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Fatalistic complacency and the Economy-as-God

I think the Alt-Right obsession with historical cycles, aside from rationalizing a fatalism which justifies a pose of complacent superiority (i.e. “poolside”), stems from their extant materialist (but religious) devotion to the Economy-as-God. Rightists have yet to escape the Marxist … Continue reading

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The epistemology of low agency

H/T Koanic: Pseudo-chrysostom says: 2019-03-17 at 20:10 There are many nomenal consequences to low world-formation capacity. One of them is this: a lumpenprog lives in a world with no agency. Things like ‘war’, ‘poverty’, ‘success’, ‘crime’, ‘riches’, ‘peace’, ‘safety’, and … Continue reading

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Fake Noose at Detroit and Toledo auto plants

Fiat Chrysler investigates report of noose at Sterling Heights Assembly Detroit Free Press More than 7,800 people work at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, also known as SHAP. The plant, which received a $1.48 billion retooling investment from FCA following … Continue reading

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On honor

Honor is the demand for appreciation of integrity. Integrity is the possession of fixed habits of thought. Integrity can also be phrased as the tendency to adhere to one’s principles, or to “stick to your guns”. This is a virtue … Continue reading

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Flowchart to White babies

In a non retarded nation UBI would be used to incentivize high IQ whites to make babies (although this is now questionable because as Aeoli pointed out this kills intrinsic motivation…) (so culture is still the only answer whodathunkit) MM … Continue reading

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On motivation (summary of “Drive”)

This is my favorite book on the subject of motivation, which is possibly the most important intellectual problem facing the West in the next fifty years. Here is a summary, taken from the final chapter of the book itself: CHAPTER-BY-CHAPTER … Continue reading

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Guest Blockheads: MOP Prometheism meets the Pyrrhic cycle

Courtesy of Bice. Click through for the full-size version. My only quibble is that I’d represent whites as cro magnon (who hasn’t been introduced to Blockheads yet). Here’s your cast minus a couple surprises for later: From left to right: … Continue reading

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Sympathy for the Boomer

Within American society, major national power now resides in the economic, the political, and the military domains. Other institutions seem off to the side of modern history, and, on occasion, duly subordinated to these. No family is as directly powerful … Continue reading

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Final Bonecast 9: The one with the guy with the monkey tail

I present an ingenious theory for how k-selection makes trust a good bet even when the odds of reciprocation unfavorable. Boneflour merely shows up and does all the work. And another one. THE TREESTUMP PODCAST PS! PAY AEOLI HERE (secure … Continue reading

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Taking a week off from people and blogging

My blog has sucked for a bit, despite linking some high-energy podcasts. So I’m making it formal: no posts until next Monday. And to take it a bit further, no Skype calls, regular calls, texts, or whatever this week. I’m … Continue reading

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