Some lifehacks

If you work out at home you can play video games in between sets.

If you have trouble with racing thoughts as you’re going to sleep at night, listen to an audiobook. The effort of paying attention will turn off the monologue because your brain can’t listen and talk at the same time, and if you’re physically tired that mental switch will trigger your body to shut off. This works for me about 80% of the time, and when it doesn’t I’m at least getting some reading done instead of wasting time trying to think when my brain is too tired to be useful. My best successes have been with books that require imagination, like fairy tales, but are a bit too slow or difficult to keep me awake because they’re too engaging. The classics are usually good choices, whereas Monster Hunter International books are going to keep me up.

Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog. Dogs are great, but they’re a lot of trouble too. You can get 80% of the benefits with 1% of the trouble by walking someone else’s dog, and they probably need the extra help. Most people don’t have the luxury to leave work halfway through the day to let them outside, so a lot of dogs unfortunately get mistreated by owners who didn’t think through the logistics and lock them in kennels all day. (For some reason lower and lower middle-class young single women are the worst offenders–maybe it’s because when you strip away their nurturing instincts with birth control endocrine disruptors there’s no sense of accountability to put the brakes on.)

If you want to train yourself to wake up earlier in the morning, set your video games and coffee up so you can reach them from your bed. The dopamine of the video games will motivate and train you to believe that waking up early feels good and you can drink the coffee while you play and by five thirty feel pretty okay about things.

If you can listen to a book at the same time as you’re reading it with your eyes it will pace your speedreading and require less mental effort.

Leg day is a great time to flirt with girls because the DGAF attitude will be 100% genuine and require no self-talk or mental tricks.

I think that’s all I got for now. The happiness shortcut post is still pretty damn good if I say so myself.

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