Evil and social epistasis

H/T an anonymous moon presence:


“Amschel’s story is a great tragedy. A sensitive, intelligent and good man is born into a megalomaniacal family of generational satanists. He discovers he must be a ruthless predator. It’s not in his character. He has a soul. He resists and is murdered.”

The Rothschild They Murdered: He Allegedly Strangled Himself with the Bathrobe Belt in a French Hotel

sounds about right. Either that or he actually just killed himself
This is something that must be understood: the greatest threat to the real ruling class is defection. As such, they control each other with the promise of violence should the project ever be threatened (beyond all the lesser methods and programming)!

In terms of genetic adaptivity, there isn’t any difference between killing yourself and being murdered. Either way, there was clearly NO PLACE for a moral man among the class of people who are permitted to leave inheritances to their children. That would upset the natural law, you see, (because the law of nature is power).

I’ve been thinking about this lately as an expression of spiteful mutations and how this appears to be adaptive in an elite ruling class. There’s something about the attitude of established societies that’s intensely dysgenic (FYI it’s called social epistasis), but what’s curious is that some places survive the extinction predicted in mouse utopia and merely continue their miserable existence as shitty genetic crab buckets for a few millennia.

2019-04-15 20_00_05-Tall-Shaming is a thing in the Mediterranean, by Steve Sailer - The Unz Review -

Man by definition is a creature who solves his problems by killing others and the spoils go to the genetic lines that kill first, without mercy or qualms. They are the men who have borne the children who surround you right now. Our race is the lineage of Cain and scarcity makes us act according to our innermost nature. Do you want to pause to try to think about a more rational solution? Well, your head will be crushed by a rock thrown by another man who simply acts impulsively and it is that man who will write history and lie down with your wives and daughters. See why this is a rigged game designed in such a way that sane people cannot win at it? The crazy thing is, because of modern weapons, psychopaths and sociopaths can’t win at it anymore either. They won’t allow that notion to stay their hand, however.

Funny how they appear to lack almost all the natural instincts needed to survive independently and as a group their strongest instinct is to kill other groups.

Most importantly, since the world seems to be in the grip of a new generation of creatures who look, sound and act like Melonheads … is it possible they remain with us even now? As always, our lives are meaningless to them because they do not regard us as human. Seriously, looking at people sometimes, can you blame them? Most people act like they aren’t really human, rather a kind of zombie who is a form of human simulacra. Believing that most people are “human beings” is an act of faith. The evidence is lacking. The truth is they act like beasts on two legs. Can you blame the elite for treating them accordingly?

Texas Arcane

If you want to be happy, the last thing you want to be on this earth is a decent man, because you’ll make people uncomfortable just by existing.

>The shitlib is a phenotype specialized for hypocrisy, never forget that.
Their words follow their revealed preference without memory or shame.

This comment ties in perfectly with the Zero Hp thread posted above.
Shitlibs are better than conservatives at lying. Especially to themselves.
Jews are the absolute best at deception of self and other, and thus they rule the material world.

This is probably the answer to the question I posed to the moonman in real life: “why are evil people smarter?” That is, it’s not so much a “smarts” thing as playing the game by the rules. Hence, perhaps, the stereotype that Good is Dumb.

What I conclude from all this is that Satanism is adaptive for ruling a crab bucket where everybody has skeletons in their closets.

“They worship snakes and phallic symbols equally and sacrifice their own kind liberally to these idols, believing themselves to be created by same.”

“When they observe a man who excels through quickwittedness and knowledge, they say: ‘for this one it is more befitting to serve our Lord.’ They seize him, put a rope round his neck and hang him on a tree where he is left until he rots away.”

– Ibn Fadlan, (Arabic scholar writing on customs he observed amongst the Khazar people)

“There is nothing mysterious about the cruel treatment meted out by the Bulgars (Khazars) to people who were overly clever. It was based on the simple, sober reasoning of the average citizens who wanted only to lead what they considered to be a normal life, and to avoid any risk or adventure into which the ‘genius’ might lead them.” He then quotes a Tartar proverb: ‘If you know too much, they will hang you, and if you are too modest, they will trample on you.’ He concludes that the victim ‘should not be regarded simply as a learned person, but as an unruly genius, one who is too clever by half.’ This leads one to believe that the custom should be regarded as a measure of social defence against change, a punishment of non-conformists and potential innovators.”

-Turkish orientalist Zeki Validi Togan, academic authority on Ibn Fadlan

Think about the effect that centuries of this kind of behaviour would have on your gene pool. Think about what sort of people would be produced by it.

Here is a Tartar proverb about the Khazar people over a thousand years old on that very subject:

“If you know too much, they will hang you, and if you are too modest, they will trample on you.”

Think about a thousand years of genetic engineering based on this principle.

Texas Arcane

Therefore, we should expect rulers and ruling classes to be evil, as a rule, because the lowest common denominator is sin. Anything otherwise should be a surprise. On the other hand, it’s just so easy to enjoy the company of highly effective people.

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9 Responses to Evil and social epistasis

  1. bicebicebice says:

    “If you want to be happy, the last thing you want to be on this earth is a decent man, because you’ll make people uncomfortable just by existing.” the gentil gai gentile

    “countable noun
    A Gentile is a person who is not Jewish.
    Gentile is also an adjective.”

    Gentle people are real humans.

    jews and goyims, are not melonboons and sapes. if Trump was a real Melon, he would destroy the jews down down down to the very chromosome levels. There is something interesting here, about zuckerberg thinking his hybrid-spawn is somehow going to end up ruling all of east asia, he is heavily counting on the fact that asians, just like jews, don’t have souls. Some kavemen-asians do, and they have the Borgonizer too, to warn them of all foreign genes, in/of which wars are fought now. Gives a whole new meaning to being “Shanghaied”.

    dank comeback post 11/10

  2. Schrödinger's Psych Evaluation says:

    Yeah, Imma go stand over there while these people torment and kill each other.

  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    >dank comeback post 11/10

    Thank you sir, just caught up on your stuff yesterday. Very dank, much thank you for this.

  4. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Yeah, Imma go stand over there while these people torment and kill each other.

    Extraverts and, on the extreme end of extraversion, schizophrenics, externalize their internal conflicts and anxieties. Jews are the only group-selected example of this that I know of, but they’re *very* exemplary..

  5. Schrödinger's Psych Evaluation says:

    Schizophrenics often fail to distinguish internal from external stimuli. (They might actually be onto something, though…) Not sure exactly what’s going on there, but the dopamine hypothesis and the glutamate hypothesis don’t fully explain it. They’re nice enough as long as you don’t try to talk them out of being wrong.

    Jews tend to assume that innocent comments and vague expressions of disapproval constitute clear evidence of hidden antisemitism. They don’t seem to feel bad about jumping to conclusions either. If they conflate the internal and the external, it’s at the level of the group.

    So, yeah.

  6. nmnm,nm,nm,nm,nm,,mn says:

    Can you blame the elite for treating them accordingly?

    The elite mostly obey those they appear to direct. It’s like hypnosis: it makes the hypnotised do… what does it make them do?
    That they wanted to do already, but wanted to not know they wanted to do: therefore an external direction is necessary to do it.

    Imagine the most powerful “tyrant” in the world issuing orders to the effect that spouses do not lie to each other.
    Imagine the most powerful “tyrant” in the world issuing the order that there be no pecking order in any male-manned organisation.
    Imagine the most powerful “tyrant” decide that the nation’s economy will thrive by planning it and socialism: workers will do each their best for the state to gather all they have produced and redistribute it equally to everyone (socialism).
    Imagine to abolish the drive to own (communism).

    No clique, no elite, no tyrant can disobey nature: he/they have to obey it, like their apparent subjects.

    Those who are best at deceit must be the best at self-deceit (in most cases), and whatever race and gender and other attribute they have they will be the favourite within every community, because if humans are united without borders in one endeavour, that is to shield themselves from truth, and nothing does the job as well as deceit and self-deceit.

    If you want to be happy, the last thing you want to be on this earth is a decent man, because you’ll make people uncomfortable just by existing.

    That’s the third or fourth last. Before that are: be someone who doesn’t pretend and lie. Yes, be in a “group” and try that. Be in “romance” and “love” and “marriage” and try it.
    They’ll be angered equally by you not lying to them and you not being happy when they lie to you.

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