Intro to dark GUToW

A joke by MM that turned into a rant that turned into an interesting project idea.

I propose the DARK GUTOW


hey, thats actually a pretty entertaining idea…
Some basic bitch DARK GUTOW lessons
Avoid as much skin in the game as possible, set up systems to give you disproportional gains with little liability Work hard and efficiently only if you benefit from doing so. Do not accept being paid in promises. Follow the law to the letter. Violate the spirit as you please. most ppl care more about thier fee-fees than getting actually materially compensated (if you take care of their emotional bank account you can get away with giving them less moolah) There are of course, other players. Dont let up on the emotional bs with them, but it will only grease things along.
… You need to build up energy and good mood (without losing reality) just as much for aiding in bullshitting people as for actually doing work (the goal is to do as little as possible, and make the ‘slaves’ as happy as can aid in productivity)
In public, cultivate an air of inhuman work effort, infallibility, discipline, and drive to accomplishment. This is purely to drive the clueless underlings to work this hard, and to make everyone else assume you deserve whatever station you are in. In private, do whatever (though you would actually feel better to have discipline, be driven, etc. so you might as well not fake it. But you deff do not need to rise to the mythical, inhuman standard that you are trying to cultivate)
Set up clueless bumblers as scapegoats to take the fall for your maneuverings. When you fail, blame the ‘procedure’ and frame it as a learning exercise (if its a big fail you need a scapegoat, dont get caught without one!)
(IE- put a clueless middle manager in charge of a project that may fail. He’ll think its a promotion! LOL!)
(Alot of this info is from the Gervais Principle series. Go read the whole thing 10 times then read it once a month until you die)

Aeoli Pera says…Basic bitch: If people don’t fear you they’ll treat you as they please. If people don’t love you they’ll just ignore you. One thing that pleases people is power, the boundaries of which are tested and reinforced by escalating infractions and then abuses (ref. children, shit testing, minority grievance politics, etc.). Therefore, Machiavelli was right that it’s far better to be feared if you have to choose one or the other.

hmmm. yes its better to be feared if it comes to that, but its very bad advice if you have any DARK GUTOW aspirations in the current ‘real wordl’
In fact, thats a nice transition to another thing: appearance.
Normal GUTOW would say “look your best, look like a success” etc. The truth is that to a vast majority of people appearance is reality
You want to look hawever is appropriate to your aims. That will usually mean high status and, constrasting what AP said above, non-threatening in any obvious way
Sure, you could wear an all red-and-black suit, with a dark tan, and stuff a roll of socks in your underpants, but this is counter-productive and stupid unless you are doing BRAND SHIT.
There is a reason no politicians have beards lmao.
(well, aside from many of their wives!
You dont want to look like a fag, but any kind of machismo, big talking, or non-status-symbol-outright dominance displays are a good way to give away the fact that you arent such a nice guy . And you want people to think that you have their best interest at heart.
The calm, calculated, and informationally reserved way that many executives talk is for a reason. What happesn if you are the boss who lords his power over the underlings?
Don’t worry about ppl thinking you are a push-over. The winner effect makes being “normal, non-alarm-ringing” hard in and of itself. And women always know who has the power, its what they are fucking designed to spot.
And yeah, social domination ala conversational-leading, re-framing, yada yada is still great. Follow the appearance thing if nothing else. (Unless you are doing “game”- tricking dumb sluts into temporarily believing you have a fuckable level of status)
If branding or closing, things change a bit. You may need to sell a lifestyle to retards, or challenge them emotionally so as to get them to buy, so you end up dressing and acting like Dan Pena
Or the way Gordon Gecko acts in Wall Street (big time sociopaths do their best to always be HIDDEN! Someone acting that way, or the way the Wall Street Playboys act, is a middling seeking validation)
^fake power bs for the RUBES who cannot understand subtlety
how real big boys act. Probably pretty close to how they are behind closed doors (no reason to ever “let the mask down”! only risks involved in such a thing!)
haha look at that look he makes after being called a gazillionaire at around 9 secs in
Actually, Dan Pena is more of a mixed bag, his shit could deff get you to millionaire, so I deleted the vid I posted above. Here is him selling/ making himself feel big/ still trying to get over the fact that he was born dirt poor and his father never gave a fuck about him:
Yeah, he says many true things, but theres no reason to. Ego shit. Also he’s one of the reason to think that the thing in the Winner Effect that says that ppl who have little power and then get it are (at least more obviously) tyrants is true.
(Cernovich is another data point)
Sacrifice others for yourself (behelit). Bonus points if you convince people you are doing the opposite.
More DARK GUTOW later.

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  1. Obadiah says:


    Troo Nebuchadnezzid Babylonid Cainid. The sensible man’s villain.

    >Dan Peña

    Very pathological small-man-syndrome/insecurity. Despite all his rage, he is still just a rat in a cage. Agree w/ him on global warming.

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