Audio qualitycast

I have to listen back but I remember this one being pretty good.

That occasional buzzing sound is skype. The podcast audio is now perfect (relative to what it has been). Tell me if it isn’t loud enough or if you liked it better with noise 🙂

Music autism ends at 21:30 if that’s not your thing.

After that:

-The Holy Mountain
-Zodiacism, Astrology, Kabbalah (casual discussion)
Rich, and Miserable in America
-Childhood eden (Aeoli’s Citizen Kane Post HERE)
-Venezuela war?
Anonymous Conservative is Blindingly Retarded
-Will Jordan Peterson show up as a pedophile in Vox’s Q comic?
Trump and “Their” Plan

Listen ye yonder. MM promises the link to “Trump and Their Plan” is dank info, comparable to the Blackstone Intelligence video on Trump, Clinton, and Epstein (Jake Morphonios is very good on that stuff and treats psychotic subject matter very reasonably), but I haven’t taken time to watch it yet.

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Maybe do this later?
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3 Responses to Audio qualitycast

  1. grey says:

    very happy you guys have gotten the quality issues ironed out. pleasure to listen to

  2. bicebicebice says:

    retreating elites is interesting if viewed through the The industrial revolution aint finished until the machinery creates machinery stage which they think we are in right now with the constant a.i shilling etc. i read a funny article about police in swe getting their cameras monitoring the area and scracthing their heads over why sapes aint be lowering their crimes but rather increasing them, in this day and age of every sape having a viral social account aka the “a.i” camera shit aint working, just like in the uk for example hence my borgonizer thread. because it sure as shit works in china.

    western elites probably retreated to like china lika koanic did not even 200 IQ tech can save the western whiteoid man from his self-imposed hellscape of jewish ooga boogery. i’d retreat in shame from that too

  3. bicebicebice says:

    also about the elites, there is a clip where rotschild leaves from a news studio talk, the news anchor is some sort of indian in brittish tv can’t find it maybe the scrubbed it and i don’t remember what it was even about, compare that to the young “elites” and their social media accounts, as tex would say, they sure aint their 200IQ ancestors.

    “f you kill your enemies, they win” you inherit the sapes, why just not focus on robotic sapes?the smartest melons probably learned that by now after 12 000 years unlike oompa loompa lil donnie. if you can control your vapid ego pride, just run your empire through your staff and NEET around all day. there is also public story for the sape and private history for the elites to take into account.

    what does anyone get by being in the spotlight these days? getting a little kick by doing it ironically sure but still there is no need to

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