Re: Assisted suicide

The case against legalized suicide is the same as the case against legalized murder. Sure, there are some outlying times when murder is the right thing to do. Making it legal is still a bad idea because it changes the decision calculus from moral to economic, which has been empirically shown to increase immoral behavior (ref. Drive by Daniel Pink). If somebody needs social approval for murder or suicide enough that they would fail to do it otherwise, we judge that they are not, on average, in a desperate enough position necessary to morally justify their decision.

We also judge that the motivation of the antinatalists pushing this political program is to flatten decisions of life and death into the singular economic dimension as part of the globalist Enlightenment project to exterminate most of the human race. It’s like the Gnostic story where the UFO takes the pneumatics away from the dirty human animals to live in utopia, except in this story the pneumatics make everyone else go away.

H/T Vox for bringing up the subject.

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7 Responses to Re: Assisted suicide

  1. bicebicebice says:

    Something about Murdering 9 months old humans (3 months away from your 1 year anniversary (and selling the (living)remains/baby-blood-libel to israel) ).

    God bless America MAGA! MEGA and MIGA!

  2. Boneflour says:

    That’s a Hell of a way to get out of your unfunded Social Security liabilities.

  3. glosoli says:

    Prayer request. It’s going to happen over this next weekend anyway, but could brothers and sisters please pray for God to crash the market really hard by next Monday or Tuesday.
    Thanks everyone. And read my blog, it’s nearly as good as this one.

  4. thordaddy says:

    In the meme time, ALL participate in the perpetuating self-annihilation that persists between the murders and suicides except…?

  5. bicebicebice says:

    sapes are suicidal and take it out on babies in dumbal drumfs own city because they do not fear him nor respect him, we need Mike Pence and retroactive legislation or America falls to Satan (the jews) permanently

    ricky whomever is a sape and should be seen in that light

  6. SirHamster says:

    It’s going to happen over this next weekend anyway, but could brothers and sisters please pray for God to crash the market really hard by next Monday or Tuesday.

    Your prayer request is self-contradicting. If you believed it’s going to happen regardless, you wouldn’t ask people to pray for it to happen. You would be requesting prayers for the aftermath – for the proper destruction of the bubble and false institutions, and for people to put their trust in God, not money.

    Why Monday? Why Tuesday? What if God chooses Wednesday, or next year? This sounds too much like a get-rich-quick scheme.

    God is not a vending machine that you can use group prayer to manipulate for your wanted result.
    I would rather, and will, pray for you to have a right conception of God and to put all thoughts and desire in submission to His purpose.

  7. PhPh says:

    Yes, but the only real human superpower may be a form of self-protection against committing suicide (perhaps similar to how menstruation is supposed to have evolved to prevent abortion in primitive but sentient humans).

    That means there is NO accessible way to commit suicide that is painless. Almost every way hurts unbearably, or goes wrong. Even ordinary guns may misfire in several ways.

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