Flowchart to White babies

In a non retarded nation UBI would be used to incentivize high IQ whites to make babies (although this is now questionable because as Aeoli pointed out this kills intrinsic motivation…)
(so culture is still the only answer whodathunkit)


I’d like to point out I’ve already addressed this:

The women like stress more than anything. Nothing matters to them except seeking novel sources of anxiety. Sexually, they are either frigid or sluts, depending on whether they can relax. They can be convinced to bear children if it can be viewed as a personal challenge or self-actualization.

A guide to the NW European spirit

White women make lifestyle decisions to maximize virtue signalling. They virtue signal according to the moral prescriptions of the ideology of the men whose eyes they want on them. They decide which men they want based on the Metcalfe valuations of men’s social networks.


Become trustworthy -> Form high-trust groups -> Prescribe moral behavior -> Scale up -> Distribute state-issued gfs -> State-mandated bunz in 160-IQ ovenz.

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Maybe do this later?
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11 Responses to Flowchart to White babies

  1. Boneflour says:

    Treestump -> Thalfest -> Churches With Shotguns -> Entmoot With Shotguns -> Weddings With Shotguns -> Babies With Shotguns

    The Frog March Through The Institutions

  2. bicebicebice says:

    from one of the podcast paraphrases; ” your vibe attracts your tribe! – the great that learns how to make trust again —emerges from the tundra”

    friends you made along the way etc but kept

    “Distribute state-issued gfs -> State-mandated bunz in 160-IQ ovenz.” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/mar/11/china-database-lists-breedready-status-of-18-million-women thoughts?

  3. Obadiah says:

    [Carl Voice]: I gotcha flowchaht to a white baby right heeyuh heh heh heh yaknowatimean, Fryman??? heh heh heh

  4. A.B Prosper says:

    fertility has been in decline for centuries and that decline is tied to people not needing as many children to have a family, urbanization and automation. Morality and birth control play a smaller role/

    Assuming the baby boom, a bump really of the 50’s is repeatable or that we should want to is foolish.

    The US in 1950 was 150 million and its was overcrowded at that. Its 325 million now and minus aliens, 275, pushing double. That’s crazy

    State mandated fertility won’t work anyway . It was done in Romania and resulted in people simply not parenting and twenty years later, Ceausescu being shot likely by the young unparented people his policies created

    There are far too many people in the world right now and that includes European folk. What’s off it the ratio, normally our kind make up about 25% of the population not 10%

    Long and short vast number so people have been pushed into large cities which are profoundly unnatural for Euro Folk and that misery and lack of steady work has led to low fertility. We’ve exceeded our carrying capacity by far and are paying for it. 70% urban is a doomsday for European derived people and probably everyone else

    Take Europe, the UK population has increased 15 fold since the sixteenth century. This is far more than can ever be supported long term . Its too many.

    Fix the ratio of Whites to other groups though and and repatriate the foreign people and their advocates on our land and fix everything else.

  5. glosoli says:

    I confess I don’t fully read any of the posts here Aeoli, as it’s long past time to rely on our own IQ to solve the world’s problems. Ain’t going to happen.

    I’m having brilliant results from my prayers recently though, quite amazing, so I share the link below.

    I do pray that you Thal boys would turn to obedient faith, and away from navel-gazing and high-faluting matters, none of that shit will matter when Jehovah launches all the nukes shortly, who knows when (within 3 years, 10 years, 20 years?). The whole world is turning away, and Jimianity is the leading reaction website. A modern-day Catholic is Jim, after power, money, space escape. Time spent there is truly casting pearls before swine.

    We all have time to save ourselves though, don’t mess around with these precious years ahead.


  6. bicebicebice says:

    a nuke on papa new guinea would would be met with a shrug from the inhabitants, the city folk would say “good i don’t want to live after the bomb” if it hit them, surprisingly nagasaki and hiroshima are still standing, even doing better than the majority of american and european groid cities. we live in a time of the mini tactical flagellants, e-christianity nor e-anything works, we can all afford that truth, but it is good and fun to shoot the shit for ideas.
    first parts of the bible is literally adam listening to a woman instead of god, since then mankind was fucked. if you don’t listen to women you fuck women instead, so i agree with all the e-larp non-action hate in general but if you are refined and trained you can pick the flyshit out of the pepper or whatever.

    the “sphere” is ready when they shut it down and everybody walks away unscathed, to their final dismay.

  7. bicebicebice says:

    this brave new pathology is just chronicling and nobody is advocating jumping into the sapient rumble and tumble, if a society has police prison judges and mosques that need shooting up it already failed.

    I am so gesund that i would gladly see it all gone away, by leaving it at the side of the road never looking back. the e-grifter for him , his daily bread, this is a shoa.

  8. glosoli says:

    ‘surprisingly nagasaki and hiroshima are still standing, even doing better than the majority of american and european groid cities.’

    They weren’t hit by Jehovah though were they, just old-fashioned nukes. What’s coming might look like nukes, might even be nukes, but there’ll some extra-divine fire and brimstone included I am sure. 1,000 year reign means no heathens left alive.

  9. bicebicebice says:

    Agreed, the good old dosage question, water of life good, a deluge not good, sort of like volcanic soil… just let it be known, internetting is not a redemptive act and never will be, at best it is the public librari where procastination lurks maybe hidden as memes, today it is infested with crazies, sort of like real life libraries in the americas doing the meandering dope fiend lean with jihadis browsing porn on 10 cent an hour loan computers. you just don’t want to go there.

    I hope nobody is advocating; more time on the internet = good. this is why e-grifters fears the treestump, no current day drama no donations. I never got the impression that the edenoid sphere advocates MORE E-crack.
    if you make more than 56k dollar you are miserable, anybody remember petersteins 100 000k+ patron per month donations? or that girl making funny faces?
    https://www.websafety.com/2018/08/scientist-kids-brains-regressing-to-that-of-a-3-year-old-thanks-to-social-media/ everbodys brains gets destroyed by the internet, nevermind 5G.

    of course you need to do a litte shilling for people to find your stuff, i can do my internetting in 15-30 minutes everyday if i am disciplined, then the computer turns into a typewriter like boring adults did way back when with “Microsoft Spider Solitaire” on the side…

  10. bicebicebice says:

    you should name the podcast “Classic rabbits bumming smokes of each other” btw itz just too good not to. can’t wait for the origin story


  11. Obadiah says:

    >The whole world is turning away, and Jimianity is the leading reaction website. A modern-day Catholic is Jim, after power, money, space escape. Time spent there is truly casting pearls before swine.

    Jim isn’t good at talking to girls, so he wants to make a pyramid with his phenotype at the top.

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