Fake Noose at Detroit and Toledo auto plants

Fiat Chrysler investigates report of noose at Sterling Heights Assembly
Detroit Free Press

More than 7,800 people work at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant, also known as SHAP. The plant, which received a $1.48 billion retooling investment from FCA following an announcement in 2016, makes the 2019 Ram 1500 pickup.

“The incident at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant in February was the subject of an exhaustive investigation conducted by external investigators. Although we have been unable to identify the person responsible, if and when that person is identified, their relationship with the company will be terminated. FCA will continue to conduct focused training to underscore the value of diversity and inclusion,” FCA said.

A posting Feb. 23 on a Facebook page for union workers at the plant, however, indicated the recent problem is not isolated. It referenced “several disturbing incidents over the last couple of months.”

The post also encouraged workers to report acts of racial discrimination.


Incidents similar to the ones in Sterling Heights have been reported at other plants. The Toledo Blade reported last year that a subcontractor employee at FCA’s Toledo Assembly Complex was fired after hanging a noose at the plant.


Last month, the Free Press reported that General Motors was offering a $25,000 reward for information about racist graffiti and nooses found at the GM Powertrain and Fabrications plant in Toledo.

This is the first I’ve heard of any of them. I know the one at SHAP was a hoax because they just retooled that place into a very modern factory so there are cameras pointing at every square inch of the interior and exterior. If the perp’s face isn’t in the news then it’s because the media don’t want to show it. We’re talking about a hate hoax for sure.

Chrysler subcontractor fired after noose hung at Toledo Assembly Complex
The Toledo Blade

Mr. Allen said he heard about the noose late Thursday from several friends who work at the plant. His understanding from those conversations was that the noose was hung near a smoking area just outside the paint shop.

…and smelled vaguely of menthol.

“I’m very happy that he was fired,” Mr. Allen said of the individual identified as being responsible for the noose.

And yet, no pictures available of the individual identified as being responsible.

As of Friday morning, no police report had been filed in relation to the incident, Lt. Kevan Toney said.

Attempts to reach representatives from United Auto Workers Local 12, which represents hourly employees at the plant, were unsuccessful Friday.

Yeah nothing suspicious here at all. No doubt it was that Nicholas Sandmann kid from Covington again, smirking the whole time.

(H/T to Steve Sailer for “Fake Noose” pun.)

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