On the insufficiency of scarcity to produce counter-elites

Regarding poverty and revolutions, my view begins with the model proposed by William Sidis in his Remark on the Occurrence of Revolutions.

This suggests the idea that revolutions and revolts in general (a revolt being a revolution that has not quite succeeded) are connected in some way or other with direct, obvious, physical discomfort, especially hunger, and possibly lack of clothing and fuel. Not that I wish to be interpreted as saying that this is the cause of revolutions; the causes are quite different. A match will cause an explosion in a powder magazine, but not in a tank of water; and similarly a famine will bring about a revolution in a society where the underlying conditions are such as to favor the spread of such ideas and where other proper circumstances are present.

-William Sidis

I believe this model is outdated and must be modified, at least for the moment, on account of two counterhistorical social phenomena:

1. The opiate epidemic
2. The correlation of obesity with poverty in Western nations

The former is important because it suppresses the anxieties of low “social mood” (i.e. the typical measure of economic distress). The latter is important because the anxieties of the 1st world poor are not commonly due to the hunger mechanism suggested by Sidis. They may be associated with malnutrition, arguably, but not with calorie deficits. The model’s proposed mechanism is no longer in evidence. Therefore if the prediction is correct, it will be accidental.

It may be argued that civil war may be predicted by wealth disparity rather than real privation, i.e. relative lack of nutrition vs. absolute lack of nutrition. But I expect that wealth disparity alone only results in low trust and bad faith, and thus only individual, petty criminal behavior rather than the formation of high-trust barbarian subcultures with potential to form breakout civilizations. People might rush a police barricade motivated by hunger and survival, but no one ever risked his life in a rigged game for post-material status points (except when they have no real understanding of the risk, e.g. those idiots who tried to bicycle through rural Muslim country and got tortured to death for their naivete).

Trust generally cannot be formed on rational grounds alone. Rather, the formation of trust appears to correlate with the occurrence of genius in a population, as evidenced by the high ethnocentrism, high IQ, and low trust seen in Chyna:

(I’d H/T the source of that graphic but I can’t remember where I found it.)

Relative scarcity is probably necessary to produce a counter-elite leading a high-trust barbarian outburst group, but not sufficient.

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5 Responses to On the insufficiency of scarcity to produce counter-elites

  1. Fox says:

    “high-trust barbarian subcultures with potential to form breakout civilizations”
    Has there ever been a case of such a subculture developing within a civilization? The barbarians who overran the late roman empire (assuming that story is correct) did not live within the empire’s borders (and thus weren’t exposed to the latter’s social dissolution mechanisms).

    There can be no barbarians if the empire has no borders.

  2. Boneflour says:

    The Youtube video is of Simon Evans talking about Russel Brand’s claim that the British people are close to revolution. “Not gonna happen. Revolution takes hard work, sacrifice, or at least a bit of mild discomfort. We don’t have the stomach for it.”

    Great routine, like 2 minutes long, worth watching and relevant to the OP.

    • glosoli says:

      I read a piece a long while ago, don’t have the link, may have been Miles W Mathis.

      The word ‘revolution’ is a dead giveaway that all of them are organised by the same people, you know who I mean, and the wheel keeps turning. Not a single example in history of a genuine real overthrowing of the true rulers/elite, the ‘people’ never ever rise up, just a few con men, bought and paid for, like Hitler.

      Same right now in the US, and in the UK, and in China, everywhere.

      The only real one will be when Jesus Christ returns, soon I hope.

      How’s the weights going Boneflour, I have just upped my deads and presses to 72kg and 18kg dumbbells respectively. Check out a guy called Mitch Heaslip, good tips for intensity, rather than volume.

  3. glosoli says:

    New post at my blog, an easy read too, based on some Twitter interactions with fake Christians:


    The power of the Holy Spirit is remarkable.
    Have a rest now Aeoli.

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