NEET or whatever the fuck, start reading a tutorial on anything today, learning anything follows the same patterns; step 1 step 2 step 3 etc etc etc

  6. wpadmin777 says:

    >This is why people should rush to win the A.I war and upload Biblr into all Borgonizers, then you will have 1000000000000 jesus drones enforcing civlization and expelling all sapes back to the bunga bunga party in africa. When we go to space ( not h/t aeoli ), we dump the animals on some shitty rock. Then there will be peace not only on earth but also in the galaxy


  7. glosoli says:

    We’re never going to space, never have done, never will.

    Only one way to escape meatspace, and it’s a narrow path to follow, requires humility, wisdom and obedience. Not difficult at all.

    Crash update…starts Monday properly, just had the usual 3 days messing around. 10 trading days til 25th February, 14 calendar days (of course). Going to be big and beautiful.

  8. Schrödinger's Psych Evaluation says:

    If “going to space” means planetary colonization or interstellar travel, then it’s not going to happen anytime soon, unfortunately. However, we probably did send men to the moon a few times, and we’re still sending robots to other planets. Unless, of course, they’re lying about that stuff.

  9. Obadiah-san says:

    Just like your r/K theories:
    “Unicorn” and “Leviathan” are merely another way
    of saying “Lucifer” and “Ahriman”

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